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  1. Enjoy your visit with Kelley! You will love her so much!! We did our site visit last Feb. for a November wedding. It felt so good to meet her and know who I would be working with for the next several months. Additionally, I will never forget the moment I could see LC from the boat. AMAZING! I knew right then we had chosen the perfect location. Have a blast. BTW - we did the same thing and toured 4 resorts, and 3 welcome dinner venues too. A working holiday if you will....
  2. Yes, $1200 for a very quick firework show is correct!!! We too opted for the fire dancers and then paid extra to have the live drummers. It was the talk of the wedding and well worth the money. Good luck deciding!! Trisha
  3. Hey ladies - just wanted to give a shout out to Nate. Our blog posts are up and he did a fantastic job. Enjoy! Trisha Destination Wedding – Trish and Luke’s Holgas license to Still Destination Wedding – Las Caletas license to Still Trash the Dress – Sayulita license to Still
  4. Hi, Everyone - Nate Cordova got our blog posts up. All of you that have booked him in the future will be pleased. He did an amazing job. There are three separate posts - enjoy!! Trisha Destination Wedding – Trish and Luke’s Holgas license to Still Destination Wedding – Las Caletas license to Still Trash the Dress – Sayulita license to Still
  5. I also ended up hiring the DJ at LC for $500 last minute. I sent him a playlist ahead of time, but also put all of the important music on cd's. He had the easiest job all night - just push play. He did great and when I wanted something played out of order, this was no problem. Also, our holga's went up last night: license to Still We should have everything back from Nate next week and I'll be sure to share - Trisha
  6. We staed at an all inclusive (Dreams VillaMagna) and hired a cigar roller to come to the resort. It was a HUGE hit with the guys.
  7. I guess they're my personal touch. Everything I wanted (arrangements for aisle, tables, bridesmaid bouquets, etc) I sent photos down to Kelley over email and then she talked to the florist and would get pricing for me. Everything ended up being very close to the photos -- they did a great job. So yes, I paid extra for everything, but it was worth it!!
  8. Pool closest to the beach and the Barracuda bar (where we spent much time!): A photo of the beach bar: This is the area inbetween the beach bar (Barracuda) and the beach. They use this level area for wedding, and beach dinners (removing the beach chairs). They had both a corporate dinner and a wedding dinner here during my stay: A view from the pool area up to the resort and Oceana restaurant: Lastly, the beautiful sunset view from the resort. To die for. You can see the tables set-up here for a corporate dinner:
  9. Hey ladies - sorry it has taken a few days, but as promised, I am going to post some photos of the resort. I'll try to describe each, but please let me know if you have any questions. Trisha Lobby area - this is a photo of our guests relaxing and having a beer while they waited to check-in (there are only three desks, so three couples at a time): A view from our balcony (ocean view) on the 5th floor - 1508: A second shot from our balcony: A photo of the beach area in the morning (they comb the beach each morning):
  10. also -RedCasillas03: I would HIGHLY recommend that you tell your guests about Las Caletas. We had more booking because people knew it wasn't a 'typical' destination wedding where the loaction is on the public beach on the hotel property. We set-up a website and put it on our save-the-date cards. Take a peek if you'd like more info: Luke Selden & Trisha Verhasselt - Our Wedding Website
  11. Ladies - Answers to a couple of questions posted about my review: 1 - Luke came out with Kelley on a boat at about noon. His groomsmen came with the guests and changed very quickly before the ceremony (there is plenty of time for this). Also on the boat with Luke was our officiant, Fernand and his assistant. Nate came by himself and photographer number 2 came with the guests. We didn't figure out the logistics of this until the week prior to the wedding, but don;t worry - Kelley and Nicole have it under control. They do this all the time and they know which boats to put people on. very easy. 2 - Raul's contact info for transportation is: rauls_transportation@hotmail.com 3 - You can view some of the non-pro pics here: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...ml#post1070622 Good luck! Trisha
  12. Walking down the aisle with my dad: Another angle: Ceremony: Fire dancers:
  13. Guests view of the ceremony set-up as the boat approaches the dock: Set-up seen as guests walk up: The aisle: Dinner table set-up:
  14. Hello ladies and congrats Erin! Have an amazing time. Isn't Kelley just the best? I'm going to re-post my review and some photos since I only posted it about two days before the other thread was closed. Since the wedding was only two weeks ago - I think it will be helpful to all of those upcoming brides. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...-review-51836/ Next - I'll post a few more photos. Trisha
  15. Sandy - do you want photos of dreams or just photos in general? I have some non-pro photos of the wedding posted on the Las Caletas thread: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...ml#post1063734