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  1. Hi all! We recently got married in Cozumel, Mexico and I wanted to share our photographers with you. They did such a beautiful job, we were so so thrilled with our pictures. They are M and J Photography, a huband/wife team who live in Cozumel, but they do weddings on the mainland as well. The fact that you get both of them is a huge bonus...Jennifer was with me and the bridesmaids for the getting ready pictures while Michael was with my husband and the groomsmen. It was kind of cool to look back through the pictures of the day and see the two different sides of the story, right up until we met at the "altar" (the canopy on the beach). They had some of the most creative ideas for pictures, and they all came out stunningly beautiful. They do next day sessions for trash the dress, we opted not to get in the water but it was still a great idea do have the "day after" shoot. We were much more relaxed and were able to have fun with it. Michael and Jennifer are willing to go the extra mile; they took us around the island and we ended up downtown where there was a carnival. We were able to hop into the street with the parade and the dancers, it was simply amazing!! Here are a few pictures, and I'd be happy to share more if anyone is looking for something specific. Happy planning everyone!!
  2. We booked Jennifer and Michael Lewis...they are a husband/wife team that do their shoots together. They do beautiful work and are reasonably priced. Especially when you consider that you're getting two for the price of one. That was our deciding factor; you don't have to worry about missing a moment or being limited to only one style of photography. You are also able to get the "getting ready" pics for both sides. They have plenty of pictures on their website but if you contact them they'll send you a whole wedding album so you can see one start to finish. http://www.mandjphoto.com/ Planning a destination wedding is very tiring especially when you can't see things or meet people you're considering hiring. My advice is to find one that's a good fit and just go with it. No amount of time and research will ease your tension. Basically everyone on here says their photographer is the best. That just means everyone was pleased so really how could you go wrong?
  3. Best decision we made!

    Pros: Creative, beautiful, fun pictures of one of the most memorable days of our lives
    Cons: none
    It was out of sheer luck that we found M and J Photography. When we decided to have a destination wedding in Cozumel, we figured there wouldn't be many options beyond the packages offered at the resorts. Looking back, we would have missed out big time if we had gone that route; this was by far the best decision we made when planning our wedding (right up there with having it in Cozumel to begin with  ). Our wedding was the perfect day, and we now have the perfect pictures to remember it by. Jenn
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