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  1. I am considering putting a perm in my hair..... Maybe a kiddie perm... I was trying to "train" my hair to be straight... but it's been very unsuccessful because of my marathon training =( Â But I am also thinking about getting a weave.... but then I thought that I would have to perm part of my hair anyways to have a natural looking part Then, I learned about the "invisible part." Â Has anyone tried an invisible part before? Did your guests think that it a natural part?
  2. TaniBBurwell

    tell me about your photographer

    I am in the final stages of booking with Marcia Roberts. Â Has anyone of yall paid for her hotel stay in exchange for her taking photos throughout the night?
  3. TaniBBurwell

    October 2010 Brides?

    Is anyone going to be at the Riu MoBay from 10/12-10/23?
  4. TaniBBurwell

    Coconut Bar- Riu MoBay

    So... I spoke with the new Riu MoBay coordinator (Nekeisha). Â Apparently, it's $10 per person for the open bar.... Not because of the alcohol. However, you would be paying for privacy. I think that m FI and I will not go with the open bar. After all, we figured that people will be watching the ceremony. So, they might as well mingle with us!
  5. TaniBBurwell

    Just married, Riu-Montego Bay, Jamaica

    Hey Hailothere- Â Can you post some of your photos on the site? I'm getting married there on 10/15/10!!!!!!! Thanks!
  6. Hey all! My FI and I are getting married at 4pm. We figured that after the ceremony and before the wedding dinner (starts at 6:30pm) while we're taking photos... that we can provide a cocktail hour with hord'oeuvers and drinks. However, we are getting married at the plaza gazebo. It appears that a bar (I think the Coconut Bar) is adjacent to the wedding location. Did any of y'all pay for an open bar? Or were you able to drink at the Coconut Bar after the ceremony without an issue? Also, did any of your guests appreciate the hord'oeuvers? Thanks so much!
  7. TaniBBurwell

    Jamaican OOT Bag

    Quote: Originally Posted by MissSimone Is there any specialty Jamaican items that you ladies are putting in your OOT bags such as Ting, Sangsters Rum Creme, Appleton Rum, St. Mary's Banana Chips, Kola Champagne, Jerk Seasoning etc? What are you doing to make your Jamaican OOT bag special? where can you find those items and how much do they cost?
  8. TaniBBurwell

