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  1. I felt the same way but was convinced to have a shower after realizing that there was a lot of family and friends who couldn't make it to the wedding and wanted to be involved in the shower to make me getting married more "real". haha. Being the center of attention is not my favorite thing but it wasn't that bad because my sisters had activities planned and I never felt like I had to put on a show for everyone...very relaxing day. I would say have one to add to your life experiences!
  2. Not sure if I am posting this in the right area but I wanted to share this idea because it was so much fun! Before I left for Mexico I found a whole bunch of funky glasses at a dollar store and decided it would be fun to get a pair for all the guests and hand them out one night when we were all partying during our trip. Well my mom packed them and I completely forgot until she reminded me on my wedding day, so I said lets do it tonight! We gave them out after dinner, speeches and formal dancing...and it ended up being a big hit. Here is a picture of us all...
  3. I walked down to Jason Castro's version of "somewhere over the rainbow"....we decided on this one because it has the ukulele sound and reminded of us Mexico. My husband made the beginning a little longer so that when the singing started it was me walking down....made everyone cry. As for walking back down together....we started with "Hey Soul Sister - Train" and then played "I'm Yours - Jason Mraz". The Hey Soul Sister song matched perfectly because it has the same type of ukulele sound in it.
  4. What a beautiful album!!! I love how you can just look through it and be reminded of your whole day.
  5. Congrats! The planning can definitely be overwhelming...I would suggest lots of lists so you are able to sleep at night!
  6. Congrats on the engagement!!! We looked at resorts before we talked with a travel agent so that we had some suggestions and ideas for her to work with. It worked well because we had a handful that we liked and a list of "must haves" and she was able to narrow the resort down to a few that were in our price range. Good luck! It's a great feeling once you've picked "your" resort.
  7. Hola! We used Samuel Luna for our wedding on May 28th 2010. It was a great decision that we are still very happy we made. Smauel was very responsive with the whole booking process and during the wedding was professional and extremely nice. You could tell that he has an eye for photography and knew what shots would look the best. He was great at letting us know small changes in our posing to make the best photo. My whole family loved meeting him as well. The only complaint that I have is that we have still not received a disc with all of our pictures and our online gallery is still not fully uploaded!!! It is coming up on three months since the wedding date and we are getting frustrated (well mostly me). We have our getting ready and ceremony pictures online but no reception or wedding party/couple shots. The frustrating thing is that as soon as we started e-mailing after the wedding, the responses took a lot longer....like a week rather than a couple hours later. It makes me feel like we have been forgotten or that our photos don't mean much to him, which he assure me wasn't the case. I would still suggest booking with him but know that it may take a while getting or even seeing your pictures. We were disappointed as the deadline was about two months ago and we missed out on sharing our professional photos with the family at our at home reception. As of now, we are waiting on an e-mail as to why the gallery didn't fully upload....it was said that all our pictures would be up by last weekend. My husband keeps on telling me, "it's ok love, at least have amazing pictures so far and know he is doing the proper editing". So hard to be patient after waiting three months and knowing that he is shooting more weddings without finishing the photos of brides who have been waiting months of photos!! I guess this is what happens when more brides find out how great he is and start booking him. Good luck everyone!
  8. Beautiful Photos! (You look stunning) You must be so excited to see the rest. Love how angelic they look
  9. Oh wow, I wrote a long reply and when I hit post it said that I had to re-login and basically it was lost! haha Stuff like this is why I don't come on very much, too annoying. Anways...I'll re-write a quick reply. Amy - If I am counting correctly, you leave in 5 DAYS! HOLY MOLY!! Very excited for you and hope you have an amazing time. Can't wait to hear all about it....we'll be thinking about you guys. For my welcome bags I have a welcome letter saying hello with information about the resort. Personalized to go mugs that I got from starbucks (the ones you put pictures into, I made a collage for each person and it has our wedding logo on it). Deck of cards, glow necklaces for a crazy night, lots of candy (crave it when i'm there), eye masks, small hand cream, small throw away loofas, and I think that's it for now. The sailing cruise sounds fab, that will be so great!! Gotta go! MIL is here to go shopping for her dress! If I remember, I'll post something about my decor. Hope the planning is going great for everyone! WAHOO WE ARE ALMOST THERE!!!
  10. Love the inspiration pic posted here....makes me excited!! Can't wait to see pictures as well. I am planning on starting mine tomorrow.
  11. Welcome to the planning fellow Canadian! Nice to give yourself lots of time to get the details sorted out, you can spend days on here! Good Luck!
  12. Hello Ladies... L&A2010 - No I'm not going to try and get that price. I don't have any extra guests outside of the wedding package. The way I see it is that prices change and that could have been a special circumstance. Awhile ago I read a post where a bride asked everyone to stop trying to get the deals she did because it was bothering the wedding coordinators. My assumption was that the coordinators must have e-mailed her asking her to say something! If your guests haven't paid, you could always add on $50 to their package to pay for dinner? My travel agent suggested that to us but we didn't have to do it. She said that she would collect the money (not tell them) and we could put it towards the dinner. I got my welcome bag tags done yesterday! Also started my guest book, which is scrapbook style. Hoping to get more of it done today. Ironing on the bridesmaid bling on the dresses I bought and just figured out the transfers to the honeymoon resort and back to the hotel!!! WAHOO things are coming together! Hope everyone's planning is still going well. AmyandRich - I'm trying to get to that 'stress free' mentality for when we travel down. I feel like I am prepared but just need to get a lot of small projects done
  13. Hola ddk5576! Unfortunately I wont be able to get together on Thursday. My mom and I are heading down after my exam at 9pm...so Vancouver arrival time will be about 1am and then we are going to Bellingham early in the morning on Friday. I do appreciate the invite, thanks Hope you have an amazing time!! It will be nice to get some more things checked off. WAHOO!
  14. Hola! Amymarie - I wouldn't worry about the hair stylists at the resort, when I e-mailed Jana she assured me that they are "true professionals". haha. You'll look gorgeous I'm sure. Bring pictures of exactly what you want is the best advice I can think of. Wow living in Germany....that must have been an amazing experience!! Lucky girl. AHHHH I AM SO EXCITED!!!! We are getting so so so close. I am finishing up my degree on April 15th and driving to Vancouver that night to head 'across the line' to go shopping for my birthday (across the line = Bellingham for me). Stoked to get some more wedding week/honeymoon clothes. Of course hitting up Target too. Now that school is coming to an end I finally have the time to start getting on the details for the wedding....I'll be on here a lot more! WAHOO! I have lists upon lists of ideas, needs, to dos, and diy projects...I'm stressed but so excited to work everything out without school on the mind. THE Dreams Tulum thread is not working for me lately. Anyone else having problems getting to that thread?? Any May 28th brides out there? I too have not seen anyone with the same date. Anyways, just thought I would come and say hello. Good luck with the planning ladies
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by becks1581 These are PERFECT! My dress won't need to be hemmed if I have just a little bit of a heel and I think that this wedge would even work in the sand. PLUS, they are adorable. I noticed that they are only full sizes...would you recommend ordering up or down a size? (I'm an 8.5) I would go a size up (9). I normally wear a size 8 shoe and the 8 in this style is the perfect length...any shorter and I would need the next size up!
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