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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by tguerre Right now the weather is depressing me. We have a bbq and beach bonfire planned for our rehearsal party Thursday night. It is showing scattered thunderstorms Thursday and Friday (40% precip). grrrr..... I am not a May bride but feel terrible for what so many brides are going through, and for being upset about the 40% precip chance I was taught something as a kid that has always stuck with me. Remember if there is 40% chance of rain, that means there is a 60% chance of gorgeous sun!!! It can be so hard but try see the cup as half full
  2. Ya Matt will get an amazing record deal and I will buy his cd for sure and ya Adam is going to be signed no matter what so he doesnt have a worry in this world, but the judges really need to quit playing favourites because I felt so terrible for Kris and Matt that they only were saying they were sad Adam was in the bottom, I am also glad Simon pointed out to congratulate Allison and Danny for being safe because I think otherwise no one would have said anything. I am very excited for rock and roll week next week! I am thinking Allison and Adam will excel the most with that category and I am scared it will get Danny in trouble since it doesnt seem like the category that fits him. They each have their own special genres they fit and I wish at this point in the competition they could each pick songs that suit them from whatever genre they want! It would make it a level playing field since they are all so amazing now....just my thought
  3. oh its definately so sad to see him go, but i am glad of those two he was the one to go
  4. omg i can breathe again.....that was way too close for me...wow
  5. lets just think lots of positive thoughts and hope that works.....
  6. ya im glad i have someone to talk to about this!.....im so so so nervous i have a really bad feeling and i will be heartbroken if my gut feeling right now is right
  7. someone PLEASE tell me you are watching this right now.....im having a bit of a nervous breakdown waiting for results....lets just say its NOT good!!!
  8. so anyone watching the results tonight I have to say I am 20 mins into it and I am so upset about how much Adam is OBVIOUSLY the favoured one by the judges but for them to make that obvious on how he gets more attention and the others are in the shadows (so to speak) is just wrong in my opinion, I think he is amazing and want him to win, but frankly he hasnt won yet and its still anyones game and I wish the judges would stop talking down the other contestants and not giving them equal attention... ok I promise my rant is over...just was a little upset with the show so far tonight
  9. Kara I know this may not be the most fun option, but have you asked anybody you know if they have money you can borrow for now to get flights from an american airline I am SURE someone will have the money or even that people could pool the money together....have you asked anyone?? If this makes it a little lighthearted, all i can think is that if people can quickly come up with bail money for someone, that it is possible for someone to have money so you can get plane tickets quickly....just a thought
  10. I just looked at teh CDC site and the WHO site and neither are updated but I am sure it is like MarieSam says...the news find out quickly and I am sure the WHO is in the middle of writing up the news press release....so does anyone know alot about these levels?? what does level 5 mean now that is different from level 4??
  11. its not a toronto bashing thread lol...I love toronto too and there are alot of great people of course, just we decided to vent out our GTA frustrations...
  12. oh Yorkdale mall is crazy..i dont even go there anymore it just drives me nuts to be there...and I dunno the TTC is one of my HUGEST pet peeves! people that stand in front of subway doors and dont let people off, or people who push others out of the way so they can get on the train first, as if its the last train that will ever show up so if they dont get on this one they are stuck at that subway station, ugh ok this is only proving to me more that I need to get out of Toronto lol. even just that my FI buys the monthly TTC pass and we thought it was saving us money but just worked it out and he is being royally ripped off.... ok now your turn lol.. this is sooooo therapuetic (sp?)
  13. Oh i definately think she is amazing...just i think her defense to not being vulnerable on the show (aka letting simons comments hurt her) is to be shut down a little...and Ryan is saying she needs to open up a little
  14. hmmm so you open to having full out "get out your toronto pet peeves" session?? lol
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