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  1. omg Martha....he is perfect!!!! just absolutely adorable!!!! HUGE congrats to you!!!!
  2. Lisa!! His room is perfect!!! I LOVE it! You guys did an amazing job...I'm really impressed w/ the stripes on the walls. Did you paint them? Was it hard? I'm sure I'd mess something like that up so fast! lol! Great job!!!
  3. CUTE!! I love those letters!!!! I can't wait to see pics of the room! :-)
  4. Congrats on the puppy!!!! He is seriously adorable...my dh is SO jealous, he wants a boxer really bad. Looks like you guys found a great one! Those SPCA babies are always the best!
  5. I have to say I agree w/ Angela. I think you need to just let your girls do what they want to for you. They're trying to do something nice and although you feel you're being helpful by offering money, it's borderline insulting. It would be like offering to pay them back for the wedding gift, b-day gift etc that they bought you. You have good intentions, not wanting to put them out but really, it's their thing. You're supposed to sit back and enjoy!! And of course return the favor if/when one of them gets married! You wouldn't want your friend's to pay for their own bach party...why do you think they would want you to? All that being said, I did keep attempting to buy rounds of drinks for everyone at my bach party...I got shut down every time though! lol! So I understand what you're saying...and maybe you can talk them into letting you buy a round of drinks or shots as a "thank you" for the great party. :-)
  6. Can't believe I just now saw this! lol! omg how fun, funny and cute!! lol! That was so great of them to do that shower for him! Fun! he looks like he was having a good time. :-)
  7. Quote: If your crowd would be cool without hard liquor then the hell with it, have wine & beer and a cash bar for the hard stuff. My crowd was more interested in the hard stuff but it's about you and your guests. That's pretty much what I was going to say. You know your guests, and if they're the types that are happy to drink beer and wine then I say leave it at that. We had to do beer/wine only at my wedding 'cause the venue we used had VERY strict rules re: liquor. And honestly I think everyone was totally fine w/ it. Everyone was drinking, mingling and having a good time. My take on the mai tai or rum punch option is this: If you're having to purchase a set amount in advance, that's tricky 'cause you run a pretty good chance of either running out 'cause you didn't estimate high enough, or paying for leftover gallons that you didn't use. Also, I'm always leery of punches and stuff like that that are mixed in advance...I swear half the time they don't put any alcohol in them and it's just juice! And that would be seriously aggravating at $85-95 per gallon! So yeah, to wrap up, I think the beer/wine bar would be great and keep everyone happy. And if you do just beers and wines would that allow you a little flexibility to choose additional wines or something? (just an idea...) If you really want a fun cocktail, how about doing the signature drink (mai tai etc) for the cocktail hour and the remainder of the night could be the beer/wine bar? I mean, if guest are only going to have access to one liquor drink anyway I don't think it's a big deal to limit it to one portion of the evening...since you'd still be supplying them w/ drinks the rest of the night. No matter what you decide - you guys are going to have a blast!!!
  8. Kat! You have to go to my salon...it may well be the one that Calia is referring to since it's on Preston between Parker and Spring Creek. It's in Plano, not sure if that's too out of the way, but they are amazing!!! I use Rena (pronounced Reh-na) or Liz is great too. The salon is called Luxe and their number is: 972-781-1720 And honestly, if you can't get in w either Rena or Liz, I would trust any one of them. I've been going there for a few years and think they all do great work. Side note...if you end up there, go to the Sea Breeze restaurant a couple shops down...order the fish tacos and bliss out....they are SOOOOOO good!! lol! I crave them all the time!
  9. Awww! You girls are adorable!! I'm so glad you all had a great time....and posted lots of pics! lol! Random: I don't remember if I've seen your hair done that way (short and curled) before Amy...it's SO cute!!
