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  1. Totally random- but I actually just did a BD shoot with a fabulous photog from Michigan. She came here to Denver, CO to do it for all of our friends. Not sure how far she is from you (Grand Rapids?) but I HIGHLY recommend her- I just was blogged by her- "the gorgeous Miss J" She is so sweet! http://catherinejeterphotography.com/
  2. THANK YOU!!! Elizabeth- thank you so much for posting those- and ladies- these are just a slight few of the FABULOUS pics that I have in my arsenal now--- I will post more soon! SIGH--- I don't think I've cried this much from happiness at anything--- Â I have a good friend that actually did it! She does a fab smoky eye- and I found that 'Makeup forever' has this great foundation that makes you look like you're not wearing anything- especially in that humidity! It was the liquid photofinish one. Also, Philosophy's liquid, nailpolish like blush was a wonderful addition! Â
  3. Aw thanks guys!! My dress is San Patrick- Palmeras. San Patrick is a sister company of Pronovias. It is still for sale if you're interested! Size 10 label- but size 4-6 street size. I have it posted here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/61746/selling-my-gorgeous-san-patrick-palmares-1-500 I have not posted it anywhere else since- was hoping for a BDW'er to get it, and I'm willing to work on price! Â And my shoes are from Zappos.com- the designer is Martinez Valero? But Zappos is great because you get free shipping back AND forth (if you change your mind 6 tim
  4. My ladies- I miss you all so much! I haven't been on for a little- but I found an internet connection, and NEED to share these pictures.  First off, not only are Elizabeth and her daughter, Lindsey, the most sweet, down to earth, fun troupe- but the pics really do speak for themselves. I feel so blessed to have been able to have her at my wedding. She truly went above and beyond any expectations I had about her by stalking her blog and website for 2 years  The love that she puts into her work is beyond words. And I believe that she cares so much about all of her clients- enoug
  5. OK can I just say WTF is this new layout?! Just came on to browse (been SOOOO busy lately!) and I'm lost!!! As I'm sure everyone is saying.... Miss you girls- I promise once things calm down I'll be on more. Remember that we just moved to LA? Well, it's totes not working out and we're moving home to DENVER! I got a sweet job, and I'll leave in 2 weeks.... DH leaves end of Aug It's for the best, but I'm just a basketcase right now! I'm so excited that everyones dates are coming up! YAY!
  6. WOOOOOOwza!!! Everything looks amazing! You are a gorgeous bride! And I adore your dress, I got a knockoff made of it for my TTD but nothing compares to the original! And you ROCKED it! Congrats on a gorgeous day! Oh, and the fact that your dog was there is just priceless!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Mimi83 Here's mine. For years, I wanted a halo ring, but after seeing all of my friends and their mothers getting them, I suddenly started to miss seeing the solitaires. Lol. So, here is mine; I'm thinking of pairing it with a really blinged out band when the time comes. UMMM GORGEOUS!!! We have the same ring I think yours is bigger though- for sure. And how were you able to take such great photos of it!? All of mine turned out super crappy!
  8. I was originally quoted 500-600 which I thought was RIDIC- so I yelped, and found a cheaper lady that had great reviews and ended up paying $200- I got mine hemmed (lace on the bottom, so I know it couldn't have been easy) and got the bustle for that. Try yelp, or maybe find a boston bride forum for recommendations? But I think 254 is about right... I'd like to hear other opinions though!
  9. OH NO!!!! What happened? Do you remember the last time you had it?? Oooooh I would not be in a good place if I lost mine.... hopes are with you to find it- best of luck and keep us posted!
  10. We're color twins!!!! I love everything you chose, and LOVE your dress!! And your theme is SO amazing!!!! Great idea!
  11. SO funny- I almost bought your dress, and I also had hot pink shoes- I am IN LOVE with your shoes!!!!!! Absolutely fabulous. Can't wait to see it next year
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by *Rachel* Love how it worked out!! Very cute! We changed our date after the STDs too. Oh well- my STDs sucked so I guess everything happens for a reason! lol Thank you! and I now really think that STD's are just a 'heads up' Obviously now that ours got changed! Quote: Originally Posted by Island Bride hahah now that is one determined bride! HECK YEAH! The most important thing from square one was our photographer- so after much research, I found EM- who I am in love with her work- and the rest is history!
  13. I'm so sorry that I've been such a bad bride after the fact!! I promise I will get my review out soon!!!! Thank you SO much greysgirl for posting pics- I just got all sad that I wasn't still there!!! I had our dinner at botofogo, and we had a group of 40. Even though they said it was semi-private, we had a whole big room to ourselves. Also, we thought that in the heat (other ladies may not have this problem) it would be nice to be in an airconditioned space..... but they are both fab!
  14. I wore 4 inch stillettos on the beach!! I sunk, but it made me feel like I was barefoot, and I think it looked just fine!! Oh, and I kind of just walked a little on my tiptoes
  15. Thanks guys!! I also wanted to add that even though it's a 10, I'm a street size 4 and I weigh anywhere from 122-126. (us girls and our weight ranges!!)
  16. I was taking a trip down memory lane- this was my second thread I ever started!!! Wanted to report- that if this had not have happened, it would have been a downpour ALL day on the original wedding day. Everything happens for a reason- and thanks to this situation, we had perfect weather! Unfortunately, there was a bride that got married on our original day- I felt so bad for her! It was raining SOOOO hard!
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by ashfrylund You looked so beautiful!!! Hope you had an amazing time- Im going to go look at your ttd photos! Any bribing tips My fiancee hates pictutes and i LOVE how yours turned out- looks like it was so much fun! Thanks!! Here is my thread about now DH not wanting to do it- I got a ton of good advice, and put it ALL to use- I felt like a used car salesman!! Let me know how it turns out- I'm sure if he knows it's important to you, he'll do it OH and if you need a reference, I can have DH send your FI an email and tell him how much fun it was haha
  18. I am a street size 4, and my dress ended up being a 10 because their sizing is so weird! I'm 5'2", but love heels, so I wore 4" heels and STILL had to hem! Good advice though, paying attention to detail- Some of the detail on the bottom of the dress (above the lace) got lost because of the hemming. I actually liked how it looked better though. OH and other advice- I paid 150 or so for the correct 'hollow to hem' measurement from the manufacturer, only to be told AFTER I paid and the dress was ordered, that they don't do it in that size- so I had to pay for hemming twice. Long story, a l
  19. Awww Janine how did I miss this story!? So awesome- I am sitting here with tears in my eyes!! I adore your ring SOOO much!! What a beautiful couple- I am so excited for you
  20. LOL!! Enrique!!!!! Oh my goodness Angela everything looks fantastic! You are going to be such a beautiful bride- all the best, and thank you for sharing!!
  21. Cocktail hour: The best grandparents in the WORLD!!: Me and my ladies!: Oh, our friend also posted this of us on youtube- I DO's!!: YouTube - Jannae and Ryan getting married
  22. I've compiled some pics that friends took, and thought I would share.....these will hold me over until I get our pro pics from Elizabeth Medina Enjoy! My Dad is so funny- he was following Elizabeth around trying to get the same shots. And at first she thought he was just a random guy!! Ceremony set up:
  23. Update! Here is a photo of the actual maracas that we got! I love them (even though the date is wrong- that was totally my fault for not letting her know!)
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