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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by J&MWedding hey girls, So if you have read any of my other threads, you know that I am big on customer service. I don't think I have high expectations, but realistic ones. I don't want any of you to order gifts for people and not receive them like I am having done with this web store. So, here is my story.... Back in July (yep, July) I ordered items ahead of time for thank you gifts for the women putting on my bridal shower. I just ordered the regular shipping time because I didn't need them until the end of September! They emailed me back immediately that my Terry Cloth Slippers I ordered were on back order and were to ship around 8/7/09. Fair enough, right? That didn't bother me. To this date, I still have not received my slippers and my bridal shower is Oct 3rd. I just sent them an email telling them to forget the order, refund my money, and that I would not be ordering anything else from them in the future. I was pretty disappointed because I do need to order more presents and now I have to find another vendor for them. Just wanted to give you girls a heads up if you do decide to order anything from this website - they take a long time - if you even get your order. Just a question did you already find another vendor for your slipper order. I'm not aloud to sell myself to you ladies and I get that but just thought maybe i could help you. I would hate for you to not get something that you really need for your wedding day. I believe your wedding is Oct 3rd. Are u close by New Jersey by chance. Even if not I actually have one pair left that a past order (my bestfriend's order.) didn't need. If you wanted them to be white I will send them to you. No cost. They are just sitting in my office waiting for someone to use them. I can send you a picture if you want. I hope this helps you out. Good luck with all your planning. Shana
  2. Divine Embroidery

    OOT bag Help!!!

    I just went to my girlfriends wedding in Mexico last month at Azul Sentori. She did oot bags. She did one bag per couple. She did have some rooms with two girls so those rooms got one per person. But overall it worked out price wise. She got so many compliments and since the hotel supplied beach towels she was happy she didn't do them also. The bag was perfect for the supplied towel and for suntan lotion. But here's the best. She saved money by not filling it. each bag was embroidered with beading and she put an itinerary in each bag that i made for her and it was perfect. if the bag means more to you then just add some hand sanitizer or koozie and an itinerary. It does add up quick but what will they use more! Good luck! Shana Quote: Originally Posted by Taryn20 How much should be budgeted for the OOT bags? I have seen so many great OOT bags and ideas since I joined the forum. We have approximetely 40 people going with us. I really like the personalized mugs and koozies but things are starting to add up very quickly. Any advice?? Ideas?? Thanks, Taryn
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by hockeymom97 Thanks for letting me know. I'm debating between these and a striped bag I found on a different site - 4imprint Promotional Products, Promotional Items, Advertising Specialties and Imprinted Promotional Products. I kind of like the striped one (waiting for them to send me a sample) but they have a minimum order of 100, which obviously I don't need. I started another thread trying to see if anyone is interested in a group order, but if that doesn't work I think I might go with these Just wanted to try and help you girls out a bit. There are a lot of companies out there that don't have a min. amount to purchase. Have you tried e-bay. I don't know what your price range is but there are a lot of canvas oot bags for under $8.00 and they are embroidered with what ever you want.
  4. Anon101, Ok now I got it. That's a great idea. Your guests will love that. Good Luck!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Anon101 Hi! I really wish I had the energy and time to put together the lovely bags that I keep reading about here, but I don't. So, I'm looking for something nice and easy. Any ideas? I was considering giving each guest a $25 gift certificate to the gift shop at our hotel. Is this a terrible idea? Thanks! I'm confused were you looking to replace oot bags with a gift certificate. So instead of an oot bag they will receive a gift card of $25.00. That is a great idea but oot bags are a lot cheaper then 25.00 a piece. Unless you are counting the items in the oot bag as well in that 25.00 a person. But even so you can find great personalised oot bags on here that are very affortable and you won't have to make anything. Just an idea. I would hate to see you fork out all that money when an oot bag can be cheaper. Good luck with your planning.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Jenamie What whould you advise with a bathing suit, should I send it to get embroidered or would it be fine with iorn ons? I want to put "just married" on the back of my bathing suit but I'm not sure what would be best or would last at threw out my two week honeymoon... I would think that a iron on would be better for a bathing suit. Reason being a bathing suit is very stretchy material. When I put any material on my machine I have to stretch it to make it tight. Bathing suit material gets weaker while it is stretched out. I would hate to take a chance with my machine to make holes in that kind of material. Especially for your honeymoon. But here's an idea. I can do beach cover-ups. I do, do a lot of strapless beach cover-ups. Popular sayings brides have done are "Taken" on the but or just married on the front. Check the link below for pics. If your interested. Pictures by shanamerl - Photobucket Shana Sew Divine Embroidery
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by marny61 We are thinking about monogram beach towels for the OOT bags - not sure of the design but did think about putting the location - Playa del Secreto and the year....felt that this way folks would get more use out of them. Wondering if anyone has found a towel site to order from with good prices and quality. I read somewhere that the velour towels are better to monogram - not sure if that is true or not. Velour is a lot better to embroider. Terry towels can get a lot of pulls in them in a machine. Also from everyday use the terry towels don't last as long the can get pulls easily and it runs across the whole towel. Sort of like pantyhose. When you get a runner in your stocking. But velour towels don't do that. One side of the towel is sort of like a terry towel with little hoops but the embroidered side is real smooth and makes the towel look a lot richer. And when it comes to embroidering them they get no pulls and look great. Hope this helps you. Shana Merl Divine Enmbroidery
  8. Divine Embroidery

