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  1. We used the Resort DJ - he didn't speak english well but he knew how to play music ALL dance music though - no slow songs! lol i didn't even realize it till it was near the end! PS anyone that is getting married on the THURSDAY they have the Mexican Celebration and there was fireworks - lol everyone thought we planned them - we didn't but it was sure cool tos ee!
  2. Well we paid $1180 i think for 3 hours - for max. 50 guests. I'm not sure why yours would be different. it was worth every penny - since we had such a big group it was the one time we all were together dancing and having fun! good luck!
  3. Hi Everyone! I haven't had time to write a longer review but i thought i would post some pictures! shows the beach and the after party pool side reception http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.304095156282221.78832.235100289848375&type=3
  4. Great Review! I had the same experience at the Salon - i brought a picture and it looked NOTHING like what i wanted but still pretty! LOL i think i MAY have seen you when i was over in the Akumal lobby - i saw someone checking out resembled you glad everything turned out for you too!
  5. Hi Everyone! We are back from our Wedding - we were married on the beach Tulum! it was fantastic! Jazmin and her assistant did an amazing job! they are complete pros. Everything went perfectly. The dinner was great, and the pool side reception was great! Just wanted to thank everyone for their help and wish all the future brides best wishes - and don't stress they are pros! Thanks Jordan
  6. mines 4 pm on the 3rd !! safe travels we dont leave until the 31st keep us posted if you hear anything different
  7. OMG Crystaz i'm so happy you have a good update from you parents! i was kind of freaking out! I'm hoping for good weather for us next week! Maybe i'll see you down there
  8. I'll be so mad if they changed it due to maintenance and then i find out that it was double booked and i got booted!
  9. SO - i got an email from my wedding coordinator yesterday saying that they've changed my restaurant reservations from Gran Tortuga to Don Pablo on November 3rd - did this happen to anyone else?? Thanks!
  10. Thanks crystalz & sunshine2680!! it's cheaper to bring our friend than it is to have the photographer do the whole day! I just wasn't sure what kind of trouble it causes Thanks so much! i can't believe how fast its come!
  11. Hi Everyone! i've been reading for sometime - i've looked into getting one of my friends that is a photographer to come down to do the pictures. i know a few of you have done this - have you run into any problems with this? i can pay for someones trip to come to mexico and take pictures for our whole day and its a 1/4 of the price of the resort photographers! Any advice! Thanks! PS i leave in 3.5 weeks Married Nov 3, 2011 at Tulum
  12. Hi cdillad, if this shows up twice i'm sorry - doesn't look like it worked the first time. It looks like i have the same agenda as you but i'm getting married on the beach (Nov 3, 2011) anyway my question is that i was going to wait to do the speechs during the pool side reception because they would have a microphone there. I'm concerned the guests won't be able to hear well at the restaurant. We have about 50 people so i'm not sure how spread out everyone would be - how did you find it for yours? Thanks so much! Jordan!
  13. Hi Cdillad, It appears that i have the same set up as you - however i was going to wait to do the speeches at the dance - my fiance said that he doesn't really like that idea because then everyone is standing. How was it with having no microphone? could everyone hear alright? we have about 50 guests and my fear is everyone will be so far away! And from the pictures the WC provided it looks like we got the same poolside package reception as you did - was it a lump sum cost for you? Thanks!
  14. we are just doing the after party - we are doing dinner at the restaurant - but i wanted something to ourselves for first dance etc. I'm not sure what the limit is -
  15. I am doing the poolside party after dinner and it was an additional 1100 USD for max 50 people
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