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  1. Hi Christi i assume by the tanning machine its like a booth actually just googled it and it reminds me of ross from friends ha ha!! i've never seen one of those here we just have the airbrush spray tans, they use like a little airgun to apply it! They can use it to give definition and highlight areas such as more toned stomach etc!! Not sure all places do! i would say though either way it'd only last a week! maybe you could do what you said have one right before you fly and have a look online see if you can find an airbrush tan in a can and get someone to apply it for you!! hope i helped a
  2. Hi Lisa we had a similar problem we wanted to get married at Tulum but First Choice we're better priced so i spokie to Jazmin about it all and we've arranged to get married at the Tulum gazebo then back to Akumal for the dinner in Le Arlequin the poolside party!! You could suggest something like this if its available!!! Sorry to hear its so stressfull chin up!!! x
  3. Hi All, I too agree with the other posts its YOUR day to spend with your OH in a place you both love!! Your guest are invited to share your day which they should see as a privilege, if they chose not too that is up to them!! Our guest seemed a little reserved about it but after a we got xmas out of the way most had booked we've now got a party of 32 going!! A few special people can't make it which is sad they have wished us well and look forward to seeing the pics on our return!! we're putting on a party when we get back to celebrate with everyone!! Don't give up if its your dream and what y
  4. Hi there, Are you talking $ or £? We have just booked for November 2011 and the cost for 2 sharing was £2246 for 2 weeks with first choice!! Amie
  5. Christi - I know i am devastated i had booked Sara Tamargo who i'd heard brilliant reports about but Jazmin said in future if i wish to book any outside supplier check with her first its something to do with health and safety and hotel policy!! I'm trying to convince OH that 240usd isn't too much to pay for hair and make up but IT IS, i'm a hairdresser and i wouldn't expect anyone to pay that!!! This is cut and pasted from the email she sent me!! Hola Amie, Sorry but I dont know this company, from other suppliers just DJ Bob and DJ Bijan because both always do a lot a wedding pa
  6. Hi everyone, I have been reading the posts ever few days but haven't commented in a while!! we have now booked our 2 week stay as too have 32 of our family and friends which we think is a great number! We're getting married at the Tulum gazebo @ 3pm, 9th November followed by dinner at Le Arlequin at 6pm the a poolside reception from 8pm with Dj Bijan!! Here are a few things i've come across whilst booking - There is a 90usd charge for all Dj's except Dj Bijan and Dj Bob who have an agreement with the hotel!! All outside suppliers such as make up artists and hairdressers a
  7. Hi Adele I have emailed you all the info i have on both private dinner and restaurant dinner! I suppose its down to personal preference we are having our meal in the Arlequin restaurant as our budget doest allow for a private one as well as a good DJ so we decided that the drinks and dancing after were more important to us!! We felt that with 35+ people the restaurant will be rather full anyway and i doubt you'll even notice the odd couple in there you be enjoying your own guest far too much! I've read some reviews on here that have said they put other dinners at the other side of r
  8. Hey there Christi i've just about to email Jazmin to double check on pool party prices as $540 would work out as $11 each for 50ish which seems alot if your not having that many?? Traditionally married bridesmaid are called 'Maid of Honor' or 'Matron of Honor' but its just old fashion she can be whatever you want her to be!! which photographer are you having? Hello Andree welcome to the site you will find out some great info on here!! We are staying at the Akumal side We are having our wedding ceremony at the Tulum Gazebo and then back to Akumal for dinner and a pool party! When is your
  9. Hi girls, Right i have confirmed with Jazmin included in the cocktail party is the table covers etc and lights around palapas ........... She was referring to the DJ lights when she said they weren't included so there will be no dancing in the dark lol!! Our wedding isn't till November next year so we only having a few guests booked so far i said that most people will have to have at least booked and put down a deposit to ensure a room in the same hotel etc by the beginning of Feb, i put together a small info package where i compared the prices of 1 week, 2 we
  10. Hi girls, From what i understood from her email it was the lights around the poles and things i have emailed again to ask if they are available to hire seperately? This is what she sent originally..... "if you pay just for the drinks the illumination and lights are not part of the cocktail party, for sure will be service, tables and chairs but not like as I mentioned in my last email because is not in the budget , but If you wish to have it, the cost for everything is 960usd per 30people aprox, so please let me know" Most of the DJs i have looked at provided lights like d
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by cdlillad Hi Amie, Hair/Makeup - Sara Tamargo replied to me yesterday. She said that it's $150 for the bride's hair and makeup and $130 for bridesmaids or others for hair/makeup. She didn't mention anything about a trial, so I guess that's no longer included. It's still a pretty good price compared to Fernando ($350). DJ - I'm planning on having dinner at Gran Tortuga and then a poolside cocktail reception. I think I misunderstood Jazmin about the DJ cost. I thought based on what other girls wrote in this forum that its (35 people * $5 f
  12. Hi Christi, I was considering using resort DJ also and wondered if anyone had any previous experience of his work? I've been in contact with DJ Bob he charges $400 for 2 hours and each additional hour is $100 he brings his own equipment, sound and light package, and a microphone which you are welcome to use for speeches.His email is boradem@aim.com I've spoken to Jazmin she sent this to say - The pool party is 960usd per 30people maximun(every extra person will cost 11usd) and 3 hours of piñas coladas, margaritas, sparkling wine & beers + special ilumination, sound equ
  13. Hey Everyone, Hope all the planning is going well our holiday is booked for 3rd November 2011 and the wedding for 9th November I'm so excited!!! those of you who are going soon must be bursting with excitement!! good luck x
  14. Hi Nikki Yeah the dinner in the restaurant is included in the package and paloma said its for unlimited GBP guests!! You can have private reception after the dinner in the restaurant then you don't pay quite as much but each to their own!! hope you sort it!! amie x
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