    Personalized items

    Quote: Originally Posted by strutzin You definitely shouldn't sweat over having personalized items, it's your wedding lol. We got personalized cups and napkins just because of what Divine Embroidery said with people enjoying something to remember the special day by. The company we used got our favors done extremely quickly. Your wedding is coming up mighty soon, but if you really wanted something personalized they might be able to help you out. Then again, I don't think anyone will be upset if you decide not to personalize. Good luck! I feel you took my reply the wrong way so let me rephrase what i said. To me it sounded like she was hesitant to get things personalized being it was getting closer to her wedding. So when i was giving her ideas I was trying to be their for her and make her feel better about her decision not personalizing some of her things. I wasn't saying that all guests of every wedding shouldn't have personalized tote bags or beach towels. I do this everyday for a lot of brides and every bride is different. So i apologize if any of you brides took my reply the wrong way. I'm simply saying no matter what you girls decide you guests will be excited of whatever you choose because you thought of them by giving them gifts. Shana Merl
  9. Have something simple put on you towels. If you trying not to personalize them to much why don't you have a palm tree with some beach chairs put on the towels. Or how about some Caribbean flowers put on them for girls. And if you decide that you want them to be a little personalized how about a ribbon tied around each beach towel then have an ID tag attached to it with your logo or your names (bride and Groom) and wedding date inside ID-tag. This way it's only personalized for the wedding trip. When they go home they can take out the paper in ID tag and use the towel and tag later. Good luck planning. Shana
  10. Divine Embroidery

    Personalized items

    I agree with all you girls. You want your guests to be able to have something that will remind them of the great time they had but with out having the bride and groom's name on everything. There is so many things you can use to personalize it to your wedding but not to the bride and groom. For example a simple palm tree with beach chairs next to it will remind them of a beach wedding. Or Vegas would be cool if you had a set of dice as a design. Just some ideas. Good luck planning. Shana
  11. I ordered a lot of candy from oriental trading. I don't know if they have your colors but it's worth a try. But I just did a search for you and typed in bulk wholesale candy. I got tons of hits. Sorry i'm not much help. Party supplies, crafts, party decorations, toys: Oriental Trading Shana
  12. For my girlfriends oot bag she's just doing a little welcome booklet that has a welcome letter and 7 pages of info about the resort we are staying in. It turned out cute. We made them out of paper bags and raffia. When we get down there she's adding snacks in the bags. Maybe some advil or something but nothing big. She wanted the canvas oot bags to be the focus not whats in them. This way she didn't have to lug all that stuff down there. If you think about it who doesn't have the munchies late at night after a night of partying. Just ideas. Good luck ladies.
  13. Divine Embroidery

    LF: White or Pink Parasols

    Hey girls, I just found parasols on the cheap. They are selling white ones for $30.00 for a set of 12. Then a set of 3 color ones for $15.00. I'm thinking of the white and painting them for my friend as a wedding shower present. She wanted them for her girls to hold for photos. I did look on Lunar Bazar but I only need 10 and it was 80.00. That's way to much for just one day. Check them out maybe you'll save some money. YEAHHHHH!!! Oriental Trading Company
  14. Ladies, Thank you for all the nice words about my work. Good luck on all the planning and I'm here when you need me. P.S. The towels are $14.00 each. Shana
  15. Divine Embroidery


    Hey I was in a store by my house and saw pashmina's. Then I noticed they had a website. They are selling them for only $5.00. That sounded cheap to me. I just know some of you girls were looking for them. Hope someone can use this info. Here's the link. BFabulous Shana