    In need of a photographer and florist

    Thanks 2010Bride! How long did she stay on the property to take the pictures? We are close to booking Marcia Roberts for our photography! I am so excited! I am 89 days away from my wedding! =D
  9. If you're from NY or Philly, there's a serious sale going on that actually ends today. Roundtrip tickets from NY/Philly to MoBay is $190! Of course, before taxes! This is an excellent deal! The only problem is that it ends tonight (7/15). The travel period is from 9/06 to 11/03. There's another sale too- Roundtrip tickets from NY/Philly to MoBay is $258. You have to purchase those tickets by 7/27 and the travel period is from 7/16 to 11/16.
  10. Hey yall, Can anyone post pictures of the RMB Plaza gazebo set ups? I am trying to get ideas in how to decorate the area! Thanks!
  11. Hi all, I know that some of yall may have had great experiences in ordering from this company. I had a bad experience with AdvantageBridal.com. I decided to order brooches from my bridesmaids, maid of honor and mom to wear for my bridal shower... you know, as a thank you gift for hosting this event for me. I placed the order on July 1 and with the advice of a customer service agent, I selected 3 Day Air as a shipping method for an arrival on 7/08. Now, I know that the 4th of July holiday had a factor in it. I get it. However, I received 5 out of 6 items yesterday via UPS (07/0. When I saw the receipt, it said that the other brooch (my mom's) brooch will be shipped separately and arrive today. So, I called them to voice my issue. After all, I paid extra money for a 3-Day Air shipment. After talking to another customer service agent, I spoke with the supervisor, Eileen. From what she explained to me, that other brooch came from a different vendor, although I ordered it directly from AdvantageBridal.com. She also said that the other vendor made a decision to ship my package via ground package (the cheapest option) in order to get my order there on time. I explained to her how that didn't make sense. I also explained to her that I paid extra for 3-Day Air and that should apply to all items. Eileen goes on to explain that if I wanted that other item to be shipped via 3-Day Air, then I would have had to pay an extra $10. I explained with her that I would have done that, if someone had notified me about this ahead of time. She then continued to give excuses about it being the long weekend, how the vendors don't ship things out to the 6th. She told me that the only reason other the 5 items came on the time was because it was shipped directly from their company. I asked her if I can receive any compensation for this because I was quite livid. She then said to me that there's nothing she can do. In fact, she said that I should be fortunate that my other times came in on 7/08. I also explained to her that I had to take off from work AGAIN to wait around for this package. Eileen asked if I lived in a safe neighborhood and if I do, then to leave it with my neighbors. She had the nerve to suggest that I leave a note on the door for the delivery man to leave it in my backyard! I said to her that's not a good idea because even though I live in a decent neighborhood, that I still live in a city. And plus, my neighbors, very active seniors, go out in the afternoon. She then says: "Oh, well you shouldn't be so negative and maybe you should have a neighbor sign for it." I asked for some form of compensation again. She refused. I explained to her that this is bad business practice. How can a vendor make a decision to send something via ground transportation when you pay for 3-day Air without notifying the customer? She said that nothing can be done, but asked if I knew my UPS driver. She also asked if I have been receiving a lot of packages in the mail for the wedding. I said to her no, this is the first time I am ordering ANYTHING wedding-related online. It seemed as if she was making up excuses for the fact that all of my items should have been shipped on time... and they weren't. Although they have a lot of nice products, I will not order from them again. For those that still want to order from them, please be aware that they do act shady and will change your shipping method without consulting you first and reimbursing you for it.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by JesseLyn10 Whoever said that a DW is stress free lied! lol! Price. We have a package that with every 16 people there is a group discount. For some, this isn't good enough and they wanted a cheaper price and different flight dates (we offered 3 different departure dates) etc. As a result, there are guests that booked through other agencies, I have no idea what they paid, but I also don't know if they get the transportation from the airport to the resort (an hour away) etc. and it's stressful because we feel (again, me not my FI) partly responsible for everyone getting to the resort safely. We leave in 13 days and 4 more people booked last week, makes for a good party but my agent has no idea of the actual numbers because they aren't all booking through her. OMG My FI and I are had the same problem!!!! Our WP established a group contract with the Riu initially. Our guests were complaining about finding cheaper prices. So, my WP went and re-negotiated the rates with another vendor... which made it even more affordable and it included ground transportation! Although we received better prices, folks are still booking through other agencies! I talked to my FI and WP about this. My WP is still seeing if she can pull in those other folks' reservations to our group contract. We reserved 15 rooms for guests, 12 rooms are already full/booked through us..... while 3 rooms were booked outside of us! We decided that folks who wanted to book outside of us will be responsible for their own ground transportation. I know it may sound heartless. However, our guests knew since November 2008 that we were getting married in JA. I do not have the time to be stressed out over folks that refuse to respect our wishes and time lines. It's frustrating because we are also giving our guests OOT bags! We are placing final orders around September 1st... We will over 5 extra. Other than that, people will be s**t outta luck.
  13. TaniBBurwell

    In need of a photographer and florist

    Hey 2010bride! thanks for the info! Is there anyway you can send me some pics as well? I am curious to see how you decorated the plaza gazebo! And how was the beach reception? How much were you quoted for it?
  14. Thank you so much for posting! You gave me soooo many ideas! Do you remember where did you find the following items? -Keycard/Tip Holder for OOT Bag -Travel Mugs -Fans
  15. Hey yall! I looked on this thread and I couldn't find anything on this topic. So, when is the best time to buy your airline tickets? I am travelling from JFK <---> MBJ in mid October. Thanks! -Tanya