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M&J Photography, Riviera Maya, Mexico

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We are a husband and wife photography team with a love for storytelling, creativity, and visual magic. Based in the United States and Mexico, it’s our passion to bring your love story to life.


Why Mexico?  After several months of traveling in South America, we decided to make the adventure more permanent. Being divers and travel junkies, we decided on Cozumel as our home base. We went back to the US, sold everything and moved to Mexico 4 months later.  We’ve been here since 2010.


30+ years of experience and a combined resume that includes 5 books for National Geographic, 3 years at the Brooks Institute  (a renowned photography school), experience working in more than 45 countries, and numerous assignments for magazines that include TIME, Smithsonian, Sunset and Geolino.


We guess you could say that photography is our thing.


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Member Reviews

Pros: Expert photographers, expert advice, expert people
Cons: None
I am a bit of a crazy person when it comes to researching big purchases whether it's a car, a TV, my newest gadget or the photographers for a life milestone. We exhaustively researched across multiple sites and multiple forums and made excel spreadsheets with cost and the number of photos per hours and whether there was video included. We printed every brochure we received and kept them together. After narrowing it down and reaching out to a few of our top picks (and driving my now wife crazy in

By jwadella, · 0 Comments

Pros: so worth the value, stunning shots
When my husband and I got engaged I was really worried about wedding photography - I was not feeling photogenic and like a bride. When Jennifer showed me just a few shots on her camera during our wedding photos my fears evaporated. Jennifer & Michael are incredibly talented photographers, I love every shot they took, the lighting, color, and composition in our photos was simply stunning. The turnaround time for our destination wedding photos was super quick - we were able to show a slideshow

By mbfitz, · 0 Comments

Pros: Stunning photography, excellent communication skills, personable and easy to work with
Cons: NONE
Advice: Book them.   Now.   Rearrange your budget however you need to, because M & J Photography is simply AMAZING.  If I could give them 10 stars, I would. Your photos ARE how you'll remember your wedding day forever. Make them count.   M & J were not our first choice, but they were the BEST choice.  Since we planned a destination wedding, we struggled with the decision to either bring our own photographers from Texas or take the chance booking a photographer in Mexico.  We knew

By mmartin90, · 0 Comments

Pros: Very professional and personable, easy to work with, exeptional results
Cons: Zero
M&J Photography is the best my wife and I could have ever imagined! The top notch service they provide is evident in their photographs. They made our lives easy with their professionalism and organization during the planning and execution process of our wedding. Michael and Jennifer forever captured our wedding memories in gorgeous natural shots. These two take the time to get to know you and your spouse in order to provide exactly what you want in your pictures. If you desire high quality p
Pros: Incredible Pictures, so easy to work with, professional!
Cons: NONE!
We knew while planning a destination wedding that the photos were going to be THE most important decision we made in capturing and remembering our special day. We did a lot of research on the best way to work with resorts and bringing in outside vendors and read stories about how hard it can be to work with outside vendors. This could not have been farther from the truth with Michael and Jennifer! From day one of meeting them via Skype and discussing what we were looking for they were so warm a

By Rachaelmharpe, · 0 Comments

Pros: Professional, great quality, friendly, affordable, hard working, creative photos!
Cons: None!
M & J produced the best photos from our wedding day! Truly they were unbelievable! The photos were so unique and different than many I have seen. We loved them more than we even thought we would! Just to illustrate to you how much they love taking photos and care about each job they have, they showed up an hour early on the day of the wedding and stayed an hour late- just because they love what they do! And they wanted to get great photos for us! So kind! They allowed us to send poses and id

