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  1. Hi yes it is included. The Gazebo is one of the main options and definately the most popular. The flowers on the Gazebo were part of the free package, all that I paid for at the ceremony were the sashes on the chairs, videographer and the steel band. Most of our money went into the reception. The linen fabric is free.
  2. Hi yes it is included. The Gazebo is one of the main options and definately the most popular. The flowers on the Gazebo were part of the free package, all that I paid for at the ceremony were the sashes on the chairs, videographer and the steel band. Most of our money went into the reception. The linen fabric is free.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by jerzygirl85 That dress is gorgeous! I was looking at that designer's dresses, there are quite a few that I like. Yes they are extremely well made. I was a size 6 when I ordered it, then got pregnant and had a baby and was a size 8 at the wedding. The corset back is great for that!! There is boning in the dress that hides flaws!! The crystals were gorgous being that we were outside, I wanted something that would still glitter, but not be too hot! It's great for destination!
  4. Hi everyone, I have attached pictures of the dress for you to see. It is called the Anastasia, and it is absolutely beautiful. I have drycleaned it and it is in pristine condition. It is a Champagne dress with white lace covered in swarovski. The shoes were worn from my hotel room to the beach and the rest of the day I was in bare feet or flats - in other words, I paid $275 for them to wear for 10 minutes - my loss is your gain They are size 8, Grace Silk in Ivory - will add a color picture as soon as I can. The dress is size 10 Bridal but fits true to size 6 or 8 as it is a corset style. I'm 5'9 and did not require a hem. Here's a link to the Maggie Site http://www.maggiesottero.com/dress.aspx?style=J1083 Please email or pm me if you are interested vwint@telus.net
  5. We spent about 200 on tips while down there for 2 weeks. Not including anything to do with the wedding. For Chandlyn we gave 50 and a bottle of perfume, 50 for Niki, and a mug for her and Niki. We gave each Bartender at our reception 10.00 plus our guests rounded up a very hefty tip for them too...it helped that they knew them and liked them from previous nights. They knew us by name the rest of the trip. We tipped each server at our reception 20.00 and they knew us the whole time as well. Throughout the resort, we left 2-3.00 a day for the maid, 5.00 the day after the wedding cause it was a mess. We gave about 10.00 when 4 of us went to Mammee Bay for dinner. After a night with the bartenders they usually gave about 10.00. Breakfast Buffet I would leave a dollar or two depending if we got service (sometimes they will bring your drinks and coffee, other times they are too busy cleaning up) At the dinner buffet we usually left 5.00 but that was a table of 4-6. At the Spa I gave 5.00 for my mani/pedi and 20.00 for my hair - which is a lot but she did an amazing job and she was very nice, then I found out she was prego which brought my original 10 to 20 instead - I have a 7 month old. Needless to say, some of our other guests didn't tip so much and some tipped more. At the end of the day your experience will be great no matter what. We like to help the locals out wherever I can, it makes us feel good. Also, we didn't tip to get in to a restaurant - that's just odd. We only tipped the front desk after we got upgraded due to being bride and groom. That was not expected and we did that discreetly as well.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by diana31 Great Review....Thanks for sahring! Do you remember the name of the person who did your hair? I want to make sure I get her. It was probably Nikki, she seems to be the one that everyone is happy with the results. She's the thinner one with the glasses. The second lady is Melrose, she's a little bigger lady.
  7. WELCOME BACK GIRL!!! It was nice meeting you down there! Congrats to being a Mrs. now as well. So, a bit of after advice coming home to the cold, it takes about a week to get out of Jamaica mode - all of us were out of it at work Monday morning and it took til Thursday to get into work again. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!! I can't wait to see your pictures!!!
  8. The link to the photographers website is CORRINA WALKER PHOTOGRAPHY
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by jmb0902 Thank you SO much for your review! I have a couple of questions for you -- 1. Was your photographer a private one? How much was she? Also, it looks like your pics weren't all on one day or at different locations ( I might be wrong)... was it more to do that? Any info on this part would be appreciated! 2. Were your flowers provided by ROR or did you bring them? Are they real or silk? 3. Was the cake upgraded or is that the one you get? Thanks in advance! 1. Yes she was my own photographer. She is the cost of a 1 week trip which in my case was 2100CDN and 1000.00CDN from that I had the whole wedding day covered from getting ready to end of reception. We also did the trash the dress the next day, we went to the old market in Ocho Rios and then to Dunn's River and then to the Beach at the bottom of Dunn's River, trash the dress took us about 4 hours total. 2. Flowers are a very high quality silk, they are amazing and look completely real. I got flowers, boutenniers, and flower petals for the tables from her. 3. The cake was an upgrade yes and it was also Rum Cake (Excellent!) decorated the cost was 650US.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by hardlyanangel You have been such a BIG help! Thank-you. I do have a couple more questions. Where on the resort is the beach gazeebo located? And which pool is the poolside reception held at? The smaller pool beside Mammee Bay restaurant? Also the beach party the Riu puts on Sat night? Where is it held at? Thanks Again! No problem!!! The beach gazebo is at the far end of the resort opposite the planatation. It's closer to Mammee Bay but it's still a good 4 minute walk from there, which is nice because it's in an area no one is around. There is a set of stairs that all the brides walk down to go to the Beach Gazebo, the pool is right at the top of those stairs, where you see those big white arches is where they do the reception - it's directly in front of the Reggae Bar. No person has to cut accross this area to get to their rooms so it's very private for the entire night. The beach party is held in that same area in front of Sea Grape.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by KHarrod Does Chandlyn submit the application for the marriage license or it that something that we have to do in advance? Chandlyn does this for you, you just send her the paperwork and be sure she has it approx 1 month in advance. I didnt even get mine notarized, I scanned our passports, ID's and DL's and emailed to her and asked her to reply that she rec'd everything, she said to bring the originals just in case but she didn't need them.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by AnnaC Great review! We're planning on taking our baby to the wedding as well. From your review and the pictures it seems that this was not problematic for you. Not at all, there's actually a lot of babys there. We brought our stroller everywhere on the resort. Bring twice as much wipes as you would normally use though. Our group had 5 babys and all of us ran out! There is a supermarket if you need anything and they have all of the usual brands, I was phycho mom and shipped every medication, diaper, food, and bottles necessary just in case and I really could have just picked them up there. I brought some pediatric electrolite because of the heat, gave him some every day and he didn't get sick at all. Also, you need a baby carrier in Ocho Rios, strollers won't work in the streets.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by kitty_kat_uk your photo's are fab, you looked stunning. The poolside reception - do you have to pay for this, if so how much is it? Thanks! Yes you do, it's considered a private reception so you get your own location, servers and bar with bartenders. It's $55US per person. If you read previous posts you will see more info on this as well.
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