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  1. So I picked up my dress from the drycleaners on friday.. and dropped it off at alterations thinking it would take a couple of months... although my dress didn't need all that much done to it, it fit almost like a glove off the rack! But anyways.. its going to be ready July 31st!! I can't believe it!! I thought it would be much longer than that... So now I will have to store it for 3 months until the big day! Good thing its going to be at my fiance's mom's house for those 3 months or I would be trying it on everyday!!! lol.. Just thought I would share my news... Oh I do have another question for you guys married there already... how strict were they on dress code for the air conditioned restaurants? They were saying like only dress bermudas.. no tank tops? Like we are in Mexico.. they want us wearing pants and sleeved shirts?? Just wondering how your guys experiences were with this!! Thanks!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Shona Hi, I am getting married January 14, 2010 at EDSS. I was also trying to plan everything before we left but after reading this entire thread I think we will just wait until we get there. I do have a couple of questions for EDSS brides though: 1) Anyone get make-up done at the resort any reviews? I am trying to decide whether to pay someone or just do it myself. 2) Can someone tell me how to download all the word documents in this thread (i.e. map of wedding locations)? 3) What is the early sitting for the private reception? I can't believe one person said they got to pay extra "music" costs for the reception to last until minght. My TA specifically enquired about this and Lomas said NO! Not even if we paid for a private cocktail party AFTER the dinner - crazy! 4) How much are the set-up fees? After being totally discouraged by the (in my opinion) obnoxious prices of decorations I have decided I will bring my own DIY handmade centrepieces, fans and programs for chairs and OOT bags. But in order to have these all handed out how much is that going to run me? I am sure my sister would do the set-up for me but someone even suggested they charge you for that! WTF?! Anyways, thanks for all the tips and tricks, esp. the LOONG review by one recent bride - very helpful and so appreciated. Yay! Shona Welcome Shona! What a cool name by the way!! lol.. Anyways.. I just sent Valeria my WC an email about the getting charged for one of my guests to put my fans and programs out.. so we'll see what she says.. I said there should be no reason why I should get charged if none of the hotel people are doing anything.. so we'll see!! I to am still on the fence about getting the makeup trial and makeup on the day done by the resort or not... cause it seems like a waste of money.. and I don't even like when other people do it now.. had one trial done here at a Merle Norman.. and hated the look she gave me... not how I like it done anyways.. I think the previous brides all did their own..? I think for downloading the word documents you need to have more points or something?? Not positive though. For the early sitting thats for the honeymoon dinner that is offered in the wedding package.. not for the reception.. I am hoping we can get it extended too.. but won't be paying extra or mentioning it till we get down there!!! Anyways welcome to the thread! Hope we can help you out!!!
  3. Oh ok that sounds good.. it just seems weird not to iron out everything before I get down there... maybe that has something to do with control! I don't want to give up that control. But if they just handed out those water bottles, then there is no reason for me to pre pay to have those done if they do it anyways.. and maybe I could still use my labels when I am down there without having to pay for it.. I'll try it out! lol. 4 months today! OMG! What all were you guys ironing out at this stage? I want to make sure I am not forgetting anything...I feel like I have everything under control and booked and taken care of... but anything you can remind me of would be great!!!
  4. Thats cool, thanks for the advice. I have already asked her for the early sitting, just cause I didn't want to waste the night eating like you said... no worries! I was also going to ask, I couldn't remember who's pictures I was looking through and noticed that there was water bottles handed out.. did you guys ask for those or was that something the resort just did on their own? I was hoping to have custom wedding labels made up for my water bottles if they would provide the water bottles and basket to hold them.. Valeria tells me there is a 25US dollar setup fee for this? Man there is setup fees for everything! They even want to charge me to get one of my guests to put the programs on the seats...? Does that make any sense?? I think we will just do it anyways.. did you guys go through all this
  5. I get to pick up my dress on friday from the drycleaners then drop it off at alterations! I can't believe I am at this stage already!!! And my 4 months is tomorrow!!! WOWZA!! I am soo excited! I ordered my veil and hair piece last thursday and its supposed to be here in the next couple of days! So excited for that too! For the next 4 months.. not really sure what I will do with myself!!! AHAHAHAHA! But I think they will go by faster than I think... the months so far have gone by soo fricking fast! Hey did you guys do the honeymoon supper on the beach that was included in the package? What menu did you go with and were you happy with it? Valeria is asking me to choose a menu for it, but I don't know what the food actually is?? lol.. so if you could let me know if you enjoyed your meal and what it was that would be much appreciated!!!
