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  1. I forgot to ask.. Jen are you all settled yet? Can I start the millions of questions I have for you lol... let me know when you are ready!!! HAHA
  2. The onsite WC sound pretty good.. I am excited about that.. I am still in the process of booking the photographer... my fiancee says we should book them for the 3 hours and when we are there to slip him some more money and hopefully get him to stay a little longer... so we'll see how that goes. Jen I've seen your wedding pics on facebook and they are so NICE!! I am so excited now!! Another bride on this forum just went there on a site visit and sent me a message that she will be posting some pics... so I am excited about that too.. Can't wait to hear all about your wedding... are you doing a review on here or just going to let us know the details in our thread here?? Carolyn... you must be SUPER excited... you leave this Sunday!!! I hope everything is ready and good to go...
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by edssbride09 Guys, i leave in 6 days! This is insane. Still haven't paid for anything, and can't believe how many changes i have made over the past few days... I am so excited, and all of the fabulous photos of Jen's wedding make me only more excited! Carolyn!! Thats so exciting!!! I know it will be amazing!! I can't wait to hear all about it too!! I know I keep seeing all of Jen's amazing photos too and makes me want to go there even sooner!!! SO nice!! I can't wait to hear all about her wedding too!! I am now having issues with the photographer... saying I can't customize my own package... which is so bogus cause this is what Nicky did... how many hours are you guys hiring your photographers for?? I want to 5 hours and they are telling me that the price on Lomas's site can't change because it would cost the same for me to hire them for 5 hours without using a package... does that make any sense
  4. Ok, anyone else having a hard time getting them to customize a package for you?? I asked them at one point and they were all like oh yeah we can do that for you... I wanted to go with their package 3 on their website, but after careful consideration thought I might just ask for a quote on shots that I would like... they are now telling me that even if I want to customize one and still hire them for 5 hours that its going to cost the same? WTF? Anyone else dealing with them on this?? Please let me know!!!
  5. Oh thats awesome Jen!!! Glad everything went so well!! I am so excited to hear all about it!!! Be prepared for many questions once you are settled in again!! I am so happy for you guys! Your photos look amazing as well!!! Talk soon!!
  6. Thanks Jon!! I still can't believe how beautiful her wedding was and all your shots are amazing!!! Congrats!
  7. rdhbride.. have you found any promising websites that sell under the table lighting or have any information on this?? I love this idea too and at the moment my WC is figuring out a quote for this so hopefully the resort can do it... have you had any luck researching anything Let me know!!
  8. Carolyn!! You leave in 10 days.. you lucky lucky girl!!! I hope everything is in place for it now.. you nervous?? Hey question.. I hope its not to personal.. I am just trying to figure out my costs and wondering how much you actually spent on your wedding? I guess all you girls could answer... since you are all married before I am... I wonder when Jen gets back? Does anyone know?? I will have so many questions for her!! The wedding looked beautiful however.. and the waiting is killing me... seeing all these amazing pictures! I still have a little over 7 months to wait!! ERG!!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by heidi_lk I am getting married at Gran Bahia Principe Coba, and we were told to just bring our passports and tourist cards. We have both never been married before, I know it changes things if you have. We also need to get the blood test done. We were also told we could then have them legalize the document there (for a charge), and that they would then Fedex it back to us in Canada. This is the part I am confused about. Does anyone know if this step is necessary? My resort actually told me the same thing.. its having the marriage certificate translated to English from Spanish.. its supposed to make the process of registering your marriage back here way more simple. Or you can bring your certificate home with you and have to have it translated either way. As long as you find someone who will translate it for you. I think I will just have mine done at the resort and get it sent to me however.. easier I think..
  10. OMG! Her pics so far are amazing!!! I love the last one.. the trash the dress looking one! I am totally getting my photographer to recreate that image!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!
  11. Sorry I know I am coming into this thread a little late... but I was researching the under table lighting for my wedding.. and came across this post... did any of you end up using lights under the tables?? If so how much did your resort end up charging and/or did you bring lights down to the wedding with you?? Any information you ladies have and want to share would be so helpful!!! Thanks!
  12. I totally agree I wouldn't want to have my wedding anywhere else other than a beach in the hot tropical sun!! We have all definitley made the right choice! I to am so excited to hear and see all about recent brides and brides to be married yet... my wedding is still to far away and the anticipation is killing me!!! lol. I can only imagine yours lolo!!! Wow! But it just gives you that much more time to plan and get the wedding of your dreams I guess!!!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by BlissfulMsMiranda Sorry if this has been covered already - I searched for "sand ceremony" and couldn't find any postings that covered by question! So, here goes: Where did you girls get your sand ceremony sets? We only need one with two pouring vases and a large middle one... Thanks ladies! I actually got all three of my pieces from Wal-Mart.. my center taller vase looks like an hour glass shape and two smaller slanted top pouring vases.. the big vase was only 3 dollars! And the smaller two were also only like 2 dollars! A steal of a deal if you ask me!!!
  14. I also asked my WC about this same thing and she says my resort doesn't require all that information.. a couple other brides that are going or have gone and gotten married at my same resort said they didn't have to bring all that info and they are legally married.. I think it honestly depends on the resort... but I would maybe double check with your WC and talk to someone else about it at the Consulate.