  10. Fun Thread! I'm totally going to check some of these out. My personal, all time favorite blog is: dooce ® Love love love it!! Also I really like Authentic Designer Handbags and Bag Reviews - Purse Blog For girly, materialistic fun. :-)
  11. Omg Tammy!! Those pics are great!! And that puppy is seriously adorable...I'll be surprised if she's able to give him back after a while. ;-) I LOVE the pic where he's going down the stairs...they're taller than he is! lol! *sigh* makes me want to cuddle a puppy now.... :-)
  12. 1. What time did you get up this morning? 6:45 2. Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds 3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? The Dark Knight 4. What are your favorite TV shows? Heroes, The Office, Lost, Ghost Hunters, What Not to Wear 5. What do you usually have for breakfast? Cereal or slim fast 6. What is your middle name? Payton 7. What food do you dislike ? meat loaf 8. What is your favorite CD at the moment? One Republic 9. What kind of car do you drive? Nissan Pathfinder 10. Favorite sandwich? the Wreck from Potbelly 11. What characteristic do you despise? being fake/two faced 12. Favorite item of clothing? jeans 13. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would it be? Bali 14. Where would you retire to? Sedona, AZ or maybe somewhere in Nor Cal 15. What was your most recent memorable birthday? Sadly, my 27th 16. When is your birthday? May 17th 17. Morning person or a night person? night I guess 18. Pets? Jake (dog) and Kirin (cat) 19. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share with us? I got a new purse! lol! 20. What did you want to be when you were little? teacher 21. How are you today? happy that it's Friday 22. What is your favorite flower? peony 23. What are you listening to right now? co-workers talking 24. What was the last thing you ate? sandwich 25. Do you wish on stars? Sometimes 26. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Green 27. How is the weather right now? hot and humid 28. Last person you spoke to on the phone? a client 29. Favorite soft drink? Pepsi or IBC root beer 30. Favorite restaurant? Rick's or Naan 31. Hair color? very very brown 32. What was your favorite toy as a child? dolls/dollhouse 33. Summer or winter? winter 34. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate 35. Coffee or tea? coffee 36. What is under your bed? nothing that I know of 37. What did you do last night? went to dinner w/ dh 38. What are you afraid of? losing my loved ones 39. Salty or sweet? sweet 40. How many keys on your key ring? 6 41. How many years at your current job? 3 1/2 42. Favorite day of the week? Friday 43. Do you make friends easily? Yes 45. Favorite hobby? cooking/entertaining,traveling, reading, shopping
  13. omg! That's insane!!! Not that you need any encouragment, but I'm going to vote that you get a new ob-gyn STAT! lol! WOW....
  14. Ahhh! I got home late from work last night and just didn't have the energy to get to it. Sorry!!!! You'll be happy to know that I'm leaving work a little early today and am planning on uploading them tonight though.
  15. Quote: lol, that was just an afterthought btw - neither of us planned for either the boob squish or hair mishap Lol!! I think it's safe to say we didn't do much planning in general by that point in the evening. We were completely silly!! Quote: Adorable pics ladies. I love seeing the progression of the drunkiness! LOL Oh, so you noticed that...? Cute hair Jaime. Love the new cut! Lisa- you look so adorable preggo. Rach- your drunk faces crack me up. I think you could rival me in that category. Lol! yeah, I'm a pretty animated girl...
  16. Thanks! Though now my paranoid self is thinking people are going to look at the other pics posted and be like, "Um, I thought Jaime was supposed to take down the 'shiny and chubby' one?" lol!!!
  17. Those pics are awesome Martha!! I love the one of your by yourself w/ the pink parasol...you look SO pretty! And the one of Jay kissing your belly is soooooo cute!!!! It looks like you guys had a blast!
  18. Quote: haha, that's why I didn't post it in the first place. I tried to only post the flattering (or at least semi-flattering) pics! If you want me to take it down just let me know k? P.S. I'm kind of scared to see that pic you're talking about I appreciate that! And yeah, you're welcome to take that one down any time... lol! :-) Quote: Awwww thanks Abbie! Wish you were here too!!! Seriously!! Couldn't you have used some super special airline tricks to fly in and hang out with us?! ;-)
  19. Quote: One question, for anyone who has one, do the feathers come out? We had a featherbed on our old bed and loved it. After a couple years of use, yeah, some of the feathers would come out. But they didn't come out enough to be bothersome. Like you didn't know they had come out until you took all the sheets off and there would be a few sticking out here and there. But it's not like they got all over everything, poked us while we were sleeping etc. IMO the benefits of it FAR outweighed the few feathers that would come off when I would change the sheets and fluff it. I think if you try to get a good quality one they usually hold up better.
