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  1. Anything I can do to help! I just think they're really shady in how they operate. Not to mention that the people who work there (owner included) who are so unprofessional i wouldn't even know where to start in describing! All in all - it was very frustrating dealing with them when it came time for final payments and getting our transfers and tickets. A lot of emails and phonecalls from myself and my guests went unanswered. Not cool at all. Planning a wedding long distance is stressful enough- the last thing a bride needs is her TA to make things worse!
  2. Hi ladies- just back from the Mayan riviera last week - our wedding was perfect and a blast! Now that it's all over and done with - I'd like to share my thoughts on Romantic Planet - our travel agent. DO NOT BOOK with them! Their customer service was absolutely horrible!! I don't get into too many details but I will say that I would not recommend booking with them for your destination wedding. If you want specifics - then please PM me.
  3. I just had my TTD done last week - we went to Dos Ojos Cenote - and they charged us $100USD to shoot there - which sucked and was unexpected but given the shots - i just didn't care and i didnt want to keep driving around to find one - as a lot of them get busier as the day goes on We honestly just asked our cab driver one day while we were heading to Tulum ruins and he was SO helpful - even took us around to view a couple to see if we'd like to use it for our session
  4. Thank you! We had so much fun at the cenotes! Jazmin wasn't the best at replying right away - but she did always reply. Usually within a couple weeks (at the most) - for me anyway. What i found that was great was that i emailed her right away after we booked to the resort. Which was about 18 months in advance..lol That way the earlier i started asking questions the earlier i got answers and if Jazmin didnt get back to me right away - it was no big deal and i didnt stress because we had so much time. But even leading up to the departure Jazmin emailed all the details she had and set u
  5. Thank you! ya - I think we all go through the MIA WC's but realistically its never an issue. This thread provides A LOT of answers for brides - I hope all the brides use it as its a great tool. Honestly for me -the earlier you start emailing your WC the better. I had all my stuff planned out months before we even left so it was way less stressful on the days leading up to our departure. Best advice - just don't overthink or overstress - Jazmin and her crew will bring everything together for you!
  6. HOLA EVERYONE! Here's my review of our week in paradise!!! We were in mexico from Dec 1- Dec 8 - and wedding day was Dec 5 at Gran Bahia Principe Tulum - Blissful Love Wedding Package What I brought with me (wedding) : -Chair sashes -Ring bowl -Table numbers (i made them) -Welcome bags -Favors -Cake cutting set -Cake topper -Starfish for ceremony decor -Sand ceremony kit (with sand- but also used sand from the beach for our moms to pour- disguised it with glitter! ha!) -Wedding attire, jewellery..etc -Photographer! -Place cards -Guest book/basket for ca
  7. White cala lillies are - but the dark purple ones are not They will cost extra. I had them in my bouquet just a few days ago - but i did not order them through the resort - i used an outside floristn as they were much cheaper
  8. Just got back from my wedding! Used Marvin - he was amazing!!! The only issue is that the flowers were about an hour late - but i had arranged for them to be there extra early just in case this happened so it all worked out in the end anyway...and the flowers themselves were PERFECT!!
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