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  1. hi guy's thank you so much you have help me make my mind up. i am going to wear my dress again. i will of course have new shoes ( any excuse lol) . Blurt xx
  2. hi we got married in 2009 but we want to renew our vows on our 5th anniversary. i am wondering whether to wear my wedding dress or get a new one ? i want to wear mine again (because obviously i love it) but i have read its not best to. can someone please help. Blurt
  3. Hi, mine was a maggie, well sottero midgley, i love her dresses. I travelled from the UK and it travelled beautifully.
  4. We got married at ROR and there was 3 guys playing, they cost $350 for the hour, my husband gave them a Jamaica football shirt he had taken with him and they gave him a cd of their songs. With them playing it made it really special.
  5. Yeah, not a big one, mostly slot machines.
  6. Hi I wore heels, I just walked on my tip toes, it was a bit hard but i'm not very tall so I wouldn't have looked right in flats. But if you are getting married at ROR you don't have to walk far. I also saw a few brides take there shoes off just before they walked down the aisle then put them back on after. Hope this helps.
  7. Fantastic pictures, they are brilliant
  8. I don't know whether to start panicing or not but we haven't received our photo's from the photo shop at ROR yet. Does anyone know how long they take? They told us 4 to 6 weeks Also we haven't got our wedding certificate either We got married on the 23rd June
  9. Beautiful picture's you looked fantastic. Congratulations
  10. Hi Kitty Kat uk thanks for doing that I don't know how to do it like that :-)
  11. Hi, thank you for all the lovely coments. Hi Scott-Pierre, yes we used it and it charged us $6.
  12. I have finally managed to post some pictures. Doc2.doc Doc3.doc Doc4.doc
  13. Well what can I say but WOW. Any futures brides going to ROR you have picked the perfect place. We arrived Tuesday night, left it till Wednesday to find Chandlyn after 2 days we decided to wait for her after one of the weddings. We arranged to meet with Nikki on the Saturday. Nikki was brilliant, we had asked for the garden gazebo but after seeing the beach we decided to change our minds. That wasn't a problem, we booked the steel band and sorted everything we wanted. We went back to see her on the Monday ( the day before) to change a few things and again it wasn't a problem. The day of the wedding the sun was shining. I went to have my hair done ( I booked the day after we arrived) I took a picture and she said it wasn't special enough for my big day and she said leave it with her. I'm glad I did because it looked beautiful. It only took an hour so I had plenty of time to get ready. Nikki came for me and my bridesmaid at 10.45 ready for our wedding at 11am. I was so nervous until I saw my FI ( now my husband), I couldn't stop smiling the whole time. The steel band played the tradional wedding march for me and they played one love after. They played for an hour while we photos and drinks. When they had finished we went to the pool bar to have a few more and to relax. It went a bit cloudy so we went inside to one of the bars, we just sat around and chatted and had a few cocktails. At about 4pm we went and freshern up ready for our meal and the mammee bay. The food there was gorgeous. After our meal we went and watched the entertainment ( yes still in my dress) but by 10.30 we were tierd so we went to bed. The whole day was perfect, everything went to plan. info for future brides. If you want to find Nikki or Chandlyn wait till just after a wedding and then you can catch them. There is an ATM machine in the casino I will post the photo's later.
  14. Hi Please bear with me with my review. I have tried 3 times now and everytime I try to submit it say's I'm not logged in. I don't know if it is because it takes me so long to do. P.S could someone tell me how to put pictures on.
  15. Hi We are back. I will post a review in a few days.
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