  15. Wow! Your wedding is coming up so soon too!!! You must be so excited as well!!! So much for the 45 days thing hey!! Jen must be getting super excited her wedding is this Thurs! I too can't wait to hear all about it!!! What day do you leave
  16. You know what.. that may have been me a few weeks ago... not sure if there was a new girl out there looking for the same thing... but I to have since found and bought both sizes of the palm tree punch from Michaels! And after I bought it I went there yesterday again for some other stuff and they of course are now on sale! At least at mine anyways! So instead of the 18 dollars it was for 12! So anyone still looking to buy one... go check it out! And thanks for thinking of us and letting us know where you found some!!!
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by leannevb Hi All, I just booked my wedding week, so I too am a November 2009 Bride! We're going to the Grand Palladium Colonial from November 15-22, but the wedding date is still to be confirmed. We're going to spend a second honeymoon week at a different resort but haven't decided on that yet - maybe the EDR? Great thread! Good luck in all your planning everyone! Hey welcome! We are doing the same thing too possibly.. moving to a second resort.. not sure if we are staying in Mexico though... but we are getting married at El Dorado Seaside.. I think its going to be a great resort!!! Have fun planning too!! Its so much fun!!
  18. Jon, thanks for the tip with the groom getting ready idea! I will totally have to use one of those!! So Jen... you are leaving tomorrow!!! Good luck with everything! I am so excited for you and can't wait to hear all about it and see your pics!!! I think I am going to have a lot of questions for you as it seems like you are doing a lot of the things I plan on doing and will want to see how they all turn out!!! So exciting!!! Take care and enjoy yourself!!! And most of all.. HAVE FUN!!!
  19. Hey Nicky... I have to ask you about the photographer... How many shots did you end up getting? I was looking at the Lomas website thinking I wanted to do their photo package 3, but am trying to determine if we need all those photos printed that they mention on there. Did you have any printed by them or did you just get a cd with all the shots on it? I am trying to determine which shots you didn't get, like it includes bride getting ready, ceremony, bride and groom, wedding party, cocktail, family and reception.. I wanted to get groom getting ready and some on the beach and pier with just us the bride and groom.. how many hours did you book them for? I was thinking about the 5 hours because it would be a good timeline for when we are getting ready up until the reception? What are your thoughts? Or anyone elses thoughts on this? 5 hours to short to long?? Any advice would help me out! I am trying to book them as our photographer but may try and reduce the cost if we can... let me know ladies! Thanks!
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by EDRBride2009 We loved the EDSS. Your wedding will be wonderful! The night we got engaged they helped set everything up. It was fabulous! The two waiters we had even brought out dessert while humming "Here comes the Bride". Judging from the effort they put out for an engagement, I can only imagine how great the wedding will be! Congrats! Oh thats so cute! I can't believe you got engaged while on holiday too.. thats so sweet! So where in Sask are you from? I am originally from Saskatoon!!!
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by EDRBride2009 Hello all I too am a November bride. We are getting married on November 26 at El Dorado Royale. We actually got engaged at El Dorado Seaside in January and were so impressed with the service that we wanted to have our wedding at an El Dorado resort as well. So far I have ordered my dress, ordered the MOH's dress, bought the invitations (DIY from Michaels), ordered the Save the date postcards from Vista Print (100 for free, just pay for shipping), and bought my shoes. Obviously I'm way behind some of you! I've also started with some of my details with the resort. I am booking Claudia Rodriguez for photography. I'm looking forward to finalizing more of the details soon! Welcome!! I am actually getting married at the Seaside in November!! How is it? I've heard some great things about it!! There is a thread on here too about the Seaside Suites.. thats awesome!!
  22. Sorry thought of another question that my fiance's mom has been bugging me to find out about... its the transfers from the airport to the resort... how did that go Nicky? What all did you pay and what did you get a bus or van? Did you prepay it or when you all got there just found a couple of vans and paid the price onsite? What about you Jen... what are you planning on doing for that?? If you girls could let me know that would be great! Thanks!
  23. So Nicky! How did your AHR go?? I would love to hear all about it... did you end up wearing your dress and all that again? Or you had another wedding ceremony didn't you?? Fill us in girly!! So exciting! Jen, true enough about the pics.. he will love them and will have to suffer and wait to see them!!! hahaha! When do you leave?? You must be soooo excited!!!!!
  24. Hey girls! Just got back from my Boudoir shoot... and it was so much fun!! I loved it!! I can't wait for the shots to come back now... 2-3 weeks.. You know what the worst part is?? My fiance guessed what I was doing the day before... erg... he's to smart sometimes that man!!! Oh well he's still not going to see any of the pics or the album until I am ready to give it to him as his wedding present!!! And Jen I am so jealous... only a week!!!!
  25. I am so excited ladies! Sounds like our TA is pulling through for us and found a ton of flights that we can choose from or I should say our guests can choose from... so looks like I won't be needing to change my date after all... SO thankful for her! I was seriously freaking out earlier... now my heart rate is back to normal.. and feel so much better cause things seem to be working out just like you ladies said!!! Thanks for calming my stressful day!! I can't wait to see and hear all about your weddings!!! You must be freaking excited now!!! I love this forum.. it seriously has been a lifesaver!!! lol
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