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  1. Thanks Nicy....still taking some getting used to but am now officially part of the 'Adams Family' der der der der dun dun!!....lol
  2. I had my wedding at the Gran Bahia & it was amazing....our wedding coordinator was fantastic!! Always emailed back immediately. If you want to see photos of our wedding add me on facebook Lisa Adams (Trevett). I can email you all the packages as well if you would like
  3. In reference to the lanterns....I don't think they will let you do it. I asked if we could put floating candles in the pool & they said no as it was a fire risk?...candles in WATER I mean hardly a risk but thats what they said!!....The lanterns would definitely need to be biodegradable as the resort is an eco friendly resort....I had brought rose petals with me for the ceremony location & wasn't allowed to use them, this also applys to confetti....it has to be biodegradable as well....worth asking though, they can only say no!!
  4. Hi ya, Have you had your wedding date confirmed from the WC's in resort or your TA? If it is with your TA then email the WC in resort with your booking reference number & they will then email you a form to fill & ask you about what restaurant choices etc you want. I did this the day I booked & they came back to me in 3 days....if you don't contact them I think they leave getting in contact with you until a few months before the wedding but I know I couldn't have waited that long to get things confirmed so I contacted them straight away. We stayed on the Akumal side....in my opinion it is the best....also a little tip email the guest services before you go & ask for your room to be in block 65....it looks out right over the beach
  5. Michelle you are so clever I love them, am thinking of a couple I would like....will message you honey xx
  6. Hey Ladies!! Where are you all!! Very quite on here.....us old married women want to hear more of all your planning....we need to stalk you all....lol I had a lovely email yesterday from our WC in resort to say that it was a pleasure dealing with me & was lovely to meet all of our family. She said she is coming over to London in September & wanted to know if me & Richard were available to meet up for a meal & drink....how lovely is that, I also met our travel agent for lunch at the weekend!! We became really friendly over numerous phone calls in the last year & got on like a house on fire. Its like I've now got a whole new wedding family....lol!!
  7. Hi there, Yes you can have a legal ceremony. As for the packages I chose the blissful love as originally had 28 guests....we ended up having 48 guests & the package didn't go up & I didn't have to pay any extra for the next package.....the only extra I had to pay was the price per head for the poolside party. As for witnesses you can have who you want....I had my brother & my cousin for mine. None of our witnesses were part of our wedding party as all of my bridesmaids were children. Our witnesses sat in the seats & then were just called to the front when they had to sign the papers. Are you from the UK?x Just to reassure you all....really do not worry about anything in this resort, I panicked so much before we went about everything being just as I wanted & it was all perfect. The WC's really know what they are doing....we got on so well with Jazmin that she is coming to London for a few days in September & we are meeting up with her for dinner, that is how great they are!! Any questions feel free to message me or add me on facebook Lisa Adams (trevett) Quote: Originally Posted by fraggle42 just checking because i am a little confused...you can choose a legal ceremony cant you. also on the GBP website they quote prices for the wedding packages and state that there is a minimum of 24 people for sunshine and 30 people for the blissful love packages. Does this mean that for each person you go over this amount the price quoted will go up. if so has anyone got a rough idea how much this goes up per person. i am expecting around 35 people to come based on the response we have had so far. i want to draw up a budget soon so may be asking quite a few questions like this.
  8. It depends on which airline you are travelling with Jemma.....I travelled with Thomson from the Uk & took my dress on with me. It had to be in a box that complied with their hand luggage sizes, I thought my dress would never fit in it but the shop packed it & it did!! I know some airlines let you carry it on just in the bag & then they hang it in the staff cabin. Best thing to do is call the airline you are travelling with & see what they say
  9. Hi Ladies, thought I would just pop on & say Hi!!....Have been following 'jealously'....lol....for the last couple of weeks but same as Nicy & Michelle have the wedding/holiday blues....am frightened our wedding dvd will wear out have watched it so much!! & feel like a bit of a stalker on here now!!!!....lol Glad to see all your plans are coming together girls & yes pics please!x
  10. I thought that when they told me two songs for signing however it does take longer than 3 mins of one sone....bride & groom have to sign about 5 papers each, then do your thumb prints....they stop to take photos of this then all your witnesses have to come up one at a time & sign two papers so it really does need two songs xx
  11. Hi Megz, have just spent the last 10 mins on the Alfred Angelo site playing around with colours. If it was me I would go with the fuschia & butter....however a bit biased as fuschia was my colour & in our photos it stands out so well against the sand & sea....I quite like the Jade as well though....I personally think you need a bright bold colour, any pale colours just don't photograph well. On what you have to book you seem like you have pretty much got a lot sorted......music is another thing, you need five songs....one for bridesmaids, one for bride, two for signing registers & one to walk back out....we actually had 6 as hubbie wanted to walk in to a particular song. Also have you chose your cake yet? I originally chose 3 tier chocolate however after getting in resort & tasting their chocolate cake at the many buffets it wasn't that great so changed to the vanilla & honestly it was one of the best cakes I ever tasted!!....mmmmm!!....hahahaha!!
  12. Tropical Bride - You shouldve came over & said Hi!!!! I didn't see any other brides get married at the Gazebo.... I think because we were staying at Akumal but I wouldve loved to meet you! Sunshine 2680 - We had our dinner at Gran Tortuga & they do not provide any decoration other than white table cloths.....I took with me hot pink crystals to be scattered on each table, favours that were put at each place, colouring books & pencils at the child places & I made place cards with everyones name on & did a table planner so everyone knew where they were seating. You can have the tables seating 7 - 10 guests at each table with the option of a top table as well however the top table only can seat 4 people....we had ourselves & our two children at the table for 4 then our parents & my brother & family on the nearest table to us. We did our speeches at the dinner as we were all done byn 8pm & the transport to take us back to the Akumal for our poolside party wasn't coming until 8.30pm. Where are you having your poolside party? As if you are having it at the Akumal they have a proper bar there that is always there so even though we only paid $11 for the special cocktails (basically beer & wine) we had every drink available to us.....I know at the Tulum it isn't like that & the bar is more a table with a cloth on it. We had the DJ & it was great.....he had tons of lights & it felt like a proper party....there was 47 of us so quite a few of us. As Tropical Bride said Jasmin is AMAZING & will do anything you would like for your day, nothing is too much trouble & after all my stressing & worrying our day couldn't have been more perfect!
  13. Oh Michelle have got all teary reading your review.....have a fantastic night tomorow & once its over I expect you to stay up all night putting your pics up!!..I so can't wait to see your pics xxxx
  14. Hi ya.....this site is great!! I wouldn't have known half the information that I did without it!! I'll try to answer your questions as best I can:
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