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  1. so if there is a 1 inch platform and a four inch heel you still have a four inch shoe but the heel height won't seem so hard to walk in with the platform which is usually around the front part of the shoe so it's like walking in a 3 inch shoe with the platform....like this: see there's a one inch platform with a 4.5 inch heel.
  2. I got them and they were way too narrow I've since switched to another shoe!
  3. OMG...too funny but also unfortunate to have your guest dying of heat and possible heat stroke!!!! Which is why I picked 5:30pm...
  4. African Venus, You have to do what's going to work and it woulds like you've come up with a pretty good plan...as a matter of fact we're doing the same thing....we've invited 10-15 people to attend and decided we would invite the bigger group to the AHR...with the wedding photos/videos playing on a screen so they can feel apart of it...besides all people really want is some good food, great music and an awesome time... without all the nit picking and drama...at the end of the day who cares as long as you did it your way! Besides what's a wedding without leaving them with something to t
  5. I would elope! Or start channeling your inner BRIDEZILLA and set boundaries for everyone. As far as the wedding party not arriving until the day of....I wuld let them know that's it not acceptable in a firm yet gentle and caring voice that you need to to arrive the day before at the latest! You definitely can't have people who don't care for you at your wedding...no bad/negative vibes on your special day...just tell them NO right out...how rude! As for the guest inviting themselves...you should say "Oh you're going to be there? How nice...we're getting married there, m
  6. You are so right...I have a friend who is Asian and makes clothing...she says that they only have 3 sizes back home....and that it's complex with all of the sizing here! Who knew!
  7. I have not decided what I'm going to do with my hair...I recently (this pass May) cut my hair really short (boys cut) to give it a break from the perm and to recover from a first time hair color that left my hair feeling brittle and lifeless... I still have time between now and August of next year to decide on something...as far as makeup I use to work for Mac and can do my own..but that's not always fun...I have started pulling some looks that I like as far as makeup goes...but for hair styles...I'm lost....FH doesn't like weaves but I'm tempted to do a trial run to see how one would look and
  8. LOL...yes you could end up with a closet full of dresses...it's way to tempting! I started having anxiety attacks thinking about all the dresses I wanted...I finally had to channel my inner strength to stop looking! Good luck!
  9. Probably, I mean you're not directly on the horse so there's some distance.... Would you ever sleep with your boss to get ahead?
  10. Gangs of New York= Daniel Day Lewis
  11. Meat Loaf = Rocky Horror Picture Show
  12. adcarter, your dress looks great! I'm so happy that your dress came out exactly as you wanted!
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