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    Pre-wedding items for sale

    I will buy the black wedges! Can you PM me...
  2. Â Â Those are so beautiful!!! Â I've changed mine Still Nina but I really like the stones of these....and I thought that the flower on the other one wouldn't go with my dress. i'm going to get my pop of color on my toenails Â
  3. Super cute!! Â I love the bags.....Did you have any problems getting through customs?? I've heard that Mexico can be tough on bringing in items that are made in other countries - my hairdresser was given a hard time bringing down towels to put in her OOT.....
  4. I am pretty sure that these are the shoes I will be getting...very hard decision! Â Â It was between that one and these..... http://ninashoes.com/evalora-hot-pink--14197 http://ninashoes.com/greco-fuschia--14291 Â but these ones are just so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Lisa DSO Trinas, has your dress come in yet? I want to see another bride in Reese lol. I'm on the fence b/t that one and another. (I'm also having a Dallas reception, so I'm trying to justify to myself that I can get two ;-) Hey Lisa! Sorry I am just getting this, I have been MIA for a little while! I do have pics though, I will post them. Have you decided what to get??
  6. Trinas79

    Royal Playa del Carmen Review - A&K

  7. AMAZING review!! Congratulations, you look beautiful and it looks like the wedding was absolutely gorgeous!!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by jcooper79 Hi Ladies - Just returned from 12 days in Playa and was married on the 22nd. Everything was everything I could have asked for and more..!! Zulma's last words to me were, just tell all the girls on the forum to be patient. She was on top of everything anqd completely organized. There was not a lot of information on this forum about the hotel we stayed at and were married at but The Gran Porto Real was awesome!! I would definetly go back there again and everyone we brought with us said the same thing. The location was the best that I had been to in my 3+ trips to Playa. You girls will not be sorry you chose these hotels to be married in. Lots to do since we just got back today but feel free to ask me any questions and I will try and answer any I can. =) Congrats!! So glad to hear that everything went well - share some pics when you get them!! Quote: Originally Posted by RunningBride24 Hey ladies! I've been trolling around here for way too long so I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Nikki and I'm getting married at The Royal on October 10th. I'm a little concerned about the time of there ceremony. It's supposed to be 6pm but I would like to move it forward. Does anyone know what time the sun sets in October? I don't want to miss the sunset but don't want it to get dark too soon or worse, during the ceremony. Thanks so much in advance! Everyone has been SO much help already! Welcome, Nikki!! Quote: Originally Posted by kerrimark2010 Hi ladies! Just wanted to introduce myself - I've been reading the thread for like a week now, and this is my first post! My FI and I are confirmed at The Royal PDC on Nov. 4th, 2010. I've learned so much from this thread (it helped me decide on the location), so thanks already for all the great info you all have given me. A couple questions for you all: 1) Which photographers did you all decide on? I'm kicking around like 5 right now. 2) Has anyone worked with Rebekah? She's my stateside WC, and she's been super fast. So excited to get to know you all! Welcome to the November crew, Kerri! I am using Nathaniel Thompson - I looked partly on pricing and photographic style. Other frontrunners were Samuel Luna and Kate Harrison.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by T&C I'm a Maggie bride as well... Wearing Kadence (in Ivory, the sample photo is in silver...) Beautiful! I love it!!!!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoBride2011 Yeah you would think! If you're getting married on the gazebo at 4pm then another couple on the beach at 4pm then there is a chance of both reception being on hte beach at the same time. Or if a couple is getting married at 6pm and you at 4 then you might have the beach for a couple hours by yourself until the other reception starts. Randi and I are getting married on the same day, but her ceremony is before mine. Our receptions start at the same time but are in different places (inside and mine is on the beach). My WC said that they keep all weddings as separate as possible...I guess it's the downfall to getting married in paradise (and one that I can deal with)!!! Quote: Originally Posted by jenconrad Hi Ladies! One more night shift tonight then off till we leave Sunday! I am sooo excited. I just wanted to post the wicked real touch flowers I have coming to me this week from jdleggans on etsy (thanks Lady Di- i think!). Imagine how much this would of cost through the crazy resort and it only cost me $133 US + shipping! 1 more point in the brides column vs the royal . hehe Quote: Originally Posted by LynnieS How are all you ladies paying for your photographers, especially if you are using one from Mexico? Mine asked for the full amount, in cash, before he even starts. Is this normal? FI says pay only half and the other half when we get our pics. What does everyone think? I think I'm WAY late but it's very exciting!! And there are so many ladies coming up who are heading that way too - I totally cannot wait to see everyone's pictures!!!!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by LynnieS Thanks trinas!! Yeah cups will help but it just seems like the boning in the bodice isn't supportive enough. oh well, its mexico (my favorite excuse!) You will love this dress!! Excited for you! Here are my shoes. . . ooooh - love those! Where did you find them?! I totally can't wait to see your pics when you return! yay!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by michelle2011 Oooo love them. I love Dune!! Ok girls mine have arrived! What do you think? Quote: Originally Posted by andim Here are my shoes!! I'm so excited I LOVE both of those - beautiful finds, ladies!!!