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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by 27 desses Does anyone know the reason behind them not wanting us to use Del Sol as the photographers? I actually contacted them as well and asked for their pricing and they told me that they do not deal with Karisma hotels simply because of the fee they place on their brides. The 500 dollars they don't agree with.. so I think for reasons on policies, that would be my understanding as to why they don't use them or refuse to work at a Karisma hotel. Hope that helped!
  2. That is so exciting that you had your wedding already!! I can't wait to see the pics!!! How was everything I can't wait to see the resort in person!! Did you do the beach wedding or the sky wedding??
  3. I love those pics! So relieved to see how finished everything is looking... I have been waiting to show these pics to my FI and he is going to be so thrilled!!! I can't wait to see it in person!!! I love this forum it has helped me in choosing this resort!!! Thanks everyone for your posts!!!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by cowman1999 I was just looking over the packages... The silver package states,"Decoration of wedding location including wooden plank aisle runner, chairs for 12 people and table with white linen".... So everything else costs extra? Like the gazebo or archway? I guess I assumed those were included since I always see them in pics.. http://karismahotels.com/wedding/eve..._amenities.pdf This is a link to the optional amenities.. which yes includes the prices for whichever type of arch you would like... there are a couple of pages of optional things to look through, so have a browse... just a little thing I found when researching too! Hope this helps!
  5. Azul Sensatori Hotel Photos - Azul Sensatori Hotel Pics - Azul Sensatori Hotel Pictures is this the same website that everyone else is looking at the Azul Sensatori resort? Luis told me that they would have new pics on their website by the end of Oct.. its now Nov 3rd and I was just wondering if I am looking on the wrong site? Where else if anywhere else are they pictures of the resort
  6. Question to all you brides.... where can I find a great photographer? I am looking to find one that is not to expensive, I looked up Elizabeth Medina and her packages are pricy.. Does anyone have a list as to which photographers Azul Sensatori actually allows? I know there are like 3 on their website that you can choose from, but I was hoping to check out some other work. If anyone knows anything please help me out! I am at a stand still right now Thanks ladies!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Ania We are working with Luis as well. (It's a guy btw lol). I haven't started any communications with him though, so we'll find out as we go along. Could anyone confirm whether outside guests with day pass can they be part of the private dinner? It says on the contract with Azul that they can't participate in private events... ? EDIT: I just looked it up, it's worded funny, but it really means you pay extra for the day pass but it does not include the food from private event dinner. So you pay for the guest again for their food. OMG I can't believe I thought he was a she... oops my bad! But yeah keep me posted as to how you find him to work with.. so far he's ok but like I said before his answers are a little short and that could be cause my wedding is a year away too but, keep me posted...
  8. I am so excited for you Amy!! Can't wait to see the pics!!! Hey question... I have been talking with Luis Perez.. has anyone else worked with her?? She says she is out of a Florida office.. but her name never comes up when you talk about your wedding coordinators... How would I get in touch with this Fabio fellow and or anyone else. Luis's answers to some of my questions leave me wanting more... like she doesn't give exact answers... can anyone help me out?? That would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Just a question to you ladies, I have been thinking about this before I booked at the Sensatori, would the palm trees be nicely grown by nov next year or will they still look as they do in those pics that Abby has posted? Also has anyone seen the beach site for the weddings yet? Or have any pics of it?? I know on Karisma's website they show the decorations for their sites, but is that the same that Sensatori will provide as well?? If anyones knows and could let me know that would be great! Thanks!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Sensatori Bride Hi Ladies, If anyone is interested my TA sent me information on a webinar that Karisma is doing tonight. The topic is Destination Weddings at their resorts. It begins at 7pm EST. If you're interested send me your email and I'll send you the information. I am totally interested, my email address is tbedient_21@hotmail.com.. thanks so much for the info!!
  11. OK I did, but now its asking me to copy the html and what do I do with it after that Please help!! LOL
  12. Sorry to change the subject a little on here ladies, but I see you all have these countdown timers till your weddings... I'm new here and have no idea how to get one for myself! If someone could let me in on the secret that would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
  13. Abby, I would like to thank you for uploading those pics of the resort! Turns out our weddings may be very close to one another at the same resort! I can now show these pics to my fiance who really wanted to see actual pictures of the resort other than just the digital renderings!! So I thank you so much for that! Our wedding date is set for Nov 7th 2009... seems like a day after yours!!! So cool!
  14. Tracy_S

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    My name is Tracy My wedding date is Nov 7th 2009 hoping to be at the Azul Sensatori Resort... not finalized on that one yet! But I look forward to reviewing all this website has to offer!! Tracy
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