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  1. Hi all, Does anyone have the wedding reception menu for Mammee Bay that they can copy and paste into this thread please? I have found one thread with a word attachment but unfortunately do nto have enough points to open this. Many thanks.
  2. Hi all, I cannot seem to open the attachment in post #89 that drbrainfreeze has attached in #10 of this post as I do not have enough points and this is the Mammee menu. can anyone copy and past this for me from the word doc? Would really appreciate it. Many thanks
  3. Congrats and thanks for sharing your review. Always to great too to hear from someone from the UK like myself!
  4. I wish I could see them but I don't seem to have enough points to view!
  5. Hello, I contacted Chandlyn at the Riu Ocho Rios and she said it is fine to just scan the notarized documents and e-mail them but just to ensure you obviously take the originals and copies with you. Certainly a lot quicker than posting them and saves on cost.
  6. Congratulations! This is a great review. Thanks so much for sharing. Would be great to see your pics too.
  7. Of course, will do shortly. There are various upgrades to be honest. As you know you can have the white folding chairs or you can have chairs with white covers and sashes for $12 each. I also have the brochures for Tai Flora with all the flowers but you will need to contact them for prices as there are a huge amount. I will e-mail you these too.
  8. Does anyone have the wedding menu choice for the above? Thanks
  9. Hello Krista, I asked Chandlyn this question and she sent me a photo of what is included. Unfortunately its not very impressive and the chairs are brown so this is obviously why a lot of people upgrade. I am not sure how to post the picture so if you let me have your e-mail address I can send it to you.
  10. Hello all, I have been speaking with Chandlyn and she has said that its fine to just scan and e-mail the documents over after they have been certified but just to take the originals along with you. Saves a lot of money on shipping costs!
  11. Thanks baj, sounds like I best order long versions then to be on the safe side and not too much of a worry then at that price and you certainly received it quickly.
  12. Thanks for sharing, you look lovely and your photos are great. Did you just let Chandlyn know before you went that you wanted a sand ceremony and then take the vases with you? It is something I am thinking about. Certainly very cheeky what you have said about the spa as like you say you would have tipped anyway. Just a couple of things, did you upgrade your flowers? Also, is it OK to use the short version of birth certificates or does it have to be the long version? Thanks
  13. Hi all, I was just wondering whether the short version of birth certificates is accepted? I understand that scanned copies of documents are accepted also as long as you take the originals with you. Is this correct? I have e-mailed Chandlyn but thought I may get a response quicker on here as I know how bust she is. Thanks
  14. Found it! Haha! Thanks so much for your review. All sounds wonderful. Congratulations! If you don't mind me asking, how much were your photos? I am trying to decide on what to go for. Thanks
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