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  1. Hi! I actually found a travel agent based out of BC who specializes in weddings.. she works with Flight Centre actually.. if you call the Flight Centre main office or go on their website there is a link specifically for wedding specialists and it gives you an email address to their specialists and puts you in touch with one of their TA's.. mine is great so far!! So I would recommend checking them out as a first place to start... hope this helps!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by edssbride09 Just thought i would weigh in here... didn't realize you could do land only with signature!!! AUGH, that totally would have helped. We,along with most of our guests are leaving the day after the wedding, it sucks, but we do get the whole day as our flight is really late. We booked our date before the packages were released, and had to have it on the saturday for some of our guests who could only come down for a long weekend. So we couldn't switch the date, and are just living with it. Most of our guests didn't complain a bit, i mean they can book separetely but it is prohibitively expensive, so no worth it for most people since we chose an already expensive resort.... So if your guests do have to leave the next day, just check the flight time! perhaps it is late anyways? That sucks that your TA never told you about the land only? It seems weird that they didn't mention it.. but I guess they wanted to make more comission or something... So you will have to let me know how the leaving after your wedding day goes, cause I want to be able to tell my guests about it.. if it comes to that... Well in regards to your comment about the late flight I was thinking that too... but you have never met my fiance's family before they are pretty intimidating to say the least.. so they try everything they can to get their way.. so just for kicks I have emailed Valeria and see if there is any spots on the 5th or 6th, 7 is our lucky number for many of the happenings in our relationship and this was the reason for selecting the date... it hurts to think I might have to give up my 7 date just to make people happy and spend an extra day with us at the resort... but I am less stressed now that I was earlier this morning! I think its because I told my sister who is one of my bridesmaids and she seemed ok with the price increase for the possible flights we found... so we'll see how it all goes down in the next few days!
  3. I actually did that.. found all the spots you are talking about and deleted it,, and look it still does itÉÉÉÉÉ it doesn`t make sense! I am chatting to my sister on msn and its not doing it to me there!! WTF... lol
  4. Yeah we are doing the land only thing too and thats where we found out yesterday about the flights available. Which airline did you go through for the tickets and if you don`t mind how much more or how much in general were the tickets.. I asked my Fiance if he checked flights and said there were no direct flights from Calgary.. are yours direct.. if you could let me know the airline and such that would be great! Thanks!
  5. Ok ladies... just found out some crazy news... ergg.. I may have to change my wedding date! I really really don`t want to! Turns out those points we were hoping to use for most of our guests isn`t turning out the way it should!! Only 7 people are able to get flights and its not a direct flight.. a stop over in Toronto... what all did you guys do to get your guests all booked.. É... how do I turn that off I am very upset today as my fiance`s mom and sisters are all trying to tell him and me that we need to change our date, cause the only time signature flies around my wedding date is nov 1st to 8th.. and people are complaining that they really don`t want to leave a day after the wedding... so for the 7 people that can use flights we can fly out nov 3rd to 10th like we tried to get everyone else but now I have to try and figure out how to get everyone else there for possibly the 4th to 11th... but Signature doesn`t fly.. did you guys book signature... or is there any other company that can sell us flights and my TA is not telling me the truth... any help ladiesÉ... errr Sorry I am super upset....
  6. Oh I know hey!!! Its crazy! So have you paid all your final bills to them already? Cause they keep saying 45 days prior... but then she's telling me some things may need to be paid on site... that doesn't make sense to me? Yeah we are finding out the info for our flights today as we are using points for most of our guests! Good thing for points I tell ya! We only have to pay for the land only pricing! I went or am planning on going with one of their photos obviously I think I mentioned it on here before.. and Nicky said they were great so that works for me.. not having to pay for the outside vendor fee, thats one less thing I don't have to fork out money for!!! HAHAHA
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by SoonToBeE The centerpiece costs are stupid stupid stupid! I know they rent all of their pieces, but the prices they charge are outrageous. I think your centerpieces are very nice and are somewhat in line compared to what she has quoted me for other pieces: - $10/ FLOATING CANDLE - $7/ VASE + FLOWERS. I would split them up and ask for the price per small vase, then for the large vase. Push back and complain about the pricing - she will move a bit. Also, I wanted flowers in mine, so I went to Walmart and bought a bunch of fake flowers for $8. I tested them at home and they look fine. I am ordering the vases from the resort and then will have one of our guests helps by putting the fake flowers in water so that they are decorated for the event. She quoted me $5/ floating candle after I complained, but it was just too much, especially when she noted (many many times) that they would likely be blown out by the wind. So we are not doing candles. I wouldn't pay $150 for that centerpiece. Complain and see what she can do. I have actually emailed her back today complaining about the cost.. it wasn't even the flowers I wanted so I don't know how she thought I wanted those flowers in those colors.. cause they aren't my colors. I am pushing her back on it I mentioned that I don't want to be spending more than 50 per centerpiece.. I mean come on I may only have 3 tables total anyways! I am not spending 125 for 3 tables!!! Yikes! So I said what can we do with the centerpieces to get them to come in around 50 dollars each.. so we'll see what she says!! This is so dumb!! How can they charge such outrageous prices for things!!! It drives me insane!!! Yeah I wasn't planning on doing candles either.. I found these great submersible lights that you can put at the bottom in the water and makes the water glow your colors.. that is what I plan on putting in the bottom of mine...
