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  1. Review is now posted in the review section....let me know if you have any other questions.
  2. I just returned from my wedding at the Riu Negril and LOVED it! I will be posting a detailed review soon. You'll love the resort and everything is very organized...you won't be disappointed!
  3. I just found out today that there was a shooting and robbery at the resort I'm getting married at and we leave in a week! I've tried emailing the resort but have yet to hear back from them. From what I've read online it sounds like it was a couple of employees who were laid off and hadn't received all their money. They only targeted the front desk but they did shoot the guy who was working there (luckily he survived). FI and I are now totally freaked out but it's too late to go anywhere else. I'm sure it was an isolated incident and it could happen anywhere in the world but I'm just panicking a bit right now. Has anyone heard anything about this or have any info???? Thanks!
  4. We did the same thing on Dec 23...we leave Jan 5 and I'm so excited that we did it this way. It was just us and it was perfect. No one will ever know
  5. I'm getting really excited too. We leave Jan 5 and our friends are all starting to talk about, I can't wait!!!! I'm getting a couple little details wrapped up and then next week probably start packing. I just can't believe it's already here...it really did fly by!
  6. My wedding is a month away and I really feel like doing nothing else. I just want to go away and get married! Maybe it's because I've been doing things for the past year and now that's it's so close, I just want the day here!!! FI and I are starting to talk about it more and our friends are getting excited too!
  7. I'm getting married there in January 2011 and doing the free package. I'm sure if you talk to the wedding coordinator you can arrange to have your dinner on the main floor of Shadows. I think that's the only option of restaurant that you have unless you have a small group (other restaurants don't accomodate a large group). I agree with Lua, contact the coordinator, she's been great with me so far.
  8. Mine is at 4pm, I think the sun sets about 5:30-6pm so should be enough time for pics.
  9. He plays for 6 hours and charges $650.
  10. I've booked him for my wedding in Jan.
  11. I'd love to see pics or have your opinion on the Riu Negril. I'm getting married there in Jan and I've never been there...yikes!!!
  12. The Dressroom on Danforth has tons of affordable dresses. It's sister store is Becker's Bridal which has all the inexpensive gowns. I got my dress there for $600.
  13. We're doing flip flop luggage tags, it was the only 'beachy' favour I found that I liked and that was within our budget. Here's the link: http://www.kateaspen.com/Products/ProductDetail.aspx?productId=6ca9c004-6975-4f2f-803e-fc7fd657cfb9&categoryId= That website has a lot of great ideas so you may find something else you like.
  14. We're also going with the free wedding package, just makes the most sense. There was a lot of things in those other packages that I don't really need. That's great that your friend is going to propose there, and Ricks Cafe would be a great spot for it! We haven't gotten our rings yet, we'll go in the next couple of weeks. It's getting very exciting!!!
  15. Hello girls!! This thread has been pretty quiet lately. Has anyone made any further plans at the resort? Are there any new members getting married at the Riu Negril? I've been in contact quite a bit with Dionne over the last few months and now I'm trying to put together my wedding brochure that I'll be handing out to my guests. I've already booked the ceremony, private reception and DJ. Next will be to find out the table arrangements, and make my seating chart. I'm also going to organize a welcome and farewell dinner at the different a-la-carte restaurants. I know getting reservations there are a bit of a hassle so I'm hoping Dionne can do this for us. This will give my guests an opportunity to eat at the restaurants without having to worry about waking up early to make the reservation. I also have to get my documents notarized and sent out by the end of the month. The day is coming so quickly...96 days away!!!! How's everyone else's planning going?
  16. I love these shoes...so cute!!! I haven't been on here for a while and it hit me today...96 days!!! Last week I ordered my placecard holders & wedding favours (not doing OOT bags). I'm also helping my sister plan my shower. Otherwise there's not much left to do. I keep feeling like I'm forgetting to do something but everytime I go over my list, everything's up to date. I really hope I'm not missing something! My guests are getting really excited too, everyone's looking forward to a week away!
  17. I"m getting married there in January with a private reception and I've hired Kevan for my wedding. He's cheaper and has good online reviews!
  18. I'm also getting married at the resort and have read the online reviews. I agree with Lua, you really can't take them at face value. Everyone has different opinions and different standards and there are definitely more good than bad. Although I don't know anyone that's been married there, I know people who have vacationed there and everyone only tells me good things. I think it depends on what you're looking for. If you're expecting a grand 5*+ then you may be disappointed. I'm also very much a beach person and the bad reviews about the beach did scare me at first. But it's kind of nice to have all this great sealife right in front of you, just put your snorkelling gear on and go! Then if you want a nicer beach I found out that you can walk 5minutes down towards the Riu Palace and use that beach, which is suppose to be a bit nicer. I don't think you'll regret it! As for the photographer, I have someone coming down.There are great reviews of Diane (or Diana Campbell) on this forum and when I contacted her she gave me a great price!
  19. Yes, as long as it wasn't something illegal, ppl tell tell lies all the time and as long as I thought I was truly good for the job then I would do anything else needed to get the job! Â Would you ever ride a horse & carriage if you were scared of horses?
  20. I love your photos! I'm using Nora for my wedding in January and I'm very excited for it
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