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  1. Hi Synni! If you're looking for a more professional looking option like what you've described perhaps you should host on GoDaddy a WordPress site. Lots of free templates that should get you what you're looking for
  2. Greetings brides! We just got home from touring Dreams Playa Mujeres and I cannot recommend it enough! A gorgeous property with great wedding venues and good food! Just beautiful
  3. Welcome! I was an April bride too and it was the perfect month to get married on the beach! Congratulations! As for planning and next steps, what do you already have done? Resort picked? Save the dates sent? Guest list?
  4. The Bahia property is great! I got married at the Akumal one and it was amazing! But when family and friends add drama that's a huge bummer. I'm sorry this special time has been put on the back burner. Are you thinking of eloping now or will family still attend, even without the bridal party?
  5. When I got married I feel like they served everything! We had at least four different meat choices. I know there was a chicken and a steak option. I honestly don't remember what the others were! Then there was a very large spread of fresh fruit. Another spread of different noodle salads and side items. This is the only picture I have on me at the moment, but there are large banquet tables on each side of this center table.
  6. @@AdamnJenn17 I cannot confirm that, but I have indeed heard that's true. Especially for Akumal, however they do multiple weddings a day at multiple different locations, so I think you'll be okay. VERY rarely does someone get bumped from the location they have already booked.
  7. Hi Kara! The draped fabric has historically been extra if you wanted it in a color other than white. Now that they painted the structure white, I'm not sure if they do the white at all? Can any recent brides chime in? One of the brides I photographed had two meal choices, but she had to negotiate pretty hard with the staff to get it. And it helped that she had a friend on the waitstaff. So I'm not sure if you'll have much luck or if the price will be worth it. You do have an alternative options for vegetarians or those with other issues. I think the lighting at they do at the reception is nice enough decoration. Everyone just puts their half empty glasses on the tables and dances and socializes anyway. I wouldn't worry about decorating them.
  8. Yup, I would recommend the Hacienda as well. Very convenient and they have large and small ones.
  9. It's definitely not a firm path. Deep sand and I find it hard to walk in with just flip flops on. Sorry
  10. Good morning! I'm currently at the Moon Palace and meeting with the wedding department. Does anyone have any questions that I could try to answer?
  11. @@cruisebride2016 Bringing along a photographer can be affordable, if you find the right photographer. If you want one along on your cruise to photograph your wedding day (getting ready, the ceremony, the first dance, etc) and then also at the islands, then you'll have to pay for the cruise. But there are a lot of great photographers on this website, myself included, who offer great deals to destination wedding brides. Looking at the price of the Freedom of the Seas in May, for the cheapest room, it's about $2000. For all day photography coverage and an extra session on the islands, that's not bad at all.
  12. I had the poolside dinner/reception... and I don't regret one ounce of it. I thought it was absolutely amazing and worth every penny. But the weddings that I've photographed that have had the dinners in a restaurant were really nice too. I just personally wanted my guests to eat under the stars and have something special.
  13. You can request a vegetarian option no matter what, so that's nice. You can indeed still have a head table if you'd like. I've shot weddings where it was one large table, groups of tables, and groups of tables with a head table. All were lovely and at the bride's request. They did not wait to do speeches. Most were done right inside at the dinner. Typically there aren't that many people at destination weddings (30ish seems average) so it was plenty loud enough to hear the speeches.
  14. @@amanda88 The tented restaurants tend to change, but in Tulum I've seen them at Gran Tortuga and Tequila. I have also photographed multiple weddings where we did the dinner inside and then the poolside reception for dancing. It worked out beautifully and was definitely cheaper. Also, none of my brides privatized their restaurant and it was still perfect. Your group will typically have the restaurant to yourselves for the first 30-60 minutes, and the staff will seat everyone else further away from you. It's never been a problem for my brides.
  15. Hi Gemma! Typically it'd be 4pm ceremony 5-6pm Cocktail hour with canapes and cocktails 6pm-8pm Dinner 8pm-11pm Reception with dancing In the past, we haven't had to pay the privatization fee for the pool area, but they change their rules quite often. Hopefully you wouldn't have to. I will say that typically cocktail hour is held at one of the bars on property. You will most likely be taking pictures so it'll be your guests enjoying a cocktail before dinner. And then the reception and dancing is held by the pool with a DJ.
  16. I did bring my own fabric and it definitely didn't cost me $90, but it added hassle. At the time of my wedding I was one of the first people to ask for fabric at the site, so having them supply it wasn't an option. Had it been, I would have skipped the hassle and just used theirs. Really, I don't think there is much you'll be able to cut out because it sounds like you have a wonderful wedding planned!
