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  1. Which part of the ceremony above is in spanish and translated? I've read some girls say only a small "legal" part was in spanish and the rest was in english ...
  2. thanks riviera. Do you know if the civil ceremony can be in english?
  3. Is the only private reception option to rent a restaurant? Do they offer a poolside or terrace private reception?
  4. I'm also having a hard time deciding what to do. I really don't want to hear the ceremony in spanish! but I also don't want to do the legal stuff at home cuz I'm afraid the Mexico ceremony won't feel real....
  5. Oh I mean in general .. not wedding food. I'm just curious how much people will be spending throughout the day for food and drink ... to compare to my AI choices
  6. Has anyone used the resort dj? I know the popular choice is the ipod but fiance was not havin it. Would it also be $500 fee to bring in an outside dj?
  7. Stunning! I was set on an all-inclusive but after all the costs of a private reception, maybe this will be comparable ...
  8. I tried reading through all the pages regarding the private reception options but it seems things keep changing... For new bookings, is seaside grill not an option for a private reception? Only beach, ballroom, and El Patio??
  9. I finally decided to just keep my choices limited to some of the most popular resorts on this forum ... I figured it must be wonderful if so many brides have chosen it. Plus you know you will have lots of information on here about that resort once you pick it I am waiting till after we do a site visit to choose but I've narrowed my list down to: (oh and I also don't want to get married on the sand so that really limits our choices) El Dorado Royale (adults only - so that won't help you) Barcelo Maya Palace (kids are allowed, pretty gazebo but I heard its not very private)
  10. Picking the resort is the hardest part! I still switch back and forth between 3 or 4 resorts. I'm hoping it will be an easy choice after we do site visits in a couple months. There isn't a perfect resort. There are pros and cons to each whether its price, beach, or just the wedding sites ... but try not to get too frustrated with the smaller stuff .... oh and some of the tripadvisor people are just plain crazy!
  11. Does anyone know what the maximum number of people is for a basic room? I'm wondering because we have some singles that are friends and it might be cheaper for them to room together. Also is the minimum night stay 3 or 2?
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