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  1. I didn't read any negativity at all...just someone looking for information.
  2. I think the problem with putting pricing on the STD, besides the word clutter, is that the prices change. Usually, a TA will only be able to secure a rate for a short period of time and then afterwards it is no longer available, hence making any information on the STD (or even the website for that matter) inaccurate. Since people may also choose to make their own travel/accomodation arrangements seperately, I would just put the website URL on the STD and then update your website accordingly.
  3. It is great, isn't it Jenn! Tam, I perused your website and I like it! I just have one question: isn't there a $10 USD fee for the tourist card? I think they make you pay that at the airport/customs in the Dominican Republic in order to be able to visit there. That might be something to verify and then let our guests know on our websites. Also, it may be something that the TA takes care of in their fees, but not always. It is worth checking out.
  4. Update: Nov 13, 2009 Overall good day. I got up in the morning and made my meals for the day which consisted of tuna sandwiches, grilled chicken, egg whites, oatmeal, and a protein shake. I ate them at 3 hour intervals. I also got up early enough to do my second leg workout for the week (it should have been back day, but because I did biceps the day before, I decided to give an extra day so I could maximize my back workout where my biceps would be important). I did my cardio in the morning as well. The gym I went to in the morning did have one of the exercise machines that I needed, so after work, I went to another gym to get the last workout in as well as some abs. I did treat myself to a cookie and ice cream at the end of the night, but I am not bothered by that since the majority of the day was pretty good. I'll give an update for today when the day is done To be continued...
  5. UPDATE: Nov 11, 2009: I started my chest workout but felt really sluggish and so I stopped it and went home to bed instead. I have also had a really bad eating week so I think it was catching up to me. I vowed to start fresh the next day. Nov 12, 2009: Normally a rest day, but I got myself to the gym and did my chest/biceps workout, 35 minutes cardio, and calves Nov 13, 2009: I did my legs, 35 minutes cardio, and Abs. To be continued...
  6. That is really sucky. I am sorry for your bad experience. I think I agree with the other people who say take your dress to another seamstress. If someone told me I had to pay that much for alterations... o_O ...I would definately take my business elsewhere -- especially if they weren't even nice to begin with. I am not going with a bridal shoppe for my dress because the cost is just a bit much for my budget, but if I did, I would expect good service as that would be the ONLY reason I would pay them the big bucks.
  7. Well today was a much better day. I woke up, had my usual breakfast, and then went to the gym and completed yesterday's workout (chest, bi, calves, cardio). After that, I went to Swiss Chalet and bought a chicken salad and a quarter chicken dinner with steamed veggies for later. I bought fat free dressing from the supermarket to eat with the salad and I ignored the chalet sauce. Only water was drunk with my meals. This evening I ended the day with a protein shake and some wasabi peas. So all in all, did pretty good. Now I will go to bed to get up early and do some cooking and working out. Good night!
  8. I think that is an amazing deal. If my heart wasn't already set on a specific styled dress, I would've had to grab one up for myself for the actual wedding! If it works for the vibe of your TTD, then I say go for it!
  9. I am also thinking of doing the gazebo and I would not be decorating it, as, like Latoya said, it is already naturally really pretty. As for the boob enhancing, I would have seconded ebredhawk's suggestion with the VS inserts. I used them in my bikini for the fitness show (you saw the pics Nat). I really liked the effect as I all but lost my boobs when I did the show. The sew-in inserts may be your best option if your dress isn't tight enough to hold them in. jmmcauly; GORGEOUS DRESS. It looks like the on in the Sex in the City movie by Vivian Westwood. I love it! And I think that is so cool that you are a gym teacher. That must be an awesome job! Did you do Kin in school? Thanks guys for the links to the linens. Tam, how did you find the prices to canada for S&H? Those unit prices look really good!