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by SoonToBeE I'm not doing a BD shoot - just trying to get everything settled - tonight I am going through all of the emails from Valeria and am printing them off tomorrow. I also went on the Karimsa spa site and the lomas spa site to print off prices so that we can neotiate while we are there. I totally can't WAIT and can't believe that we're going to married in a few short weeks. I'm packing my bags tonight and am trying to get all of my 'things' organised. If does feel kind of stupid that I packed so many things - table settings, letters to guests, fans, etc etc etc. Why did I pack so many things??!? Also - we just bought these to give to a few of our family members and groomsmen - given the baggage restrictions it seemed like the perfect gift for friends who travel and are into gadgets: HEYS xScale® - The World's Smallest Portable Luggage Scale Everytime I weigh my bag filled with fans and junk I wonder why i packed so much.....it's too bad the scale is accurate. I would feel better if it was lying to me.... Those scales are such a cool idea! How much did it cost you to buy them all for your guests? Are you giving it to them at the airport or something? Or I guess somehow when they are all finished packing... How much is the max weight of your checked luggage now?? I get so confused with all the new rules and taxes that they charge for luggage now! What sort of table settings are you bringing with you?
  9. So I just got a quote back on the centerpiece example I sent to Valeria.. and it was 125 a piece!!!! Here is what the centerpiece looked like... I think its totally a rip off!! I may just ask to have 2 or 3 cylinderical vases instead... Yes, for 1 tall glass centerpiece, and 4 small glass square vases: with orchids (available in white, green or fuscia): 125 usd with iris (available in white or blue): 90 usd thats her quote!! Let me know what you think if its to much after you look at the centerpiece sample... I think it is!! Hope it works! centerpiece.doc
  10. SoontobeE and EDSSbride09 you guys must be getting so excited!!! Your weddings are so close!!! I am sooo jealous!!! What have you guys been up to? Haven't heard from you guys in a while.. or you Nicky! I am so excited... I have my BD session this saturday!!! I can't wait.. I hope they turn out great!! Did any of you girls have BD photos done??
  11. Well I think at the most we would be having like 24 guests.. so its not a huge group by any means... how large are your groups for those quotes beachbride2009.. how many people were you having again.. sorry can`t do the question mark... my keyboard is acting weird.. what all does that include for you... did they give you pictures of ones done before... thanks again!!
  12. If you don't mind me asking.. how much is it all costing you?? I am trying to determine if I can afford to have the private beach reception and include the beach lounge or just have the reception and deal with not having the lounge. Its such a cool idea specially if they can get lighting and stuff to glow in our colors and what not... if you could let me know anyways that would be great... I know its on the other side of mexico but just so I have an idea!! Thanks!
  13. Just wondering if any of you brides are doing a beach lounge with your beach reception?? I am debating as to whether or not I want to do the lounge.. I have only seen a couple pics of a beach lounge but they look pretty cool... if you are doing one, can you tell me where you found your inspiration pics or how much its going to cost you or any other information you could pass along would be much appreciated!!! Thanks ladies! Your input is always helpful!!
  14. I forgot something I was going to ask you too.. about your glass vases... were they ones you can fill with water and flowers and have like floating candles in them? I want to do the same thing as well.. and I was just about to email Valeria and ask how much they would be.. is this the same thing you went with? And if so how much are they charging you??
  15. SoontobeE!! Thats so exciting!! Sounds like you plan on doing much of the same stuff that I planned on doing!! Which is great cause I can then ask you all about it when you return!!! HAHAHA! So you mentioned you were doing dances and speeches... where are you having all this? Are you doing the private beach reception too? I was thinking I was going to do this as well, but would like to have the dance floor... let me know how the no dance floor thing goes and the whole music laptop thing as well. As for your dinner for the 11 dollar a plate I would love to hear that too cause I want to do a menu but am not expecting my guests to have to pay like 60 bucks a plate! Man I wish I was leaving in 2 weeks... I still have 8 months to wait... its killing me!!! lol... glad to hear you are almost ready to go!! I'm so jealous you get to leave so soon!!! lol
  16. Welcome Megashay!! Such a good wedding date I must say!!! I think we all had the same date in mind... there is quite a few of us that have that date on here!!! I can't wait to get pics of me in my dress so I can finally show everyone!!! Congrats and great wedding date! We are date twins!!!
