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  1. If anyone is looking for a great photographer I would highly recommend Baltazar Photography . Chris Baltazar photographed our wedding at RIU Ocho Rios, Jamaica in May and the photographs are nothing short of breathtaking. We have received so many compliments on how stunning our pictures are. Throughout the whole process Chris was very professional and a joy to work with. Chris was extremely responsive to any questions we had for him during the process. He was able to effortlessly mingle with all of our guests and captured all of the wonderful memories of our wedding day. Chris is located in the Washington DC area but is willing to travel for destination weddings. Please check out Chris’ website and the link to a few of our wedding pictures that I posted on the forum. Washington DC, Destination Wedding, Maryland, :b | Chris Baltazar Destination Wedding Photographer http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t21860
  2. Hey Monique! Nice to see you on the forum. I'm not on it as much since I don't always have internet access at work but these ladies are a wealth of information as I'm sure you already know.
  3. Thank you! I'm not sure what the brand was but I ordered them from nordstroms.com. I know they were less than $50 but if I can find the receipt or an email with the details I will give you all the info.
  4. Thank you. We made all of the menu cards, programs, and OOT bags. For the menu cards and programs we used a blank beige invitation card that we bought at Michael's. I think it was a box of 100 for $15. For the programs we bought the fans from Oriental Trading Co. and the ribbon from Michael's (out of the clearnce section for $.25 each!). We wrapped the handles in ribbon and used a small hole punch and some more ribbon to attach the program to the fan. Besides my fingers being a little stiff after wrapping all the fan handles it was a very easy project. For the menu cards basically the same thing printed the text on the cards and then bought some green metallic paper to dress it up a little. We used double-sided tape to attach the menu cards to the paper. It came out better than the glue. We used a little ribbon to attach the name cards to the menus. The name cards were 3 different kinds of paper. We printed the names on the leftover beige cards that we had and cut them out. We used double-sided tape to put them all together and then a small hole punch to put the ribbon through. I reccomend using an Xacto knife because it made the cut paper look a lot cleaner than scissors. We bought out OOT bags for $.99 each from cheaptotes.com and iron on transfer paper from Staples. My husband designed the logo that we used on everything. Oh and you notice I say we, because i had him tying ribbons and cutting paper too. I was not about to do all that by myself! I got all of my ideas from this forum. You can get a lot of good ideas from these ladies. My husband wanted to get rid of the internet because everytime I would get on the forum I would see a new great idea and want to do it. Quote: Originally Posted by MoKe0506 Hi Niki, I love the photos, you look beautiful. It looks like everything turned out great. You used the same travel agent that I am using, they actually emailed me some of your photos. I was like hey, she's on the BDW board. I have a quick question, where did you get all your materials for the programs and menus, etc? I want to make them myself and I love what you did. Also, your OOT bags, where did you get those? I am going to use you as an inspiration, I really like what you did. Congratulations again!!! Did you book the steal band for your reception as well?
  5. Sorry about that. Try this one and for the event name type in either Erik Green or Tiffany Sharpe Find the Perfect Wedding and Portrait Photographer on Pictage.com
  6. During the planning process I began to second guess if I even wanted to do a destination wedding. I have a large and very close family and people started dropping out one at a time. At the time I questioned was I making the right decision and how could I have my wedding without my family there. Well I did and it was FABULOUS! I only had 3 family members there and a lot of friends and we had a blast. When we got back and everyone saw the pictures they were kicking themselves for not going. We had even talked about having a AHR for everyone that couldn't make it and we scrapped that idea. We had our dream wedding and like a few of the ladies already said everyone that was supposed to be there was there and that is how it was meant to be. No matter what you do or how accommodating you are you just can't please everyone so as long as you and your fiance are happy with your decisions that is all that matters.
  7. Your pics are great! I know you're husband will love them. I want to do a BD photo album for my husband as well.
  8. Thank you for all of your responses. I am a slacker and have been neglecting my BDW responsibilities. Here is the link to my pro pics. Be warned there are a ton of them. For the event name type in either Erik Green or Tiffany Sharpe Find the Perfect Wedding and Portrait Photographer on Pictage.com Here is the link to the slideshow as well. You have to install a plug in to view it so it's not the easiest thing in the world. If you have a Mac (like I do) it will not work. So you can imagine what I was going through when I got the link and couldn't watch it. http://baltazarfotos.com/shows/green
  9. Yes, he told me he met you. How did everyone get to talk to you but me? lol But do not let him fool you he used to read the forum occasionally at work. He would talk about me for always being on there but when he had a question the first place he went looking was BDW.
  10. My husband wore a linen suit. It was pretty windy on our wedding day so he was fine during the ceremony but he took the jacket off for dinner and dancing.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Linzibella Thanks so much for sharing your great review and pictures. It looks like it was a beautiful wedding and you looked gorgeous! I love the shot of dinner at Mammee Bay. You mentioned that you brought decorations with you. Did you use them for the tables at the reception? I couldn't quite see what they were. Some people have said that there isn't much room on the table for decorations, so I was wondering what yours were like. Do you have a close up picture? Also, it looks like you had tables set up outside of the Seagrape. Did that cost anything extra? Thanks! Yes, we had a few decorations for the dinner tables. Initially I was going to do some type of centerpiece but after seeing a picture of the tables there was just no room for that. So we went with crystal candle holders with taper candles, rose petals, crystals, and table runners to give the all white linen some color. We also made menu and place cards for each guest. No, there was no charge for the tables set up at the Seagrape. I will post a pic of the table decorations as soon as I find one.
  12. You look beautiful and your pictures are great. Good find on the photographer.
  13. My pastor from home came to Jamaica to participate in our ceremony. His flight was delayed so he was a little late but the Jamaican minister was very accomodating. I think legally the Jamaican minister has to do the exchanging of the vows and signing the documents but outside of that he will allow an outside minister to read a bible verse, speak, say a prayer or whatever else you would like them to do. The minister does not attend the rehearsal so you may want to have your uncle meet with him right before the ceremony so they know who is going to do what.
  14. Everything looks amazing!! I know you put a lot of thought into each and every detail and it really shows. I'm so glad to hear that your hair worked out. I remember seeing you on your wedding day and wondering who did your hair because it looked great. I cannot say enough about your pics they are gorgeous! I'm amazed at how you look great in EVERY picture. I also made a small cameo in your slide show. I am with the girls who are standing on the balcony watching the wedding. I'm the shadow sitting down. The next time I'm home we should get together. I will have to bring my mom too because she just loved you.
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