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  1. I had the unforgettable package and yes they were included. They were not in the brochure but a similar one was but in lots of bright different colours so I just explained to Jazmin exactly what I wanted and she sorted it for me.
  2. Thanks everyone. Had my at home reception on Saturday night and got to wear my dress again which was lovely (but much colder). Back to reality with a bump today. 6am start at work. So sad it is all over but at least I have fantastic memories of an amazing wedding day and holiday. Can't get used to being a Mrs though.
  3. We used the resort photographer. They are expensive but I felt it was the best option coming from the UK as it is more expensive to fly someone over from the UK. Our photos and video were expensive even though we went for the cheapest package (we ended up buying more) but I absolutely love them so I have no regrets. In hindsight though, I could have probably got more value for money by approaching Tsleege or another Canadian photographer. At the time I was only thinking about the cost of bringing someone with us from the UK and never even considered asking someone from Canada.
  4. For some reason I can't upload any more. It keeps saying there is a problem. I will try again another day.
  5. Hi Claruickie, I had the same problem as you Thomas Cook kept telling me I need documents translating and apostilled etc and were even sending me the companies info where i needed to send my birth certificate, passports etc. It was going to work out at about £200 to get it done but my WC Jasmin was telling me no need. I researched it by scouring the internet which backed up what Jasmin was telling me. Basically, what is required varies between states and for Quintana Roo you only have to supply documents if you have been divorced, you were adopted or have changed your name for some reason. None of these applied to us so we didn't take anything. I think I drove Jasmin mad checking though...I must have asked her the same question about 4 times because I didn't want anything to get lost in translation, to get the wrong end of the stick and be in trouble when I got to the resort. A lot of the confusion is because the requirements are subject to change at anytime and actually changed earlier this year. Prior to this change you had to get translations etc which is why the travel agents are still recommending this.
  6. I know gerbera daisies are included in certain colours. I had fuschia colored gerbera, white roses and stargazer lilies with fuschia colour centre. All included in package. Wil get some pics on for you next week.
  7. We only had my bouquet, hubby's boutoniere (included in package) then ordered an extra boutoniere for my dad and best man and some rose petals for the flower girls. Our bill for these extras was $42. If you want to buy boutonnieres and corsages for all guests or have lots of bridesmaid bouquets to buy it could get costly.
  8. You have your bouquet and grooms boutoniere as part of your wedding package. Your wc will send you a catalogue with loads of bouquets in. you can adapt these buy mixing and matching flowers/changing colors/shapes etc as long as they include the basic flowers in the brochure. Flowers included are roses, certain lilies, gerbera, and more. I didn't have to pay for mine and they were exactly what I wanted. I just sent a picture of what I wanted and went through it with the wc to make sure they had it right and they were lovely
  9. I don't know about the reception getting booked up. We were undecided about having one at first due to budget so added that on later. So glad we had one though. Like I say there are so many weddings it would not hurt to get it booked early if you know you definitely want one.
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