  17. I talked to my TA about this and she told me to fight the WC on this.... cause when I booked my wedding at the resort on their website it didn't have those stipulations.. and she told me I could use her as a witness... which is awesome! So I have emailed Valeria since telling her all this and haven't heard a response back yet.. I asked her to honor to original agreement and that my TA is backing me up as a witness!!! Its awesome! I will keep you posted to how it all goes!!! lol.. I can't believe it girls... your weddings are coming up sooo close!!! Are you both all finished your planning and all that?? Feeling stressed? I hope not cause you should just be going to have a great time!! I am excited to hear how your days went!!!! YAY!!
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by november7 Yes, we are getting married at El Dorado Royal on November 7th! Who are you working with at Lomas Travel?? Have you picked anything out yet?? I need to pick the photographer. Have you been to Seasides Suites before? It looks awesome! Aww date twins!!! LOL.. Thats a good date! Yeah I am working with Lomas Travel as my wedding coordinator anyways.. I went with a TA from Flight Centre actually for the actual hotel booking. We have done a ton already! I am using one of their approved photographers, a fellow Seaside bride just got married there and used the same photographer and LOVED them so that helped my decision too! I have decided on the 4 pole chappah thing on the beach in my colors, found my dress, my bridesmaids just ordered their dresses this week! And we've got our first 6 bookings already!! I am stoked!! I haven't actually been to Seaside yet, but have heard great things about it! So I am excited!! Are you thinking of doing a TTD session too?
  19. You know what? I have stopped buying all their products since the first recall and refuse to ever buy anything from them again... no fear that way.. and besides I have gone mostly vegetarian so I don't have the worry about all the stuff that goes wrong with meat! I think they should just close for good... can't seem to keep their food in a healthy state!! LOL
  20. I just found out through the WC that I no longer get that promo Its All About the Bride! That totally stinks! Certain American travel companies allow it but I guess since I went through Signature I don't get it!!! That sucks man! All this time I was thinking I get it... apparently not now... bummer!
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by november7 I am a November Bride as well. I am getting married at El Droado Royal. I have reserved the date, send out STD's and found a dress. I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions for photgraphers down there. In addition, we are getting married on the beach. I was wondering what other brides were doing in terms of the groom and groomsmen clothing. I don't think I want to do tuxes. I was thinking something more beachy, but would love suggestions. Hey if thats your date in your name!!! Then we are date twins and almost resort twins! My resort is the El Dorado Seaside Suites on the same day!! We too are doing the wedding on the beach.. and for my groomsmen I was thinking the same thing more laid back.. like nice off white or white linen shirts with maybe khaki colored or black colored shorts... something not to hot but still looks uniform and clean....
  22. Ok so I thought of some more questions... soon I can ask more than one newly wed!!! lol.. ok here goes 1. Did you do a TTD? If so did you have to pay the photographer on site? 2. How did they contact you upon your arrival? Did they go over all the details to how you and WC arranged it? 3. What were the rooms like, did you get garden or oceanview? Some of guests are asking what would be better... 4. Did you get ready in separate rooms the day of.. and did you spend the night apart as per tradition? I am torn as to this.. where would fiance get ready if I were to take over our room? 5. Did you pay to have your marriage licence translated into English before you came back to Canada.. or did you do the symbolic cermony?? I will do 5 at at time for now.. so if you could let me know that would be wicked! Thanks!
  23. Oh we had to go to one of those timeshare things at the last resort we went to in Mexico and would never do it again!!! What a waste of time!!! And yes SUPER high pressure to buy! No thanks! I will think of some more questions a little later and ask them... since you will be leaving I have some time to think... pretty soon I can ask SoontobeE!!!! 26 days... thats insane.. how you holding up?? Everything ready to go??
  24. Soontobe... thats awesome your wedding day is so close now too!!! yay! Another review soon!!! lol! So Nicky.. I have some questions for you!! haha.. ready for this?? 1. Did you have the hair and makeup trial done? If so how did you like the results? 2. How did you pay for your final bill? Was it before you arrived at the resort or how did that all work out? 3. How much did you end up paying for your very PRETTY bouquet? 4. Did you do the sand ceremony? If so, how did you transport it home? 5. Did you have the cocktail hour or so when you were getting photos done? If so how did your guests like it and was there any standing around time for anyone...? I think this is all I have for now... I will think of more and bombard you with those later!! Thanks again Nicky!
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