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    Â Oh hell no! You should not sit for 3 months and not get a new BM. If you have a second BM, I would just bump her to MOH and if anyone asks why, just say, well it appears that MOH won't make it. Explain to the BM that you recognize that you initially picked the other gal, but don't want her to feel weird about being asked 2nd, because you care about her as much...etc.
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    Dont feel bad for venting. That is one of the most common frustrations for DW brides. People dont even bother to respond, even though you made the effort to invite them and pay money for a return stamp. I think it was deplorable how people behaved, even people who got married previously and bitched and moaned about the same thing!
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    Quote: Originally Posted by carolina24 i confess that i do want kids, but not at all costs like FI...there is a chance that he might not be able to have kids so we are going to a specialist after the wedding. we got into a "discussion" last night because he says he would try IVF and all that, which is fine with me BUT we got on the topic of adoption and this is something i'm just not willing to do. ... We had basically the same situation, but I thought it might be hard for me to have kids. He was thinking we should start dealing with our difficulties conceiving after like 2 months of trying, which at our age, or any age, is not even a long time to be ttc. Uhg. Anyway, I forced him to chill because I know the stress wasnt good, and lo and behold, found out we were pregnant this week. But I did not want to go IVF and all that. Just dont get nuts and cross that bridge when you get to it.
  4. One thing we did was use the wedding invites that fold over (trifold) and have a little sticker on the back. We printed our own mailing labels in a matching color and font on clear labels, and then the invite, response card and everything is one trifold with a rip off card. That way postage is regular and you dont pay for envelopes or inserts. We wanted to send about 100 invites or more, and we knew only 30 people were coming. It only cost about 100 bucks, and we had a seashell themed invite. It was perfect for our needs.
  5. I used the Fernando who does the Las Caletas weddings. If this is the same guy, the only thing that would concern me is whether he has Las Caletas weddings that day because that requires a 45 minute boat ride each way. Otherwise, I dont think its bad that he has more than one appt in a day, that seems reasonable to me. Once your hair is done to your satisfaction, he would be leaving anyway. As far as how he did, I didnt have a trial so I didnt end up with exactly what I wanted, but he is very good. You can tell he is knowledgeable about wedding hair and is a real pro. Just keep an eye on him as he works so that you catch anything you dont like. Mine was almost exactly what I wanted but the front poof was very straight versus pulled to the side, but I didnt explain it that well. Oh, and he also came with an assistant. YMMV
  6. Women don't have the testosterone (usually) to get that nasty body builder look. New research is suggesting that even with heavier weights, women can get pretty toned and lean without the bulk. Women who get huge or lose all their boobs (like those manly women on body building competitions) work out constantly and probably take loads of supplements. We got P90x and OMG that Plyometrics one is SOOOO Hard! My legs hurts for days and my husbands legs locked up on him the next day and he almost fell getting up from his desk! We were like, why is this so hard for us and the guy with the prosthetic leg is not breaking a sweat!!! Great workouts tho!
  7. Haha...They have some cute tops, but some that really over the top. Its like Fredericks of Hollywood. I always wondered where strippers get their clothes, and now I know.
  8. So I saw a cute ad for a clothing store on the bottom...this is too funny! Add To Contacts (Gold)-Great Glam is the web's top online shop for trendy clubbin styles, fashionable party dress and bar wear, super hot clubbing clothing, stylish going out shirt, partying clothes, super cute and sexy club fashions, halter and tube
  9. Isn't LC just the best? My wedding is one of the most amazing days of my life...
  10. Hey Ladies- You may have already heard of this website, but there is a lot of beautiful stuff for DIY projects. Hope this helps you! Save on Crafts, Wedding Supplies, Flowers, Tulle, Lights, Decorations & Discount Craft Supplies Save-on-crafts Pretty stuff for centerpeices and invites, etc.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi oh, but I forgot, I think recently they started doing sunday weddings in which there are no day tours on sundays. JaimeLynne was married on a sunday and went over to LC at her leisure...and then was there all day with no other tourists. Same here, it was awesome. We went over to LC on a zodiac at 10 am instead of the 8am boat. It was just us there. Then when my guests came over, it was still just us. The best part was that we started the wedding one hour earlier to allow for more daylight and photos. I think its the way to go, and would suggest snatching up a sunday before they realize how awesome it is and raise the price!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Ms. Havasu That 2500.00 for 100 pictures kinda took me back a little. That's 25.00 a picture and There probably not 8 x 10's. That's almost as much as the whole cost of the gold wedding package. I don't think that is in my budget. I'm really thinking of finding someone local that wants to take a free cruise vacation in exchange for their photog services. I figure I could put them and their assistant (spouse whatever) in an ocean view room for 500.00 each (total 1000.00) and get pictures from the entire week. I really think I'm going to work on that idea. One thing to keep in mind is that you get a DVD of the pictures, and they are high enough resolution to blow up at least to 8 by 10. The reality is that you probably would only print out 100 pics, but its just that for the hours of pictures taken, you dont get that many to pick from because they dont retouch all of them, and also the ones you dont want, others cant buy either. So that is just a point of clarification I want to make. Sorry it took me so long to answer, I was out of town.
  13. Fernando was great, but since you don't do a dry run, make sure you bring pics and pay attention as he goes. Mine was close to what i wanted, but I would have made slight alterations, and I didn't pay attention to what he was doing while he did it. I also like more mascara and eyeliner, and I should have spoken up. So as long as you know what you want, you will be good with Fernando. The cake was great. Mexico cakes taste different than I am used to. I sent them a pic for a 3 tiered cake with shells, and that is what I got. It didnt have fondant, but it served the purpose. The photographers are great to work with and really cool and do a very nice job. That said, their package is very weird. I payed around $2500 for 100 pics to keep. What I didnt realize is that out of all thepics taken, they only retouched and sent me 187 to review. I had to ask them to see more pictures to choose my 100 from. It went back and forth a few times because of the language barrier. Also, other people cant choose the pics they like. Once you choose your 100, you own them and people can get that picture, but if you dont choose a picture of your aunt, she cant get that picture. Other photogs just upload all of them to a site and people pick what they want. And believe me, 100 pics goes by fast! You can upgrade packages, but I would price shop this against other photographers.
  14. Can I bump this thread up? This is probably on of my favorite threads on here!!! SO FUNNY!
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