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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by MRhoades0219 I LOVE your bags! I just found a local place that will do Koozies and just had them ordered. They loved the saying and asked if they would be able to use it in their store as a display! Thanks for sharing and giving me some wonderful insperation! Your welcome!! Congrats on your wedding next week!!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by slapsappyhappy For past brides: Did they give you a hard time about the 20% of guests staying off the property? I am beginning to get really nervous b/c I am already up to 11 people staying off the resort (including my dad!!!) and there are only about 23 on the resort!!! uh oh... I tried to get my TA to put a higher percentage in the contract but she said it doesn't matter b/c they usually don't give people a hard time. Is that true? I was so angry at my fi for picking a place that no one can afford... why is MP so expensive he assures me it is worth it a
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by NJ Hunnie Hi Ladies, How are you? I was trying to plan my welcome dinner...I was contemplating between Arrecifes or Trattoria. Can you former MP brides tell me which one you prefer. Thanks so much! It depends on the type of atmosphere you want. We had ours at Arrecifes and everyone had such a blast. They set up the party on the terrace overlooking the pools and the ocean. It is a more casual fun type of dinner. Trattoria has great food and is a white table cloth, formal type of dinner that is inside. It is also located by the golf course which is
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by jlwedding Also - have any of you had any difficulty getting them to reply about the hair appointments? I can't seem to get anyone to reply! Thanks _ Jen Jen, We we got married in July, our contact was Reyna Nuñez Olivera. Email is renunez at palaceresorts dot com. She set up everything. (pedicures, manicures, spa treatments, hair and makeup) she usually responded within 24 hours.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Fabi Here is a link for photos and video from the Moon Palace Photographers Weddings This is the first time I have seen this site..... Very cool. Several of the brides in the video are brides that inspired me when we were planning our wedding. Way cool!!
  6. Woodsylou, We took the approach that we didn't want to do much once we got to MP. We had a three hour session with our wedding coordinator the day after we arrived (Monday), and never worried much about it after that point. If you don't want to make decisions on things like location, flowers, etc., just pick a package and ask your WC to make those decisions for you. Nibsmom brought and used their IPOD and docking station during part of their wedding. I think she talked about it a few pages ago. We brought ours but only used it in the room and at the pool. We rented the music
  7. Welcome to all you new MP brides!!! If you will look in my review (link below my siggi pic), I used David Pena. I also originally looked into Tamms Photography but they were already booked for my weekend. I love artsy photography and this is the one area I would of changed and that has been a big issue after the wedding. (I've shed many a tear, as a matter of fact). Don't get me wrong, David's work was good but it wasn't outstanding or artsy in any way. I had asked for some specific things, and he wasn't able to provide that. I did see where he did some of the things I asked of him for
  8. Here is a link to the customs form. http://www.aduanas.sat.gob.mx/aduana...eck_211005.pdf Luggage and Exemptions (the $300 part) are explained on page two. This is the form you will fill out on the plane and you provide to customs.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by angela040504 Mrseddy r you getting an outside photog? I just came across this wedsite and am reading all this stuff i didnt think you could do. Do you have any adive for me we are getting married nov 13! And i still cant see and attachments or anything when will i be able to do that? And the receipt thing is that for real cause i didnt save any for the things i bought? Angela, There are lots of posts pertaining to receipts. There are templates out there that you can create new ones for yourself. You and your FI are limited to amounts of items so watch that
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Fabi FOR THE CATHOLIC CEREMONY: Did you bring your own cushions to kneel down CAKE-CUTTING: Did you bring your own knife and spatula or did Moon Palace provide this? CENTER PIECES: Did anyone get any centerpieces? How much do they cost? Are they in Glass Vases? Did anyone use LED's under their Glass Vases for extra glamour or is this just tacky EXPO-CENTER: Has anyone had their dinner and dance at the ExpoCenter? I only got one tiny little picture from them and I would like to get your feedback as to if it is cute or not. My party will be sma
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Fabi Tina: I totally understand if you dont want to but is there any way that you can put up the video so we can see it? Fabi :-) Fabi, I will attempt to put it somewhere tonight. I haven't tried to pull anything from the DVD so I don't know if they have it write protected or not. I love the DVD. It captured so much of the wedding and afterwards. It is a very nice thing to have for memories. Tina
  12. All, We FINALLY received our complimentary night refund today.... Almost three months after the wedding. The amount is wrong but we received all but $230 of it this morning. Now, our TA is checking on why we didn't get all of it. DH and I have said all along it was a bonus because we were so thrilled with everything about the moon palace, and the wedding AND we did receive the coctail hour and receiption/dance for free. It is nice to get though....... (hehe!!) I've had that money earmarked for some new flooring downstairs in our house.... !!! YEAH!!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by vgirl17 I know this has been discussed before but I can't find a clear answer. For those of you who have been married at MP, where you able to decide what wording was used for the ceremony? Or change their standard "script"? You can change the script but I have heard that you take a chance of getting someone performing the ceremony that have language barriers when they stray from their normal wording. Our WC recommended we change as little a possible. We ended up changing the vows only and adding the sand ceremony and got someone that could read English ver
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMsMoulton Hi Everyone- To the brides that got married there and come back to give us all advice THANK YOU!!! Its been so helpful! We had 15 PPL book off resort and we only have 22 people booked onto the resort so I am MAJORLY freaking out about how we are going to get them onto the resort for the day! Good luck with this. Is there any way you can get some to change their minds? I have heard they are running some specials at Moon Palace for the fall, maybe that will extend to February.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by thefuturemrslutz How HOT is it exactly? Being from the south, I am used to steamy hot summer nights. I guess I was hoping it would be a little cooler, being right on the water...am I wrong? Personally, I thought it was great every night once the sun went down. The ocean breeze is amazing. It was HOT in the sun during the day. It wasn't that bad at all if you were in the shade with the breeze..... BUT, I wouldn't have wanted to have something during the day outside. We live in Austin, Texas where we had almost two months of over 100 degree days with humidity
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