By airsusie, · 0 Comments

Pros: beautiful pics, professional attitude
Cons: none
our wedding was in playa mujeres, mexico in may. we really liked working with michael and jennifer from our first skype session with them to selecting photos for an album. on the business end, they are great communicators, respond quickly, upfront about everything, and are consummate professionals. on the photo end, the photos they took for us were just amazing, incredible, every wonderful adjective you can put in here. we had very high expectations, but they surpassed them with the quality of t
Pros: Professional, Creative, Compassionate, Confident, Timely, Think out of the box, Work together, People Skills,
Cons: Honestly, I couldn't name one!
When looking for a photographer, the most important thing to us was to find a photographer who truly captures the emotion of joy, laughter, and love. That is exactly what we got from Jennifer and Michael's beautiful pictures! They are both such genuine people who you can tell absolutely LOVE photography! Watching them work together is just as impressive as their pictures.  You can tell the couple gets excited by the architecture, finding new places at the resorts. They always find different, new

By SaltyBride, · 0 Comments

Pros: professional, unobtrusive, intuitive, artistic, stunning photos, easy to work with
Cons: none
We were lucky enough to have our dream wedding, on the beach, with all of our favorite people in attendance. The gorgeous photos Jennifer and Michael have taken will make it easy to look back and remember the moments that took my breath away, and the precious moments when we relaxed and took a breath.   I want to thank M&J for somehow capturing the most precious moments while remaining unobtrusive. They knew how to make the most of every interaction while never making the guests feel like

By OhioBrides, · 0 Comments

You can stop looking for your photographers. Congratulations, you've found them. Hire M&J. Now. Right now... before they're booked by someone else on your date and you miss out on the greatest wedding photos you'll ever see.   If you've seen their online gallery, then you already know their work is stunning. But what you might not know (yet) is that Michael and Jennifer are wonderful people to work with. They helped us every step of the way, from advice on locations for the shoot to where

By Eeasson, · 0 Comments

My husband and I received wonderful photos from M&J photography. I immediately knew I wanted them as our photographers because I saw them capture moments you would want to remember in their other wedding photos. They have a lot of experience shooting in destination locations and it shows. Our photos in Cancun look like they are out of a magazine, the ocean and sky almost don't look real they are so perfect! I look back on our photos and I am instantly there reliving our wedding through the

By blb676, · 0 Comments

My husband and I decided to get some photos done while on our honeymoon in Cozumel. It can be a disadvantage to not meet your photographers in person before shooting, but M&J recommended we meet over Skype, which in return put all of our worries to rest. This amazing photographers are the perfect combination; they are very easy to get along with and produce a great product. After the stress of the wedding had passed, we found ourselves more relaxed taking the honeymoon photos.    I can't e

By lstennisgirl, · 0 Comments

We traveled to Cozumel in October of 2013 to look at the resort we were considering having our wedding at and decided to use the trip to also shoot our engagement photos. We were not thrilled with the idea of using the resort’s photographers so when we found M & J’s website we knew they were who we wanted to work with. My husband and I are not super comfortable in front of the camera nor are we a big PDA couple, but that was no big deal for M&J. They gave us the direction we needed to ma
Pros: Strong team, Geniune, Caring, You get what you pay for! Great quality! Great turn-around time!
Cons: Occasionally got frustrated when things didn't go as planned, but made a fast recovery and came through in the end. But, then again, who wouldn't get frustrated working a 175 person wedding with half of them drunk and working a 10-12 hour day?&#33
From the beginning, my husband and I clicked with M&J! We Skype-interviewed with a few photographers in the area, but M&J were an instant hit! They kept it real the entire time. They advised us on things we can do to make things run smoother. They warned us about things to watch for when dealing with "locals". They had a genuine-ness about them that was priceless! Something you want in a vendor when coming from another country and not knowing anyone/anything else around.   They are a m
Pros: Talent, experience, professionalism, reliability, attention to detail, genuinely great people!
Cons: None! Everything about our experience with working with them was positive.
Michael and Jennifer are very talented photographers that are a pleasure to work with!  My husband and I enjoy photography as a hobby so it was particularly important to us that our wedding photographs were more than just photos - we wanted natural shots that told the story of our day in a photojournalistic way and some that were like works of art that even those who had never met us would find beautiful.   Our search for the perfect photographers was extensive - I probably looked at about 50
Pros: Fabulous and friendly, I can't imaging getting a better deal.
Cons: None that we can think of (and we tried).
We were nervous selecting photographers for the wedding and viewed many sites for those who serviced the island.  We had planned to talk to several photographers, but upon first contact we were hooked.  From the beginning it was clear M&J cared.  They were willing to schedule multiple sessions to plan, discuss the details of the wedding and learn what was most important to us.  M&J got to know us, understand our style, and made suggestions that would fit our needs and capture the best mo
Photography was at the top of the list as far as priorities when we started to plan our destination wedding.  Pictures and memories are really the only long lasting souvenirs of your wedding day, but documenting our day was even more important since some, such as our grandparents, were unable to travel with us.  We were very nervous about selecting a photographer from afar, and didn't have an unlimited budget, but after a Skype session with Jennifer & Michael, I was put at ease and new they