  17. There are many different options when visiting Walt Disney World. The resorts offer great amenities and conveniences such as included transportation to and from the airport and all the theme parks, water parks, and Downtown Disney. All resorts offer pools, movies under the stars, refrigerators in the rooms, access to Extra Magic Hours at the theme parks, and dining options. You can also get great deals and discounts when combining resort reservations with theme park tickets and more! When you choose to stay at a Walt Disney World Resort, there are five basic options. Deluxe Villas, Deluxe Resorts, Moderate Resorts, Value Resorts, and Campground Resorts. Most people will be deciding between a Deluxe, Moderate, or Value resort. Deluxe Resorts have many wonderful advantages, but also the largest price tag. These resorts boast spacious rooms with large bathrooms. They are closest in proximity to the theme parks so many offer theme park views from your resort room! They also have recreational activities such as pools with water slides and hot tubs, and some even have children’s splash pad areas or beach locations. These resorts will feature the most shops and dining options on their resort complex as well as additional transportation options to the theme parks such as boats, monorail, or even walking! Deluxe Villas are larger rooms, more in-room amenities, and are located at the same wonderful Deluxe Resorts mentioned above. Most offer kitchens or kitchenettes along with separate sleeping and living spaces. The price is usually close to the price of a Deluxe Resort, so these can be a wonderful option for families. Moderate Resorts have slightly smaller accommodations and the bathroom sink area isn’t in its own room, rather it’s separated from the sleeping area by a curtain or other partition. The rooms are approximately 40 square feet smaller than Deluxe resorts but over 50 square feet larger than Value resorts. These resorts will not have theme park views like Deluxe, however they do have scenic views available of lakes, rivers, or beautiful gardens. These resorts will also have one table service dining restaurant and a bar located on site. Recreational activities are available at these resorts such as water sports, pools with slides, bike rentals, and other fun options! Value Resorts will be the cheapest resort room option but also the smallest with the least amenities available onsite. There is only a single sink in the bathroom and the sleeping accommodations are much tighter with only 260 square feet total. The resorts offer pools, but no water slides and very limited recreational activities, typically only poolside games and a movie under the stars are offered at these resorts. The Campground resort on property offers fully equipped campsites including water, electric, and even cable TV! The resort has a nicely sized pool with a waterslide and splash pad area for small children. It also boasts wonderful recreational activities that are hard to find elsewhere, such as horseback riding and canoeing. The resort is located on the lake so provides not only bus transportation around Walt Disney World, but also boat access to Magic Kingdom Park. So what should you choose? I would love to help you decide! Together we will weigh the needs of your family. Do you need a kitchen to cook all your own meals and a separate space to sleep? Then the Villas are probably your best bet. If you are planning to be in the parks all day and all night, then does the resort room really matter? If that is true, then you should stick with a Value resort and save some money! Only you can make the best decision!
  18. I did the same. I had a binder that I brought down with me. I had everything printed off and extras of all the pictures printed so I could hand them to the coordinator at our meeting, just in case she misplaced hers.
  19. I Loved Her First, by Heartland. It wasn't what I would have picked, but he then worked so hard to learn all the words and sang it to me too. It was sweet and there wasn't a dry eye in the place. It was perfect
  20. I can't believe I didn't find your planning thread until now! So awesome! Your story of how Col proposed is cute. Good thing you braved the cold! And I really like the charms for your girls and I think they will too
  21. I struggled with this too, so I decided to let my dad pick. He'd been dreaming of the day he'd get to dance with me at my wedding for years so I wanted it to be special for him.
  22. Where in Tulum are you thinking? At a resort or at a beach club or at a separate property? By the way, Tulum is gorgeous! The beaches are simply amazing, so it's a great choice!
  23. Welcome Nikita! I got married on April 11th and it was amazing. Perfect weather and a great reception afterwards! You'll love it! Typically you will fill out the form and email it back to them. It'll take awhile (typically) to hear back though, so be prepared for that. The restaurants are all really good! We love morning breakfast at the Dolce Vita and dinners at Arlequin. Over at Tulum, we loved Gran Tortuga and Don Pablo. Both are amazing! At Coba I prefer Le Gourmet The legal ceremony will be done in Spanish, but it'll be translated in English. Best wishes! @@Monikab The meat swords are amazing! MMM! So good. And they have always been very accommodating with vegetarian options as well, however I'm a meat girl so I've never tried them
  24. Sometimes they make exception about Don Pablo, so it doesn't hurt to try a little harder. Otherwise is Gran Tortuga an option?
  25. @@Monikab which resort? My favorites: Arelquin at Akumal Don Pablo at Tulum Coba is tough, but I like Mediterraneo
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