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  1. I personally will be using both.. the girls will have small bouquets for walking down the aisle and the ceremony.. then we are going to be using the parasols for most pictures as well as the bouquets. We are just using the paper type as well and I have received them already and they are going to make some great shots.. so I personally recommend them!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by SoonToBeE Agreed. Can't wait! So glad to hear that everything was great. I had a dream 2 nights ago that we got there and it was so cheap and trashy looking. I was so confused. All the pictures on the site look so nice - I was certain (in my dream) that they had used trick photography to make the resort look nice. I just remember complaining to my FI about 'trick photography' over and over during the dream. Silly what you dream about during the planning process.... Only 25 days until we leave. So crazy! I to have been having dreams about our wedding and things haven't gone as planned in my dreams!! Kind of freaked me out... but then again these are just dreams right!!! Thank god!!! LOL.. Mine all the cake was missing.. people weren't there.. everything from the decor was messed up and just not cool!!! Glad to know that things aren't as they are in dreams hey!!!
  3. Hey Nicky... question for you... how was transporting your dress on the plane Did you have any horror stories or were they nice enough to store it in one of their closets or anything??
  4. I have done both of those areas.. well actually I have about 2 more sessions left.. my underarm hair is stubborn and seems to be taking longer to work other than my bikini area... it has worked great there for the 4 treatments I've had done so far.. barely any hairs grow there anymore... I think my underarms is worse because I shaved that area way more.. so after 2 more sessions hopefully all will be gone for good! But so far bikini results I am liking!
  5. Hey question... are any of you planning on having one of those beach lounges I've seen before?? If so where did you get your inspiration pics from?? I have seen only 2 sent to me from other brides but when I try and google it nothing of the sort comes up... any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Wow! I love your pier pic you posted on your name now!!! WOW! That really does make for some great shots! Ok so I have a question for you...you did the private $11 per person reception correct? Was this on the beach as well? And how great of a meal was it?? I to want to see if you enjoyed this meal for the price or if we should be looking at going to a higher price point?? Also I was going to ask how the translator was and if you guys used a dance floor and did any speeches how it all went?? Wow I think I will have a whole lot more questions... but I will start with these ones!!! Thanks Nicky!
  7. OMG!!! Congrats!!! I am so happy to hear that things went well!!! I can't wait for your more detailed review!!! We were thinking about you on the 6th!!! I am also glad to hear you loved your photographer.. since that is the same company I am using!!! What was the name of your photographer? I cannot wait to see your pics!!! SO EXCITING!!! How does it feel to be married!!!??
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by jetsbride beach bride - your dress is amazing!!! I actually bougt my dress yesterday, I can't stop thinking about it so I figured I am done looking! I got the "Melinda" by Maggie Sottero. I absolutely love it!! I just took a look at your dress on their website!!! OMG its so pretty!!! Can't wait to see pics of you in it!!! I really like it too!!! Congrats!!!
  9. Ok so they must have been sold out of them last time I went to Michaels... cause I bought one from there last night!!! Thanks for all your help though ladies!!!
  10. I think I found a site that actually has one... https://www.croppingcorner.com/brows...ch---palm-tree >>> is this about the size you guys have found elsewhere Yeah for whatever reason Michaels of all places didn't have it!!! How crazy!
  11. So I have tried and tried everywhere to find a palm tree shaped hole punch for scrapbooking and haven't been able to locate one.. I went to Michaels and Walmart and so far nothing... anyone have any ideas as to where else I can go Please any imput would be great!!! Thanks!
  12. So you just used the digital photos your photographer gave you and uploaded them and created your own on that website? Thats kind of a cool idea... does it take a long time to do and then receive it??