By ninatwo, · 0 Comments

Pros: Good value, beautiful artistic and candid quality, calming presence, fun personality, get to keep your photos
Cons: They missed some of the shots we had wanted such as photos with the grandparents but that was simply a matter of running out of time
Michael and Jennifer were great!  We ultimately chose them over other photographers in the area because their style had an artistic and natural feel about it rather than feeling too staged and posed which is something we really didn't want.  They both have a very calming presence about them which is great for such a high-emotion time like your wedding day.  In fact, the morning of our wedding we woke up to insane rains and with an outdoor beach wedding planned I was extremely stressed and worrie

By nursebrooke, · 0 Comments

We chose Michael and Jennifer for our May 2013 wedding in Cancun. We were married at Beach Palace. I looked for months for the perfect photographer for our wedding, it was one of the most important parts, and we are so happy with our choice. I first spoke with Michael and Jennifer by email. They were always very quick to respond and very helpful. My husband and I then met with them via Skype to have a causal meet and to get to know each other. It was fun to actually see them prior and to have so
Pros: Beautiful photos, reasonably priced, easy to work with, couple team
Cons: none
I was lucky enough to stumble across Jennifer and Michael when looking for a photographer for my September wedding in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They spend most of the year in Mexico, but shoot in the US in the fall. We had a Skype session to answer questions, get acquainted and make sure we were a good fit for each other. They took time to stop by the day before the wedding to meet us and scout places to shoot outside. Jennifer shot me getting ready. Michael went with the guys and got candid’s of ou
Pros: Extremely responsive, Highly professional, Timely, and a great value!
Simply the best!    My husband and I could not have been happier with our choice to have Jennifer and Michael capture our wedding day. Photography has always been a passion of mine! Believe me, we did a ton of research, and interviewed several other photographers. However, M&J  were the only ones who actually asked us what we wanted, what our vision was, and genuinely seemed to care care about us as people. Their pricing was reasonable for the wedding industry, and they worked with us

By christineM29, · 0 Comments

Pros: Creative, beautiful, fun pictures of one of the most memorable days of our lives
Cons: none
It was out of sheer luck that we found M and J Photography. When we decided to have a destination wedding in Cozumel, we figured there wouldn't be many options beyond the packages offered at the resorts. Looking back, we would have missed out big time if we had gone that route; this was by far the best decision we made when planning our wedding (right up there with having it in Cozumel to begin with  ). Our wedding was the perfect day, and we now have the perfect pictures to remember it by. Jenn

By flbluiiis, · 0 Comments

Pros: Professional, talented, flexible, fast, friendly
My husband and I honeymooned in Cozumel, and wanted some Trash the Dress photos taken. M&J always responded quickly and I never felt like I was bugging them with my questions. They gave us several options/ideas of places to get the TTD pictures taken.      From the very beginning I felt like I was more than just a customer.  They were so wonderful and really went above "the call of duty".  I love that they are a husband and wife team, I feel that it really added an element to the shoot

By dootph, · 0 Comments

Michael and Jennifer are great photographers: from weddings, to food, to the underwater world, their photos are always alive and radiant. 

By smallsal, · 0 Comments

Pros: Exotic location, crystal clear cenote photos, incredibly imaginative
Cons: None
Michael and Jennifer's work is exceptional!

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