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  1. Thanks msjulie5475 for your words...She's been my step mom for about 18 years that's what makes it so sad. She should have tried to establish some type of relationship while I was younger, but she made it clear she didn't want to. I've never even gotten a congratulation for my graduations so I don't see why my dad is requesting that I invite her personally. I think the least I can do is actually send her the invitation but tell my dad that I am not inviting her personally, but I am afraid you are right...that might still cause problems with my dad .........I just want to be happy on the day of
  2. I get married next month and I haven't been stressed out AT ALL until my dad asked if I have invited my step-mother. Needless to say we have no relationship whatsoever. My whole life I was pretty much obligated to deal with her and now I feel like I'm being obligated to invite her. Any advice on how I should tell my Dad "I refuse to invite her" If she shows up with my dad I'm fine with that but I don't want to have to make the invitation myself Thanks, Confused and sad Bride here
  3. I lost my engagement ring 20 days after I got it....I was sooo devastated cause I've kept every single jewelry or gift my fiance had given me since high school, and out of everything I had to loose the engagement ring. I told him as soon as I lost it. In fact I was crying like a baby and called him to tell him. He wasn't mad at all, in fact he was very supportive and helped me look for it all over. Sadly we never found it, but he gave me another one a year later, and let me tell you I've been holding on to it tight and I don't take it off.... The sooner you tell him, the better...
  4. Can anyone give me an idea of what they are paying for their dress alteration? I went for my second fitting today and she gave me the price which I thought was ridiculous. $254 for what I think are minor alteration. Just my straps were a little long and under my arm the dress was a little tight so she had to take half a inch on each side. oh my the dress needs to be shorten a little. Is $254 too much is that the right amount... I'm a annoyed at this. cause the dress is now going almost double my budget and I'm feeling cheated... Thanks, K
  5. Thank you Ladies for the ideas. She did mention something about the fact that she hadn't been to a Spa in a while, which was something she did occasionally. She just finished her Masters, and is still planning my wedding, so I can see why. My dilemma now is should I give her a gift card for here or at destination wedding place? I am not sure how the Spa services are there....
  6. Hi...to change the title of this post, there is an "edit" option at the bottom right corner of your post. Click on it, then click on "Go Advance" and this will bring you back to the post and the title and you can edit it from there.... Good luck to the Brides heading to Jamaica, and Jen1310 so sorry for you experience
  7. My sister is my MOH and she has been great, in fact if it wasn't for her I think this wedding would not be happening (i've been engaged for 3 years). Had she not stepped in to help, I think I would be engaged for another 5. I want to give her a great gift as a thank you for all her help and support, however since I kinda suck at these things (planning weddings, shopping in general, etc) I have no idea what would be ideal. Since I can't ask her to help me find a gift for her lol, I'l looking for ideas here.... Maybe this is pushing it but I am also looking for ideas on a gift for my
  8. Hi...I'm looking for a veil too. I stopped by David's Bridal today and the cheapest one was $79.00 and I didn't like it....I'm checking out ebay right now
  9. So Newbie that couldn't even figure out how to post this lol Saidah August 10, 2010 Cape Verde, Island Heeyyyyy
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