  6. I totally forgot to mention to you guys that I finally found those just married flip flops at a Michaels finally! I had been searching most all our Michaels here in Calgary and came upon them in a Michaels I never checked before!! Wahoo!! I can't wait to wear them for my TTD shoot and have them writing in the sand!! Also my dress is almost ready for pick up from my drycleaner than off to get altered!! I am sooo excited! Found out I have about 2800 left to pay for everything extra I want on the wedding day!! Here I was thinking it was going to be outrageously expensive!! Got all my cake, bouquet, boutineer, dinner menus, decor and music and photograpghy all booked and ready to go.. now what do I just have to wait the 4 months Wow... 4 months!!!! EEEE!!! I am super excited... can you tell lol
  7. So I have to take my dress to a seamstress here in Calgary as well, and my bridal store highly recommended one to me. Its calle Midnapore Village Alterations.. they are obviously here in Midnapore.. I am not sure how fast she is, but I have taken other clothes there to her before and she does good work.. Not sure how long a wedding dress will take, but I guess I will find that out for myself as well. Once mine is back from the drycleaners I will be taking it over there myself. I would only have about 4 months for her to finish mine, so I'm sure if yours is needed quickly she can do a rush order. Mine won't require a lot of work.. but I am hoping she can do it fairly quickly! Let me know if you need more info! Its literally like 2 mins from my house!!
  8. Found out it will take about 3 weeks if not sooner, they were really busy right now she said... she knows its just for cleaning and they only clean it at this shop.. my bridal store couldn't even recommend anyone... they in my opinion should have been the ones to pay for it since it was an off the rack one... but thats another story. And the only reason she said it will take so long is she wants to make sure she can set aside the good hour or 2 and not rush through it... there was already 3 other dresses hanging in her shop there too.. so they must be quite busy. I am just anxious to get it back and take it to alterations!!
  9. Yeah I better make that known to them today that its not to be preserved its yet to be worn... and maybe that will change the timeline... but someone here mentioned it sounds normal... so who knows... I guess I will have to find out later today!!! Hope it goes well!!!
  10. Why does it take so long to do so?? My mom was joking around that they rent it out to people in that month?? HAHAHA.. hopefully not!!!
  11. Hey all!! So question to you all... did you have to have your dress drycleaned before the big day and before your alterations My dress was a sample dress that I bought off the rack.. and so it smells of other people trying it on... well I am picking it up from my bridal store tomorrow morning and dropping it off at my drycleaners... they told me it would take a month to process the dress Does that make sense to anyone?? Can anyone shed some light on this situation as to whether or not this is normal Please and thank you!!! Any comments are welcome!!! Thanks!!!
  12. OMG! Totally amazing reviews Jen!!! WOW! I loved it!! And there is still more to come! Wow you are ambitious!!! lol.. Thanks for all the info.. Oh and I seen your post on my facebook but I can't write on your wall.. so thanks for the bday wishes and plans are great! Basically all planned and booked! Its so easy... I rarely have any stress about the whole thing!! I love that I chose to do a DW!!! I bet you are all feeling the same!!!
  13. Hey.. do you by chance have a picture of the hair flower I would love to see what it looks like cause that is a pretty good price! Thanks!
  14. OMG!!! I am so excited I just had to post before the end of the day was over!!! My ticker is saying exactly 5 months!!! AHHHH!!!! I cannot wait! Wow its coming along a lot faster than I first thought... I don't know why 5 months seems so close as opposed to the 6 month mark.... wow.... yay!!! Thanks for listening to my girly excitement!!! TTYL!!
