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  1. Hi Everyone I got married in April 2009 in Jamaica, and I'm now 13 weeks pregnant! We've just had our 12 week scan and just told everybody and we're so excited!!
  2. congratulations, will go read your review now x
  3. I'd definitely try ringing instead. I got mine 5 weeks after the wedding, also in April!
  4. I wore these for my wedding on the beach at ROR, still got sand in my feet but they were easy to walk on. £55 from Else Lambada Wedding Shoes - Elegant Steps more photo's on their website.
  5. our witnesses did not provide proof of who they were (passport/birth cert etc). Our birth cert and passport was photocopied by a solicitor and then he put an offical stamp on to say he had seen the originals. I then scanned and emailed. Chandlyn said this was fine, I didn't need to post it. (I'm from the England)
  6. congratulations, reading your review brings back good memories from my wedding!
  7. Hi I had the caprice package and chose the chocolate cake. It was fine as cakes go. It was the standard one included in the package and there was plenty for 18 people. I wouldn't upgrade though I don't think they are worth it. I think they will add rum if you ask. We made up for it when we got back home at our reception, and had a 3 tier proper cake, bottom layer chocolate, second tier carrot cake and top tier fruit cake. It was shapped like 3 suitcases and was lovely!
  8. Hey Tracy I'm not scottish, I'm from England, I got married in Jamaica April 2009. I'll be glad to help you as I had to do tons of research for the things I wanted, as most of the posters are from the US and Canada so you can't get their items in the UK!
  9. We upgraded our free bouquet and also bought corsages for the ladies and button holes for the men. My bouquet and the other flower arrangements lasted about a week in our room. The button holes didn't last longer than 1 day. They matched the flowers and colours for the bouquet with the ones that go on the gazebo. They also matched flowers on the cake too.
  10. Hi Blurt Congratulations, you looked stunning! Love you dress. Hope you don't mind me putting your photo's in this thread like this. Some brides to be don't have enough points to open attachments.
  11. we got married 8 April, received certificate 15 May approx 5 weeks after.
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