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How long did you date before enagaged?

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Originally Posted by heidi&alex View Post
I think I can win for the shortest engagement. We met and dated for 4 months before he proposed... we knew straight away. When he proposed we were in Germany visiting his family. He proposed the first night in Germany before meeting his family... he says he wanted to seal the deal before I met his family and changed my mind. lol...
We planned on marrying within a year after the engagement, but so much happened... we bought a house and completely renovated it, I quit my job as a Flight Attendant to go back to school, and we've just been so busy. We'll be together now for 4 years by the time we get married.
I think I can top that, we went on a date on May 13 2007, by May 14 at 1am we knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together, he flew me away on the first weekend and that sealed it. We got engaged on July 9 2007 and we are getting married on 12 July.. we had so many spooky stories about the past, how he lived near me when he was 6 (a totally different state to where we live now) and that his parents are good friends with the same people we knew grewing up.. and it feels like we have been together forever.. we are like an old married couple already! although we are still in that honeymoon phase I guess **wink wink**

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We got engaged 3 days after our 1st anniversary in December 2006(same night we met). We knew in March that we would be getting married and we bought the ring in September, but there were some issues, so it wasn't really until December.


When we get married (next month!!) it will be exactly 2 years and 5 months since our blind date.

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