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  1. Yep. They are available. Would you like all 5 of them? $20 plus shipping or if you live near Greensboro or Raleigh, we could arrange a meet.
  2. I have a few post wedding items for sale. I am local to Greensboro and Raleigh, NC if you want to save on shipping. Bamboo Table Runners - 12" x 48" - $20 for all 5 runners, plus shipping. Starfish Glass Candle Holders/Dishes - 6.25" x 6.25" x 1" - $20 for all 6 dishes, plus shipping. Turquoise Linen Napkins - 17" x 17" - $20 for all 36 napkins, plus shipping. Pashminas - 3 ivory and 1 white - has subtle floral or geometric print - $20 for all 4 pashminas, plus shipping. OOT Bags - 10.5" x 16" - 2 blue/green and 1 pink/green - $5 for all 3 bags, plus shipping.
  3. I have a beautiful, vintage style wedding dress that is perfect for a beach wedding. It has a mild hi-low hem with a small train that can be taken up into a bustle when you are ready to start dancing. Made from luxurious silk tricotine and chiffon, it has a lovely flow and has fun movement. It is shown with a removable flower pinned on the sash. The sizing has never been altered, so it can adjust to meet your needs with no problems. This dress is listed for over $500 but I am willing to sell for $200 plus shipping. Will ship anywhere. Again, it is an unaltered size 12. Plea
  4. I am pretty sure that I am going to book a "spa day" for my FI right before we leave for JA. I love him and would never tell him this, but he could use a good facial and some trimming of the nose hairs. And there are many guys out there that need to get rid of their unibrow, too.
  5. Akamikey, you look so beautiful! Congrats! How did your makeup and hair hold up through the heat and humidity? PS - Thanks for including the prices.
  6. I am in flux right now because I thought I was settled on my centerpieces but we need to trim the budget and I fell in love with these candle holders. I am just not sure what else to add that would complement everything. FYI: My colors are Aqua with lime green and cream as accents, and I have bamboo table runners with aqua trim, and we are having one long table Here are the pics: My original inspiration pic, but now we are trying to cut the flowers out to save money. This is the same length table that we will be using. Instead of flowers, I was thinking of lining up a b
  7. Hi, Ladies! I just wanted to share my findings for great OOT bag stuff. Cute, right? Only $0.50 each and they come in yellow, blue, green, pink, purple and orange. But they are pretty thin and I had to rummage through all of them just to find 15 bags without tears, stitching mistakes, and bamboo sticks poking out or mangled. Still it was worth it and only took me 7-10 minutes. For $1, with lots of color options. These bags are on the thin side but certainly strong enough to withstand a week-long vacation, and I would just buy a few extra in case of any accidents
  8. I want a pretty simple wedding so I am starting with the Free Package and then just upgrading a few things (like flowers, of course!). And I understand that even though it is "free" we still have to pay $350 for the officiant, marriage certificate, etc. However, I recently got an email from Dionne saying that we have to pay $10.50 per person for every person over the free package guest maximum which is only 10 people. So we are being penalized for bringing the RIU Negril more business?! All of my guests are staying at the RIU Negril, so how are they losing out? They say the charge i
  9. Sorry. With regards to the TA paragraph, I meant to say you can't get a low price guarantee if you book online
  10. Great Thread! I wanted to contribute some things that I have learned so far. Even if your resort uses an exclusive vendor (like a florist) you can get quotes from other local vendors to try to negotiate them to a lower price just be prepared to show them the competitor's quote for the same/similar items. Buying linens vs renting is cheaper. We are buying our table runners and sashes, and packing them in checked baggage. Cvlinens.com has organza sashes for 60 cents USD. Use a travel agent that has a low price guarantee, and check prices every couple weeks. We have already saved our guests over
  11. I know this may be uncomfortable at first, but you should have a sit-down with each of these people. You have quite a while until your wedding, and I don't think that you should have to censor your comments (on FB or in-person) because the wedding is a major event in your life and you are allowed to talk about it! I would tell these people that they may not realize it but their comments are hurtful, and if they don't have anything nice to say then they shouldn't say anything at all. It may result in some of them backing out of the wedding (or at least threatening to) but they are adults and
  12. Great thread! I did want to let everyone know that traditionally, it is the job of the best man and maid of honor to distribute the tips, so that the bride and groom don't get distracted from the day's events. So we are planning to compile the envelopes a day or two beforehand, and then just give them to the best man and maid of honor to pass out.
  13. I never really gave my FI the option. I would just show him pics of whatever I was trying to decide on at the time and made him pick his favorite or tell me why he doesn't like any of them. I would bring my laptop into the living room during his tv time, and go over 2 or 3 things but tried not to overwhelm him. I always had the pictures ready to go when I asked him his opinions so it was easy for him to just look over and say, "That one!"
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