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  1. Hi all! I just had my wedding there on Friday and everthing was really great and what I was hoping for. I had Eugenia and we were married at the hammock location. The only thing that we had a problem with as far as that went was the wind was incredible and basically by the end of the pictures my hair was a mess and the flower had come out. All of it was fixable so no worries there. We had the resort photographer and their work was incredible. Unfortunately the photographer that we had was so hard to understand and everyone was getting quite frustrated. Even when we met with him the next day to look at the pictures, my sister had to actually try and act out her question for him to understand our question...didn't work. We had our dinner at Dolce Vita and it was all great except for the dessert which was so disgusting that no one could eat it. We had the chocolate wedding cake as well which everyone loved. We then went outside for the poolside reception and had hired DJ Bijan who was fantastic. There were a few other hiccups such as I had asked Eugenia if I should make menus for everyone but she told me that she takes care of that. When we got there there were no menus and the waiters started asking the guests right away what they wanted for their entrees but didn't tell them really what the choices were. I had also given Eugenia a seating chart and people were at the right tables, just not in the right location. I also had to go and pick up my own flowers with only 3 hours before the ceremony and I wasn't too pleased with that. They were late getting there and then I felt rushed to get back to my room and get my hair and makeup done. I don't know if this was because I didn't get my hair and makeup at the spa but had a friend do it. All in all it was a fantastic day and that is really all that mattered to me. This was our second trip there and I'm not sure if we will go back again. The overall service for us and our guests was lacking but it didn't take away from everyone's excitement for the day and being in Mexico.
  2. I did get some clarification on the legality of the ceremony from Vital Stats - you are legally married it is just not registered in the province that you reside. For things like adding spouse to health insurance through work, having to wait the 3 months for the certificate to come in might make things tricky. We have been common-law for over 12 years now so for us this does not make a difference. Vital stats said that I will need to get the certificate translated to have my name changed on all documentation. I am thinking of just applying for a "Change of Name" and not worrying about waiting the 3 months and having the certificate translated. This costs around $100 to do.
  3. For those Cdn brides, my TA told me yesterday (2 weeks before we go) that my civil ceremony in Mexico will not be legal here in Canada. I am getting all the bloodwork and everything done so I can't understand how it won't be recognized here in Canada but she was adamant. Any recent brides out there that might be able to clarify this for me.
  4. I am in a panic. I went to my travel agent the other day to finalize some things for our trip that we are leaving for on Feb 27th and she informed me that the marriage in Mexico will not be legal here in Canada and I still have to get "married" her. I was advised to go to the Law Court (I am in Winnipeg) and would pay a $50 fee to be married. I really cannot believe that this is true. We are having our wedding at the Gran Bahia Principe Coba and are having the civil ceremony and getting the blood work and everything. What is the point of all of that if it's not legal? Is there anyone out there that could please clarify this for me. I was also told not to tell anyone that we are not being legally married in Mexico or else our guests will be upset. Any help that anyone can offer would be so appreciated.
  5. Thanks for that. I did speak with Eugenia again and she told me that all outside vendors have to pay $90 USD and that if he brings someone I will need to pay for them as well. I don't know if I should question Eugenia again or just let it go. Has anyone used DJ Bijan recently? If so can you clear up whether there was a fee for him (and his wife...I have heard that she comes as well to take video) coming to the resort.
  6. I have hired DJ Bijan and my WC told me that it would be a $90 USD charge to use him? Do you have something from Jazmin saying that this charge is waived for him? If so I would really like to have it to show Eugenia.
  7. I am having the pooside reception after the dinner and was quoted 3 different prices depending on the drink selection that I wanted. I went with the cheaper one (guests can go to one of the other bars if they want special drinks that we won't have) that was $5/person for the first hour with $3/person for subsequent hours. We booked for 3 hours so basically $11/person. I opted to use DJ Bijan so the only cost for me to the hotel is only the $11 per person. We also didn't get the canapes since we are having a full dinner just before that.
  8. Quick question...I just bought some great ivory silk hand fans for the guests. Do I put these in the OOT bag or rather wait until the ceremony and give them out then?
  9. For those Cdn brides I just wanted to get some confirmation for the legal requirements getting married at the Coba. I hope that all that is required is our passports and tourist cards and not the long form birth certificates and other notarized documents. I am getting confused on what resort needs what and want to make sure that I leave myself enough time to get stuff together in case I am wrong. I am getting married in March 2011.
  10. Booked the poolside reception! After reading so many people raving about the reception and how great it was we just decided to do it. I think that for the guests spending that money to come and see us I want them to feel that it really is like a wedding and pretty much give them what we would if we were at home. I got a really good quote from DJ Bijan and he was available on our date so he is booked as well. Â Kim, my wedding date is March 4, 2011, when is yours?
  11. I wasn't going to have the poolside reception but now I am leaning towards it. The only thing is that we will only have 20 - 25 of us and I just wasn't sure that we would need something like this. I was thinking of just having everyone go to one of the lobby bars for drinks and some dancing and then heading to the Hacienda. For those with small weddings, did you find that the added cost for the reception was worth it? I really do think that I would miss having a first dance and some speeches. Thanks for any input that anyone can provide!
  12. Thank you! That was my thought exactly but my FI was thinking we should include it.
  13. I was wondering whether or not to include the group booking price that we put a deposit on in the invitation or just mention that they can contact our travel agent for arrangements. I am having a passport invitation so room isn't an issue, I just don't know if it might scare people with the price tag.
  14. I am in the exact same boat and have decided to send the invites in the next couple of weeks. I want to give everyone enough notice to book with the group rate before it expires in October.
  15. I was just wondering how many people are using a travel agent and how many are allowing their guests to book their own travel arrangements? The prices that I am being quoted by a TA are higher than the if the guests waited a couple of months before the wedding to book on their own. I have already booked the wedding date with the resort so that is already taken care of. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
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