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  1. Hi ladies!! a lot of your weddings are coming it!!!!! sooo exiting makes me want to get married all over again lol!!! just a friendly reminder we're having our Bridal palladium chat tonight at 8pm est standard time. On the palladiumaddict.net site here is the dircect link to the chat. Just click on 'CHAT' hope to see some of you ladies there!! P.S I am 'Sunaddict25' http://www.palladiumaddict.net/PAForum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=16447
  2. Hi ladies, Chat is on tonight at 8pm est time on the palladium addict site. So if you have any questions, concerns or comments this is the place. Hope to see you there. http://www.palladiumaddict.net/PAForum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=16447
  3. Hi ladies just poping in to let you all know Bridal chat for Palladium brides tonight at 8pm so if you have any questions or concerns this is the place!! 8pm est time http://www.palladiumaddict.net/PAForum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=16447 Hope to see some of you there!! Tracy
  4. it`s $60 per person for the dinner on the beach, its very romantic and if they like lobster it`s very worth it. If I am not mistaken you may have your own words for the symbloic wedding I wanted to remind everyone Tonight we are hosting another live bridal chat on for any questions and concerns. It`ll start at 8pm est time for an hour there will be 2 of us who have experince and have spoken to Carolina on some front to be able to help you as much as possible. Hope to see you ladies there. If you don`t already have a membership it`s quick and easy http://www.palladiumaddict.net/PAForum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=16447 direct link to the live chat.
  5. CONGRATS ON FINALLY BECOMING A MRS!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy you felt you had your dream wedding like most of us!!! Now have fun trying to adjust to being back home and not in paradise anymore lol took me about a month for a 2 week stay. I agree the walk to meet our guest everyday from the royal to the punta cana could get annoying. And it was a waste of money for the first week and we wanted to spend time with our friends and family who came for us, not alone on the royal side. We only got to use the royal gourmet, room serive the pool and beach on the second week when everyone left. I just wanted everyone to know.. I started hosting a bridal chat on palladiumaddict.net on Tuesday's at 8pm in the bridal lounge (you'll find a place to click on chat) I'll be there to answer any questions, concersc or just chat about wedding!! I hope I see a lot of you ladies there. If you don't have a membership. That's ok it's so easy to make one. Until then!
  6. Hi ladies, yess that picture is from La Uva... it's really pretty the way they set it up.. I had no idea this could be considered at an extra charge... altho I didn't do a private dinner.. I am glad I didn't spend the extra as they only put 3-5 tables up for other guest on the other side of the restaurant...I never saw them!! I am very curious to see how much it cost do have the tables set up like this?!? I'd suggest you make your own cd's for the first song, ect and beach party. I did this and i am glad i did.. the dj couldn't even speak english!! his was great otherwise but I had to get my sister in-law to do the MCing. hope this helps. ask away if you need to know anything else!
  7. Yes we should try but I know it can get very busy trying to meet with most of your guest and try to spend time with each. Are you sure it'd be ok to come hang out on Sunday with you guys?!?! I do not want to intrude!! But that'd be so amazing and fun!!! Yes we had our ceremony at the gazebo over looking the ocean. It was perfect with lots of privacy vs the beach ceremony. IMOP it's prettier too. Sorry when is your big day again!?!?!? What is left to do?!?! you may not need to do it, I realized a lot of the things I did was for nothing cause Carolina already does it!!! What room catagory did you guest book I can tell you if it's the new section or old 1. I think it's amazing all your guest booked the RST because mine did, so the whole first week we never used the RST which sucked... the royal gourtmet is so good I was sad we missed it the whole first week (our guest booked on the Punta Cana so that is where we would meet at the lobby bar, spend time on the beach, pool, ect..)
  8. really!!!!!!!!!!! yess I'll watch from afar!!! lol did you choose the gazebo? and what time is ur ceremony scheduled at!??! Also if anyone wants to add me of FB to see pics it'd be my pleasure I know I already have some of you Tracy Lafave-MacIntyre (Montreal) Jerzy: LMAO!!!!!!!! you sound like me... I usually wake up around 12-1pm back home and 10-11 on vacation (don't want to miss all the sun and food) and he gave us 9am. I was very nervous I'd look like crap but I called it an early night the night before the shoot. honestly it takes 30-45 mins and then you can go back and take a nap. But do wake up an hour early to get your make-up put on. I suggest just wearing your hair lose and down.. it'll get messed up anyways!!
  9. hey girls!!!!! how is everyones plans coming a long?!?!? :-) I was wondering if anyone was going to be there between april 8th-15th to get married? i just booked my trip back for a mother/daughter vacation and I'd love to see a wedding from afar lol!!