  15. Wow thats awesome info!!! Thanks for the heads up!! That was one area I was completely clueless on!!!! Yeah I've missed you guys on this forum for some time!!! lol Almost 5 months away now!!! I am soooo excited... still seems like its far away but closer than 6 months anyways!! BTW I am excited to finish reading your review! They are sooo very informative!!!
  16. K question to you ladies already married here!!! Valeria is saying I need to have 150USD marriage translation in order to have my licence registered back home... is that the same thing you guys opted out of and just brought back home with you to have translated? Cause I could have sworn it was only 90US before Am I wrong...? Is this a new piece of information that I need?? If you could clarify this for me ladies it would be much appreciated!!! Thanks!!
  17. To all you Calgarians or Albertans out there! Do you have any good suggestions for an engagement photographer in Calgary?? I have been trying to research some photographers online but don't know of anyone's experience with them or pricing! Can anyone suggest a fairly priced excellent photographer for engagement photos?? I am looking to spend at maximum like 200! Any ideas would be much appreciated!!!! Thanks all!!
  18. OH thats awesome for you!!! I can't wait to hear all about your wedding there!! I am soooo excited for mine... its still over 5 months away and the wait is killing me!!!! lol...Which reception are you doing? And which photographers did you go with? One of their approved ones or one of your own Congrats on the one year anniversary... yay!
  19. Yeah I found my dress at Beautiful Bride on Glenmore and Macleod there.. it is a Pattis dress and I absolutely love it! I had to buy it off the rack which worked out great, cause the dress price went up to 2300 something, and they let me have the originial price of 1582 if I could buy it off the rack so I did! But yeah they have some super nice dresses there.. I think you need an appointment.. just so you know!
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by LaBre Hey Tracy, do you have a lot of guests who won't know if they can come until closer to the date, or did pretty much everyone get their deposits in on time? Well I only have 16 guests total coming and then myself and my grooom, but no we gave everyone the deadline to have their deposits in and they were all paid on that date or a day later. My TA and I were really on top of things and sent out reminder emails the week before and a day before to remind them. We just added two people to make up the 16 and they haven't put their deposit down yet, but other than that everyone else did it on time. Made me feel pretty good knowing that all my guests were booked! I highly recommend a deposit route and a deadline if you can!
  21. Seems I am the only girl still posting on this thread anymore... what happened? Anyways, just thought I would let you know that I just put the deposit down for my private dinner and photographer package! I feel great! I love getting little accomplishments done like that! So now everything is confirmed... just have to get there and do it now! And pay for the final bill of course... wow it feels good to be so far ahead of the game at this stage!! Still gots loads of time to wait and change my mind if the need be... but I doubt I will! Have you guys done your AHR yet?? If so how did they go and did you guys wear your dresses again and all that??
  22. I did mine really early thinking about the same thing. I sent mine out in Jan, and had a deposit deadline of april 7th. Just the deposit not the entire trip to be paid for... it seriously helped in getting people to book their deposits anyways... now they have until Sept to pay off the rest of their entire trip... I wanted to give them as much notice as possible too...
  23. Tracy_S

    Edss - 9/9/9

    Quote: Originally Posted by rkilbourne Hi All! We are getting married at the El Dorado Sea Side Suites in the Mayan September 9. 2009 and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this hotel? We would very much appreciate any information you all have R & N Hey welcome! All the info you should ever need on the resort is at our thread at this link: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t32460 This is also the resort I am getting married at... a few girls on this thread have already got married there!!! Come check it out!!! Welcome once again and congrats!
  24. OMG you guys! There is only 6 months today until my wedding!!!! I can't freaking wait!!! I am sooo excited!!! I hope these next 6 months fly by!!! Sorry ladies, but I just had to post something!!! Yippie! Hey Jen, when is the next installment of your awesome reviews coming?? I love how informative they are!!!
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