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  1. We found a great photographer, and already put a deposit with her last week: Misha Earle is our savior! She's great, is very polite, cool, and professional. She has work on Facebook too. Her prices are reasonable and she's part of Damien and Paula's group of WPAJamaica, it's an elite, 8-9 members of excellent photographers. None of them have any bad pics or slideshows. Misha is the elite member of the group so she costs a few hundred more. But we figure this is our big day, which will only happen once, we want amazing photos to capture the memories...know what I mean? Check her out
  2. Thank you very much!! She replied within a day, I'm very impressed, and her work is great! It's great when a photographer is a true professional and knows how to use proper grammar, unlike you know who.
  3. Hello Elite Member, Can you recommend any for Negril? We just had ours cancel, 28 days before our wedding. Complete loser.
  4. Quote:Best Images sucks, Michael just cancelled on us 29 days before our wedding. Never again, he's a true unprofessional. Originally Posted by JUSTUSTWO As you stated, there are tons of threads discussing ROR photography. The thread below has a link to ROR's photoshop/Michael. I know that it can be time consuming but it really is better to search existing threads so that we don't end up with repeat ROR threads covering the same issue. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/43544/ror-photographers I am also posting the link directly to Michael/photoshop, which
  5. Quote:It was a post on here, it showed Mon-Thurs only... do you have a contact email for them? Originally Posted by BeachBridein11 Not sure where you heard that they don't work weddings on a Friday. Was it a certain photographer that you were trying to get? I'm currently booked with RS for my Friday wedding.
  6. You might be able to buy these at the Montego Bay airport, they do have a few liquors stores there.
  7. They don't work weddings on a Friday ??? that's ridiculous!
  8. He cancelled on us less than a month before our wedding!! Total unprofessional. He acts like a sensitive high school kid and does not know how to interpret emails or what you'd like to have for your wedding. Now we are scrambling looking for a Negril photographer and our wedding is 27 days away.. Bravo Michael, you're an absolute idiot and unprofessional.
  9. I think you meant: http://www.mishaearlephotography.com/
  10. We are in need of a photographer for Club Riu in Negril, Jamaica on 1-14-10. This is now very urgent! Michael, with BestImages cancelled on us this week, less than a month before our wedding.
  11. Lua, Thank you, that helps ease the pain a little bit. We've read bad reviews stating: bad beach, cockroaches, poor food quality, rude staff, theft...poor reception dinner organization/service by the resort staff. Can your aunt shed some more light on the resort, does she have any pics? Also, we found a great photographer who is local in Jamaica.... Best Images, Michael is the owner, and the website is: http://www.photoshopjamaica.com/
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