  10. for the OOT bags, I am sure you'll get them there safely and Carolina will take very good care of them, Yes I kept saying 'Who knew Destination weddings were so stressful' but once you get there your realize half your planning was for nothing!!! As Carolina does everything. Beach Party, I was also thinking of the hanging lights but I am so glad I didn't bring them... there really is no where to hang them, and there are plenty of light to see. The decor they do for you, as you can see from the pics are great, plus it's night... and their drinking no one cares.. they just want to have fun and dance. Flowers: I didn't want to spend 25$ on my bridesmaids flowers (I only had 2) so I made some from the dollar store, they were pretty and no one knew the difference. And they didn't get damanged in the luggage. I bought mine (I upgraded) and I bought DH's bout and his best man (that's all the groomsmen we had) and 2 for our moms. Since I wasn't even for the girls and boys, I had DH and his best man waiting at the alter, while my girls walk down alone. It was perfect!! you could consider this. This way FI isn't all alone waiting lol. If any of you have any questions, pls just pm me, it's a lot easier then reading through 5 pages lol. You're all so much more chatty then we were (I was also on April 2010 brides, that's where we did our chatting lol) wish we had all sorts of info that you guys currently have. Happy Planning ladies!! :)
  11. For the oot bags, depending on how many guest you can bring it yourself, but if you have 25 or more like me, weight can become an issue for your luggage and add up. So I handed mine out a few days before we left (made sure everyone was already packed so they could put it in their bags right away and not forget them) I had 7 ppl from T.O so I figured it was cheaper to fedex them, and it was. I had 3 guest from Ireland and NS so I gave it to other guest who had extra space. You could send it to Carolina before hand, but she is so terrible busy, and their mailing system isn't up to par like ours is, are you willing to chance loosing it, or not arriving on time! Hope this helps. For the beach party. I had the dinner at La Uva and it was a 1 min walk back to the beach party because it really is next door to each other. Your guest wont even notice the transport! You could have a private beach dinner but this is $60 p/p (adds up with a big guest list) Is anyone getting married the week of Jan 26?! I'm heading back for a mother/daughter vacation and would love to see a wedding from someone on here!! lol. Anyone going to be there that week?!!?
  12. OOT bags I ordered from VistaPrint.ca...a lot of times they have specials, so wait for them. I got it with a longo (palm tree, with Punta Cana '2010') everyone loved them and all used them..def worth the $$ msredbird51 Congrats in advance, I know it'll go wonderful and you'll have an amazing time!!! :) FINALLY A MRS!!!
  13. Sheila, thanks!! Ask away!! For the a la carts, any type of long pants will do, jeans included but just a reminder, it's really hot they may not be comfortable in jeans.. light dress pants, khaki's would be best. I don't remember seeing anyone men wearing jeans at the Gourmet.
  14. I figured I'd help you gals out with the menu with my review and from the other brides who got married around the same time as me. - Onion Soup - all good reviews (one bride said it was the best she ever had) I had this while the rest of the guest had salad (I can't eat salad) it was still the best soup I've ever had and I live in Quebec lmao!! - Minestrone - unknown - pasta (with shrimp, etc) - unknown - lobster bisque - unknown - Ceasar salad - all good reviews everyone like it, except it comes with fish in it and know one knew right away kind of left a bad tast - Caprese salad - all good reviews - mastocholli - unknown - caneloni - unknown Main course: - T-bone - mixed reviews: it's good!!! - beef medallions - all good reviews (by far this is the most popular choice too based on previous posts) your right this is the best pick,most girls picked this and loved it, said it was the best meal - stuffed chicken breast - unknown - chicken tettrazini - mixed reviews - DON'T GET THIS!!!!!!! I did and it was disgusting!! I was so angry at myself for not going with the steak (I love steak, I was worried ppl weren't going to get it the way they like it cooked) but from the other girls everyone's guest truely enjoyed it - beef milanese parmesan - mixed reviews - loin of pork - unknown (I really want to try this though. Pork for some reason doesn't seem to be a popular choice but this is what I'm leaning towards. I like that it comes with roasted veggies!) - salmon fillet - unknown - grilled bass - unknown Dessert: - Tiramisu - mixed reviews - chocolate lazagna - mixed reviews (one girls thought it was "odd") - chocolate bomb - unknown - chocolate brownie - all good reviews (seems to be most popular) - apple puffed pasty - unknown All the desert's are great, but take into thought your guest will be full at this point and they still want to try your cake. I say skip this and make your cake your dessert because it was the best cake I and any of my guest has had. Best dessert ever!!! I hope this helps a bit!!
  15. Hi!! Married life has been great, as soon as we got back, we found a great deal for a house (we were living in an apartment) so we bought it!!! we moved in August, so it's been busy. Then we added to our family and bought a dog lmao! But been recovering a lot with my health issues (been getting endometriosis cyst's on my ovaries) but still enjoying being a newlywed. I tell you something, I miss planning the wedding and looking forward to going to Palladium. Ah well next year hopefully... in the mean time just planning a mother daughter vacation to Cuba (it's so cheap!!) Ok so for your questions. Yes I brought a CD, I actually made a few. the first was for while the guest were being sitted and waiting for me. Then I made 1 for the girls (bridesmaid and maid of honor) to walk down. Then I had another cd for my song to walk down with my father. There is someone there to play it. Just explain it to Carolina and she will take care of it. Oh I also had a cd for signing the papers, another for the sand ceremony and then another for us to walk back down. We had our first dance as well at the gazebo and this is when they served the champgne. Then (as we were losing light quickly) just family came to the beach and took fam photos. while the rest of the guest headed to dinner. Then he came back with us, took group photo's and got us cutting the cake, then he left (I had 3 hour package)which was perfect and honestly didn't need anymore. We did the 45 mins before I got married and he left before me to get shots of DH and his best man waiting for me at the gazebo. Hope this helps. Ask away ladies anytime!! makes me remember the good old days. Originally Posted by sheila2011 Quote: I received some info from Carolina re sash colours but not pictures of them. Did you get pictures? She send a few flower pictures too. What info did you get on menus? That info would be nice to know! I am trying very hard to not stress about things until we get down there, cause I am sure things will work out....but it's hard for me to not do that!
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