  20. Maura!!!! Welcome home doll! These pics are gorgeous! You seriously look SO beautiful! And I have to say, my "Love" comments would probably be the exact same as Christa's! lol!
  21. oh Kate, I'm SO sorry to hear this!! I am glad you guys were at least able to see him recently. Hugs to you...Let us know if you need anything!!
  22. Lol! Ok, that pic is terrible of me!!! Martin looks normal/funny, I look shiny and chubby! lol! Omg, now I can't wait to send you that pic of you and Martin....seriously, I think his entire tongue is outside of his mouth and partly into yours!!! LOL!!! It's so funny - you guys both look like you're about to crack up. Then there's a more normal pic of you two after that one...I'll seriously have to upload those tonight!
  23. Quote: Idle Rich Pub cause Rachelle's DH's friends wanted some eye candy lol I think that's where things went downhill for me - too many drinks! (Well only like 5 over the whole night but 2 were shots and I am just not used to drinking like that anymore! lol) They were all so much fun to hang out with and we had a blast. I'm soooo hungover but it was worth it Lol! Thanks for showing us where that place was and hanging out for a while!! I had so much fun and I think the guys did too. and O.M.G am I hungover too!! (well, I'm better today, but yesterday was ROUGH!) Ugh! That massive shot at Mattito's was probably enough but then Shane and I heard a couple people order Irish Car Bombs at Idle Rich and they sounded SO good we just had to get one. I think that's what did me in...those things are crazy. yeah, I'm definitely too old for that stuff. I just dont' bounce back like I used to. Damn you're fast Jaime!! lol! I only have like 8 pics on my camera but haven't uploaded them yet. There's a pretty funny one of you and Martin kinda fake making out at Idle Rich...I barely remember even taking it! lol! But it's funny. I'll try to get them off the camera tonight or tomorrow. :-) I had SO much fun meeting these girls!!!! Lisa seriously is freaking adorable and was such a good sport letting me rub all over her little belly trying to mooch some baby vibes! ;-) I totally wish you could have stayed longer Lisa, it would have been fun to hang out more...we'll have to have a re-do once you can have some drinks again! Quote: It was so good to meet your men too. Martin is such a cutie and was such a good sport taking pics for us (1..2..7!). Too funny!! And Rachelle - David was so handsome! Thanks! And I agree that Martin IS a cutie too!! He was so nice and just so great and chill about everything....being randomly "forced" to hang out w/ a bunch of guys etc. And yeah, the "1, 2...7!" thing was funny!! I feel like there's 20 more things I want to say or comment on but I'm sooooo sleepy today and trying to get settled in/caught up at work. Thanks for getting those pics up Jaime!!! Hugs to both you girls...I had a blast with you!! ETA: hahah! Remembered a couple of my comments I wanted to make. :-) 1) I am not acutally a foot taller than Lisa and Jaime...they were in flats and I was in wedges. Not sure why that's a big deal to me...I just felt enormous next to them I guess! lol! 2) L O freaking L at the "hair mishap" pic!!! I totally remember Martin's face after he took that, just cracking up at how goofy we looked. So fun!
  24. Sorry I just finally got back here today.... Yeah - can't wait to see you guys!!! And I was totally thinking of wearing a casual little summer dress myself...I swear it's the most comfortable thing to do when it's so dang hot outside! So yeah, that's prob what I'll go with. :-)
  25. Congrats!! We were definitely there at the same time! I was there the 3-8th! Can't wait to read all about the Wynn! We actually tried to get a room there that extra night when we were stranded but they didn't have one available. :-( It's on our list for next time for sure!
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