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  1. Hi Yari, Thanks for posting your review of LC. My wedding was a few days after yours and overall my experience was very positive, but I did encounter some of the same things you did--mainly some disorganization, no announcements, and some very long lulls before the toasts and the cake cutting when we couldn't find Nicole. I was definitely disappointed that our first dance and the cake cutting wasn't announced. Granted, we did get married in the middle of a tropical storm and I know Nicole had a lot going on at the moment, but I was still bummed about the little things. Like you, we put a lot of time and effort into the details. I do give Nicole a lot of credit for being flexible. Nicole did a great job keeping me up to date on the weather by sending the latest radar maps. Because of the storm we had to move the wedding from an evening to an afternoon time frame. We had to pick a different area of the beach because the storm surge had washed up too much sand on the main beach. She also offered up her boss's villa as an alternative location if the seas got too rough for the boat. We ended up having the ceremony on a skinny beach off to the right side (if you're looking out at the ocean). I had about 33 people and it worked well. It started pouring as soon as the ceremony finished and by then everyone thankfully was under cover and enjoying cocktails. Whew! The rain continued though the night and we ended up just moving tables to the side rather than setting up the dance floor on the beach (bummer). It was a bit crowded and looked disorganized, but there wasn't a lot that could be done. At that point, water was gushing down the side of the mountain behind the buffet and carving out a giant trench in the beach as it drained into the ocean. If I had one regret, it was that we didn't dance on the beach under the stars. We decided to have the fire dancers perform at the end of the evening followed by the last dance. We all stayed under cover and watched the fire dancers below on the beach. I have no idea how the fire stayed lit in the rain! It worked well though, sort of a grand finale before the last dance. Many of my guests also got seasick, even when given dramamine. You bring up a good point about the cake. We often wondered what happened to the rest of our cake! We would have liked to take some of it back to the hotel with us. I will say too, that all in all, it was a magical night. Yes, things went wrong and yes, I really wish it hadn't rained, but it was memorable, romantic and fun. The storm added some extra drama to the natural beauty of Las Caletas. I definitely recommend it and almost all of my guests said it was the best wedding they had ever been to.
  2. Are you doing a trial ahead of time? I asked Nicole about it and she said Fernando works out of a salon north of Nuevo Vallarta and a trial run would be about $60-80. Since we're only going to be in PV for a few days, I hate to take time away from the guests to go up and have a trial run (plus spend the extra $$), but then again, I don't want crazy hair or make-up!
  3. Thanks for the feedback! All my friends are against tanning beds, but I don't want to risk looking streaky or having it rub off on my dress. I think just a few sessions would do it. Great idea about wearing tube tops/strapless tops. Thanks!!
  4. Any thoughts on this? I have very fair skin. We arrive in Mexico on Friday and our wedding isn't until Sunday. Even if I apply SPF 50 and try to stick to the shade, I will still get some sort of tan line. Should I go with a spray tan...or should I go with a few sessions in a tanning bed to build up a "base layer"? I don't care about being tan, I just don't want lines or a farmer's tan.
  5. Hi Ladies, Nicole at LC suggested I use "Fernando" for my hair and make-up. Does anyone have any experience with him? Any feedback would be appreciated!
  6. Well, not really. Our guests are all spread out since they wanted to use timeshares or rent a house or stay in a different area. We stressed that it would be best to stay in the NV area, but not everyone did.
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    Congrats and welcome to the forum.
  9. Congrats and welcome to the site!
  10. I completely sympathize! It's hard to participate fully when you'd don't have any points. I think it's really educational toread all the ideas. Good luck!!!
  11. Hi Girls, We have the majority of guests staying in Nuevo Vallarta. Any suggestions for a post wedding day brunch? We'd like to keep it simple by staying in the NV area. Thanks!
  12. Sooooo helpful! Thank you so much for posting! I've been looking for photos like this all over the place.
  13. I ended up going with a dress that's a shimmery champagne color. I think it will really pick up the candle light once the sun sets.
  14. Have you found something that's relatively close? A good seamstress should be able to work wonders.
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