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  1. We are leaving tomorrow and most things are in order but we are still on the fence about the videographer. We've heard mixed things about him and that he can be pushy and get in the way or interrupt the ceremony. For those of you who had him was it worth it? Was he in the way at all? Any help would be great. Thanks.
  2. When do they give you the list of songs? Does Chandlyn have that?
  3. Anyone have contact info, email, for Tai Flora in Ocho Rios? I emailed off their website weeks ago but never got a response. Thanks. : )
  4. Thanks everyone. I really like those program fans too. I found a template online and might try to DIY it.
  5. Can you order the free luggage online or do you have to do it through the TA? Anyone have the link if it is done online?
  6. I really love your cake. Great idea. Did you bring the brown sugar with you or did you get it there? If you brought it, do you think it would be hard to find some brown sugar there to use? Thanks.
  7. Does anyone know if you have to pay $55 for children too?
  8. When you emailed your copies did you also send them in the mail? Or can you just bring the copies with you when you get there? I've been emailing Chandlyn for a month now about this and she hasn't responded. I'm hoping the email version is fine otherwise we are past the deadline.
  9. I was wondering where people ordered those wicker type fans for their ceremonies?
  10. For all you Canadian brides that sadly do not have access to Khol's or Target, I just found the frame online at Urbane Online Store-StoreFront Product Detail Page They charge $12.50 to ship it.
  11. Is it called the ether frame from Umbra? Did you have to use glue or anything or alter it to make it work that well? Can you change the picture or add a picture later? Thanks.
  12. Your pictures are so beautiful. I really love your flowers. What type of flowers are in your hair? Did you have your bouquets picked out or ordered before you got there? Or did you do it when you arrived?
  13. Congratulations. I love your pictures. Where did you get the frame for the sand ceremony? Did you make it yourself? It looked great.
  14. Congrats! Can't wait for your review.
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