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  1. Oh Wow, soooooooooooooooo super cool.
  2. Welcome to the forum, and happy planning.
  3. Welcome and good luck planning. It is the best part.
  4. This is just a teaser of my pictures that I got from Nora @ www.norasphotos.com. Â Â Â
  5. I booked Nora for our pictures also. She is kind of quirky which I find hilarious. I spoke to her on the phone and put down the deposit last week. Getting married in December, booked my flights and everything last week too. I am cutting it really close also!!! Boy am I glad that I have this forum!
  6. Nobody minds! Just pick a flower. I look forward to seeing everyone tonight! I am really excited!!! xoxoxoxo
  7. Oh wow, awesome. Thank you so much!
  8. Blondellamaatreww, I will trade you a photographer who has amazing pictures and is really incredible for your guitar/dj/hula show package. I know an amazing photographer who has incredible rates!
  9. Pineapplebride, we are all going to meet at the starbucks at commercial and 2nd on June 17 (thursday!) It shall be fun. And I like the idea about all dressing in the same colour or flowers or something. I vote flowers, all the brides wear a flower....of their choice...yeah?
  10. I didn't spend a dime....all free goodies. The guys downtown were really great to get us some goodies to try out. Well I did spend money to get the coffee to fuel my trip downtown!
  11. Oh no, this isn't for the wedding...it is for the brides for the meetup!
  12. So the gift bags are looking amazing. Just went to pick somethings up from Saphora, and there are a few more things coming our way. I also wanted to give out a special thanks for all the vendors that donated something to the gift bags, especially Allan from Sears on Robson who was really kind and made us up some amazing little sample bags for us. There are all kinds of products.... Everyone has been really amazing today!
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