  10. I gained...I am now a whooping 131.8 lbs. My weight before I started training hovered around 135 lbs. I was hoping not to go back to that again. I haven't updated in awhile, so I will do a quick synopsis by date: Sunday: No workout as I was working on my budget. Fortunately, it is done and out of the way. Diet was...not great. Lots of space between meals and they weren't really meals, just ghetto snacks. I ended the night with a pasta salad which was actually not too bad. Monday: Aunt Flo comes to visit reaking havoc on my body. Fortunately, it is a rest day. Eating was good in the morning with some egg whites and oatmeal followed by a tuna sandwhich made with mustard...and then chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, a whopper burger, and some fries Later was a bag of chips, and even later was some soda crackers and 1/2 a pomagranate. So once again, the diet does me in. Tuesday: I did my leg workout and cardio. I missed my abs. The diet started the same as yesterday but then went down hill again when I bought some outside food (chicken/rice/veggies, but not particularly nutritious if I am honest). Then on a late night movie date with FI, I had a chees pizza with chicken strips which may or may not have contained chicken. The night ended with bubble tea at 2:30 am. Wednesday: After seeing the horrific revelation the scale that was my weight, I promptly went and prepared my meals for the day at work. It meant I ate a lot better -- tuna, rice cake, and egg whites were the theme until 8 pm when I blew it with a cream filled pastry, a hotdog pastry, and 2 mini burgers. I attempted my chest/biceps workout but found myself to be very sluggish (gee, wonder why) and just left after failing on my flat fly/DB press superset. I downed my protein shake (which should've taken precedent over the burgers and pasteries) and I am now infront the cpu tell you all this. Sorry for the long post, but I did say I wanted to be more transparent about my efforts and so that is my update. As you can see, not doing great on the food and it is now affecting the workouts which is supposed to be the easy part. So I'll be going to bed now and tomorrow will be a new day to start again fresh. I look forward to giving you more positive updates soon. Good night! Stay-C
  11. Hi Chirorach! I think if your friends and family are wanting to throw you a party I would just let them; most people just want to share in your day and understand that the actual wedding is small. I also think your friends and family will have good judgement and will respect your concerns and plan accordingly. I would not feel obligated to invite people to your wedding who you weren't planning on inviting just because your friends/family invited them to your shower. Again, your wedding is small so no one should feel put off that they were not invited if they were not close family/friends. Don't stress!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Tam You are very sweet. Are you PMsing?? lol lolololol So funny you ask that, because I am actually on my period right now (sorry if that was TMI). But hormones aside, I really do appreciate you guys. I have been participating in many forums and threads that make you feel like you are in a presidential debate. Here, it is very chill and it really is a breath of fresh air. It is nice to just talk without feeling like I have to prove a point. Okay it is almost 4 am. I really should sleep. Good night!
  13. Hey guys, I am having a lovey-dovey moment ...I just wanted to say how awesome it has been to be able to chat with you guys on the threads. I know I am not the most overly active participant, but I do follow regularly and it is so nice to see everyone getting along so well and to see such an awesome vibe. I can't wait for my wedding planning to take off and then I can be where you guys are in the bustle of planning. I look forward to the awesome experience Cheers!
  14. My update: Nov 7, 2009: legs, calves, 35 minute recumbant bike Nov 8, 2009: MISSED; I had to update my financial statements which I neglected for over 4 months. Sucks, but I feel so much better that they are done; now I am one step closer to official wedding planning. Nov 9, 2009: Rest Day Nov 10, 2009: legs, 35 min treadmill
  15. If I do a rehersal/welcome dinner, it will most likely be at the bar or the buffet (read: for free; you and I think alike, Nat! hehe!) I was also thinking if I did OOT bags, I would hand them out then (again, read 'free'). Geez, I sound horrendously cheap...but I think it will have a nice unifying effect if they are handed out at that point and it is a nice way to just formally say thanks to everyone and make sure we all get in touch incase we don't get to with the craziness of the wedding.
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