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  1. We went there for our honeymoon and LOVED IT. THe service is really outstanding and everything was so relaxed. We got married at the Riu in Ocho Rios where it was also really nice, but also a lot busier..It was nice to honeymoon at Couples.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by drbrainfreeze My TA has FINALLY gotten a response from Chandlyn...ROR received my marriage certificates on Friday and are they will be sent today via DHL. Maybe now I can finally change my name I got the same email today!!!!! We will see when it finally comes in!
  3. Ill let you know if I hear anything more!! As for the expedited service, there was no mention of mailing the certificate at all! I just remember giving them my new address since we had moved. So for all those future brides, maybe thats one thing you should find out! HOw long processing normally takes, and whats the process...because she definately didnt talk to me about it!
  4. I am in the same position! I got married a day before you Jill....Although, another member here that got married the same day as me got her certificate a couple months ago!!! I have been emailing Chandlyn several times, first time she said she would look into it..and then the second time which was about 3 weeks ago now, she said that the office asked for my time for processing.. Its very frustrating, especially knowing that some have already received theirs!
  5. nope Let me know when you do though, because I got married the day before you so I would assume we would get ours around the same time?!!
  6. We got married at ROR and LOVED it!!!!! I would totally recommend having your wedding there!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Scott-Pierre Beautiful pics! Who did your flowers? They look great! I got my flowers from Angels Accents...I love love love them!!! Everyone thought they were real!
  8. I would just like to add tho that when I was talking with Chandalyn thru emails prior to our wedding she told me that you wouldnt be able to use the cd player at all during your pool side reception. im not too sure what your reception plans were and whether or not this is accurate.
  9. We werent going to get the steel band but we just decided to go with it! They were awesome! It is definately something that your guests remember!!! We paid 350. and they did play for the full hour. Our wedding was at 4 and they started about 3:45 for the guests to hear...then as we walked up, during the sand ceremony, while we walked down and then for our first dance and father daughter dance...then while we drank our rum punch and got pictures done they still played.
  10. Haha, it looks like I didnt actually jump, but I really did! (apparently just not as high as he did tho!) And we werent exactly jumping in area that was overly deep so I didnt wanna break anything! It was a lot of fun tho..
  11. Here are some of our professional pics! Our photographer was Randy Bilyea from London, Ontario. We are THRILLED with his work and we had soo much fun with him during our trip! He was more than accomodating and the pictures turned out great! He is interested in doing other destination weddings as well. Enjoy! Pictures by marniffer - Photobucket
  12. Please bear with me as this is the first time uploading pics. I hope it works!!! Our photographer was Randy Bilyea from London, Ontario. We had so much fun with him on our wedding day, and our TTD shoot! We highly recommend him to anyone! Pictures by marniffer - Photobucket Hope this works!
  13. I scanned ours and emailed them to her. It was fine with her!
  14. Just got back from Jamaica...got married at the ROR and then honeymooned at Couples Negril...our first week it only rained one day and it lasted about 3 hours straight...someone was suppose to get married on the beach but they ended up getting married at Mammee Bay steakhouse which over looks the ocean with open walls.....its very nice!! Our second week in Negril it rained pretty much every day b ut only for like 1/2-1 hr long....we asked around and they said that May is their rainy season until like Nov!! And their hurrican season is June...at our resort in Negril they had umbrellas in the room for us because of how much it rained! Either way if it rains or not, they have awesome locations of where you can get married at the ROR!!! Good luck!
  15. I saw it and it was really beautiful!!!!! There were a ton of weddings that week!
  16. I am using real touch fake flowers for my upcoming wedding! My flowers are wrapped with ribbon and have pins holding it together. For those of you that traveled with fake flowers, did you have any problems bring them in your carry on the plane that also had your flowers done like this? Do you think that I will need to take the pins out? Or do you think that I will be fine with keeping them in! I really dont want to take them out because Im afraid Ill mess up the whole arrangment as these pins are helping the ribbon stick all together! But I really dont want to pack the flower in my checked luggage as they will be all smushed!
  17. or you can go to the opposite of Jamaica and check out Ocho Rios....We are getting married at the Riu Ocho Rios and going for our honeymoon at Couples Negril... Or there is a couple Sandal resorts too in Ocho Rios...
  18. We are flying out of Toronto... We booked in June/July 2007 and our guests are paying 1600.00 or around there...it was actually 1362.00 or something plus 276. tax... This was for a weeks stay...for a standard room.
  19. We are flying out of Toronto... We booked in June/July 2007 and our guests are paying 1600.00 or around there...it was actually 1362.00 or something plus 276. tax... This was for a weeks stay...for a standard room.
  20. We are flying in on a Saturday and we are getting married on the Tuesday so only actual 1 business day...the resort okay-ed it and they said its fine!
  21. Surprisingly enough, I found nice chiffon aqua bridesmaid dresses at Sears...and they were cheap like $50!
  22. I got my birthcertificate and passport notarized and just scanned them to Chandlyn...she said it was fine..however she also wanted to know our occupations? did she ask anyone else this too?
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