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  1. I used Brian Nejedly while in Jamaica at the RPTB. He has a site : briandesign I can just say wow on the trash the dress pics he took and the dvd and beautiful pics printed on the most amazing paper that shimmered!
  2. Hello & congrats! I was married at the RPTB in August 2010. I brought with me a real to touch bouquet, but the one they provided was very beautiful as well. It was private and nobody bothered us during the ceremony. I walked through the garden/private walkway towards the beach area. I brought a cd with music to walk to. They set everything up on the side away from a crowd. I had the basic free pkg. I had a local photographer from the states who lives in Jamaica now.....do a beautiful pkg for us the following week along with trash the dress pics. His name is Brian Nejedly 876-355-8036....ve
  3. My hsband and I had vacationed in DR last year and REALLY enjoyed the zip lining tour. He is very afraid of heights, but wih some winning on my part, I convinced him to do it. Hey, why not do something different? I also got him to go parasailing. Not bad for Mr. im afraid of heights It was so much fun.
  4. We got married at RPTB in august 2009. we opted for the beach because taht's just us/ Both our beautiful. The WC makes sure that the area is "sectioned off" from other guests. The beach arch is located away from the main path of guests so you have privacy. The 2 gazebos are great. One thing I would change is the time of day. At least when we were there back in August, it seemed to rain in the late afternoon from 2 and on/off until about4pm or so. It was bright and sunny in the AM. I would have opted for an earlier wedding ceremony if i could go back, but i suppose that the weather is always di
  5. good luck in your search. we are looking to go to St. Lucia for a honeymoon in the winter...jan or feb. so let me know what you have decided. there are 3 as you know to look at.
  6. Just keep in mind that Montego Bay is nice, but it's also a central town atmosphere near the resort. It takes about an hour bus ride (with a stop if you want to for drinks and food on the way) from the airport and the transfer bus area desks you walk past in the airport before you go outside, so it's easy to find the correct bus. I'm not knocking Montego Bay though. Just want to say it's not that far to go down to Negril to the other Riu's. Also keep in mind that the RPTB is owned by the palace chain now and is the only Riu that is. We picked it because I stayed at the Cancun Palace last y
  7. I promise to post my review this week! I got married august 7th and LOVED it! We both have a daughter... his is 1 1/2 and mine is 8 and they had so much fun there. I really wouldn't worry about kids being there. There are 2 pools that are about 4ft deep and a kiddie pool, also. I could see my 8yr old at all times, while having fun at the swim up bar lol and floating the baby in her tube. Just remeber to bring pool floats, beach ball, etc.. to keep them occupied. The beach is so near and like bath water. Our ceremony was great! I was very pleased with it. We went to Sandals the follow
  8. Hey ladies! We just got back from our wedding at RPTB and let me just say WOW! What a great job they do there! I just loved this resort! Stay tuned for my complete review to come this week....promise. We went to the Sandals Ocho Rios the following week and I was not at all impressed with them. I wanted to go back to RPTB and cancel the Sandals using my travel insurance (I believe I told management this and they tried upgrading us to ease the pain....but it did not compare) I chose to use an outside photographer named Brian Nejedly that picked us up from Sandals and took us to lo
  9. Purrfected: I had to laugh to my self about the sentence in parantheses. lol There will be NO ex's at my wedding for sure. That's why we decided long ago to do a DW...to be far far away from dramma and fake bs. It's my day and no one will ruin it. I think certain people got the hint when we had our wedding shower/jack and jill to get over themselves. Thank you for your kind words and support.
  10. Sorry ladies, but i've been searching around to find a link about wedding vows, but i can't seem to locate it. I began writing my wedding script with 6 days to go and my mind is just shot. Please help!!! Thank you
  11. I agree with what the girls have already said so well. I just don't know how to add more to the great advice. Just remember that it's your wedding and focus on the 2 of you. I'm so sorry you're going through this. We are all here to support you and vent to. Don't worry about that at all. We all have done it at one time or another. I do feel your hurt. It's disappointing is what it is...when you expect people to be a part of something special for you and last min. changes are made. If i could go back in time i myself would be re thinking bringing my so called best friend. In my own cir
  12. If he has a passport and driver's license then that means that your government has a copy of his license somewhere in their system. Check maybe with the embassy in his home country to see what they say. I would also check with your city office like a clerks' office that handles papaerwork to see about getting a duplicate. There are also websites out there that will do the research for you, but you're gonna have to pay for it. Search or make another post asking about if anyone knows or has used such a website. Good Luck!
  13. I'm bringing down a hurricane glass for our centerpiece and votive candles and holders for the table... snda ceremony pic. frame, toasting glasses, unity candle, etc.... oh, and I took 2 sand dollars and painted them with glass paint and varnished them instead of a pillow for our rings (came out real nice ) What I plan to do is to bubbble wrap the heck outta the glass ware and candles! I'm then putting the candles and votive holders inside a priority mailing box (free) and putting packing peanuts around them on the inside of the box to put inside a suitcase to check under the plane. The
  14. jennie

    ROR bride

    Congrats and welcome! It'll take you abit to earn points to view different things, but it will come fast. Be active and post post post! You're in the right place. Enjoy all of the great advice and look around for ideas. It may seem close, but you have a ways to go in months, so don't get too nervous. I didn't start really planning til afew months prior and am all set now for my DW in 1 week! Woot! Relax and take a deep breath...lol.... remember, it's not like a typical back home wedding where there's tons to plan out. You get a WC, etc... that will take you step by step. So Congrats again and
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