  13. Hey question ladies.. I have my BD session booked for March 7th.. but I don't think my price includes an album and to buy one costs the same as the session... did any of you ladies have to go out and buy a cool album to put them or know of any non expensive sites I can check out and possibly buy one from there?? If you could let me know that would be great!!! Thanks!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Jesdinan Sorry if this is a dumb question but I am new! What exactly is a sand ceramony? From reading this page, I gather it involves a vase and colored sand. What is the meaning behind the ceramony? Thanks for the info and sorry again for asking such a dumb question! Its that latest craze for weddings... usually destination weddings.. it is the ceremony just like a unity candle ceremony, except its unity sand ceremony.. you buy the colors of your wedding in sand and then your husband pours one color and you pour the other color blending the two sands together like blending your hearts together as one.. or a unity candle.. same idea... hope that helps!!!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by lolo Thanks girls! Those vows do sound terrible! In my experience once you are down there they will do everything to help you. You might have to flash some $$$ if they don't do what you want. lol! I can't see a problem with changing the vows, after all it is OUR wedding. good luck!! Tracy when did you book your wedding? I am scared to book too far in advance in case it is more expensive. I actually paid the 200 dollar deposit to hold my date back in Oct. We are now in the first stages of booking our rooms. I just did it yesterday actually. We got quotes from our TA back in Nov as well, and we waited till the new year to see if the prices would drop as she said they might, they only went down 10 less per person, but she gave us that price anyways. If your TA quotes you something now.. they may not have the rates for 2010 yet, but ours told us if the new rates came in higher that she would honor the lower original price she quoted us. And if its through Signature you end up booking through then they may be doing the Sept rate deal; something to do with by Sept 15th if the quote is lower than originally quoted you get the lower quote... so I would just talk to your TA if you have one yet and see what she/he has for pricing yet... I personally wasn't to worried after she reasurred me with this information so its totally up to you...
  16. Thats so weird that you have Valeria too and she told you that you can personalize your vows... she said its unavailable for me to do that!! I will have to double check with her!! I know I want to see if we can take that part out of the ceremony too or change it a bit cause it sounds terrible!!! LOL
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by beachbride2009 Tracy_S your dress is GORGEOUS! Hope all is well with you! Did you get to see it the store before I bought it?? I don't remember being able to post a pic of my dress...
  18. My dress designer was actually an american designer Pattis. I bought the one off the rack there to so I don't know if it is there for purchase or if they have ordered another one in to replace the one I bought! But I absolutley love it! Go see the girl named Kalli! She saved my wedding dress for me and was so sweet!!! Excellent salesperson!!!
  19. Ok that is the wording I was provided as well... but when would you be able to input your own personal vows if you so chose?? There to me doesn't seem to be a point in the ceremony outline that allows for that... thats cool that your WC sent you how the whole process would go I want to check with Valeria and make sure that is how my day will play out too!! Oh and welcome Linda!! Hopefully we can answer any of your questions you may have as Soontobe says we have some girls getting married in a couple of weeks or months! We have one girl there right now... we are all patiently waiting her return so she can tell us all about it!!! So very exciting!!
  20. I have a question for you gals... were you told that you couldn't choose your wording or get personal vows to say to each other?? What about for the sand ceremony wording?? I was told that we have to use the standard Civil ones.. and that for the sand ceremony it was their wording as well.. But the outline my WC sent me didn't have anything it in like the normal wedding like I promise to love and cherish you... in sickness and in health type deal... is this the deal you girls received as well?? If not I want to challenge that... please let me know! Thanks!!
  21. I to got my dress from Beautiful Bride here in Calgary! I love their sales staff! They went out of their way to honor an original price of the gown I fell in love with if I could buy it off the rack and I did!!! So I would also HIGHLY recommend them to check out... they do have some great DW dresses... mine isn't just a plain destination one its all lacy and mermaid style... I love it!!!
  22. Yeah we have booked with Flight Centre and we got that 16th person free deal... plus we were able to get the It's all about the Bride promo.. so once we have 5 or more rooms booked then we get resort credit or whatever else depending on how many rooms you get.. so yeah I would double check that... there should be something you should have got!!!
  23. Thats funny I actually just talked to my TA about this same thing and she told me that when I was booking my flights to mention that I was a bride and she said that they would be very accomodating and most likely place it in the captains closet... so I am hoping that is the case!! I guess I will have to see when the time comes!
  24. Happy wedding day Nicky!!! I know its going to be spectacular!!! Can't wait to hear all about it when you return!!! YAY! The first EDSS bride review!!!
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