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  1. welcome, i agree with the others, pick a destination and run with it, you will soon get an idea of numbers, or you could always send a card out saying this is what you planning and ask people to send back a possible response or not.. unless it's years down the track, most people know within a year whether they can afford to attend etc..
  2. welcome, enjoy all the fun ideas on here
  3. manda0812


    welcome, have fun planning
  4. welcome, happy planning.. loads of ideas on here for inspiration!
  5. manda0812

    Just engaged

    welcome to the best forum in the world!!
  6. second month of trying for babies, was so much fun.. now we just wait and see for another couple of weeks and see if it worked.. if not well we just keep practising, you know what they say, practice makes perfect. We are also spending time going through our two households of belongings and selling or giving to charity the things we double up on or things we don't like.. and we are also thinking of moving to another city before November - 4 hours north.. loads happening... I still love saying, this is my husband.. feels so amazing..
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    welcome! with 2 years to plan you will find 1000's of ideas on here and your head will spin, it's just fantastic. enjoy it all and congrats, 4the July, fireworks for your engagement, good one!
  8. some fantastic photos on these websites. Morgan, I can just see you with your own website soon with all your ideas and creative talents, hope the photography course is going well
  9. hot hot hot photos, you have an amazing body and those girls are just looking hot! he is going to flip when he sees these!!
  10. I displayed a few different ways: 1. slide show of our life together - it made for some interesting photography later in the night 2. black & white wedding photos of our parents and grandparents on the guest book signing table 3. a poster with two columns of similar photos of dave and I throughout our lives, (ie a new born pic with our parents), preschool shots, highschool, etc etc they were stuck on a plain canvas and sat on an easle.. have fun
  11. wow, fantastic photos Maura, you guys look amazing and I haev to agree with Mel, you are just the nicest person and we all feel like your true friends, not that I get on here as often as I should but I am always interested to read your stories, posts and see your photos. Congrats on your very special day, I hope you are enjoying married life and just looking at Jose and thinking damn he is my husband - its the best feeling isn't it. All the best for a long and happy future xx
  12. Maura - have been thinking about you a lot, will go and look at your pics now but from what I can see, you look amazing.. congrats
  13. nothing happening this end but that is probably because one day I remember to take them and the next I forget, never been good with pills of any kind..
  14. great pics, Becks looks awesome.. I have to say all your photos on your blog are gorgeous!
  15. old - shoes - they were comfy and elegant new - wedding dress blue - I made crystal earrings and put one blue crystal in each earring borrowed - great grandmothers hankerchief, white with lace
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