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    I forgot this one from a magazine!!
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    Here's pictures of the dress from our wedding day. The Dress Dress Train Dress from front Dress from behind with train down Dress from Front Dress from behind once the train was bustled Enjoy!!
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    Prescilla of Boston Vinyard Dress - Style # "Lucy" Designer Pick Silk Taffeta strapless ball gown with ruched bodice and overskirt in Ivory. Purchased in October, 2009 Gown Search I am selling my beautiful wedding dress for $1500 + shipping, (originally paid $2850 + $650 for alterations). Our wedding was in January of 2010 and, in my opinion, my dress was stunning!! I've included a link to the Priscilla of Boston website where the dress can be purchased brand new for $2500-$3000, without alterations. I would love to give another bride the opportunity to wear such a beautiful dress without having to pay the full price. The dress was worn once and has been dry cleaned and has come out totally immaculate. It has been stuffed with a cardboard bodice and carefully packaged ready for shipping. The dress was originally a Size 2 and has been altered to fit my body so i will put my measurements below. It already has all the ties in place to bustle the train at the back (which cost $400). Height = 5ft 7" Weight = 115 Bust = 33" Waist = 25" Hips = 33" Obviously you don't need to match those measurements exactly but it should give you an idea of what size the dress is. I've attached some pictures of the dress now - to show that's it's still in pristine condition!! And also some of me in it to show you what it looked like in our wedding photos. Let me know if anyone thinks they are interested!! The Dress in it's Box The Bottom of the Dress...clean!! Fabric Flower underneath the zip on the back of the bodice Back of Bodice Front of Bodice The Dress! More photos in next post!!
  4. So sorry to hear some of you haven't heard back from them. My personal opinion is it's worth the wait. Honestly they were fantastic and as soon as they confirm your date you don't need to worry about a thing. They are on top of everything and make your day so easy and relaxed. Good Luck!
  5. Yes, the open bar was included in the dinner package price. They even served us at our tables which i wasn't expecting. A nice touch i thought!!!
  6. Our wedding was actually 2 months ago now, January 25 2010, and I’m only just getting round to writing this review of our photographer. But I know how helpful reviews are when you’re in the planning stages and I honestly can’t say enough good things about our wedding photos so a positive review is the least I can do! So our photographer was Francisco from Photosouvenir and our wedding was at Dreams Punta Cana. We got the gold package which was 4hrs, although he stayed an extra 30 mins for no extra charge. And then he came back the next day for an hour for the TTD session. Due to reading so many positive reviews about this company we reserved our wedding date a year in advance and received a contract to sign and send back. We paid a 10% deposit about one week before the wedding via PayPal and then we paid the remainder of the balance the day we left the resort in traveler’s checks (USD). All contact was done via e-mail and every e-mail was responded to within 24hrs answering any questions I had. A week before we left for the Dominican Republic they e-mailed us with the name of the photographer that would be at our wedding so that we could organize a day pass for the wedding day, and half day pass for the TTD shoot. When I arrived at the resort I called Fran (he had emailed me his cell #) and told him my room # and what time I wanted him to arrive on the wedding day. We had a 4pm ceremony and Fran arrived at 3pm in my room. I was ready apart from I hadn’t put my dress on yet. Fran was wonderful and we barely noticed he was there while he took gorgeous shots of the flowers, my dress, shoes, invitations, fans etc. (It’s a great idea to bring extra’s of those with you specifically for the photographer). He stepped out while I slipped on my dress, and he came back into get shots of my Mum doing up the dress, my Dad putting on my necklace (which was my Dad’s mother’s pearls and is my favorite photo of all times!) and some make up application ones etc. Then he took ones with me and my sisters (bridesmaids), and the family all toasting our champagne. He nipped across the hall to where the groom and the groomsmen were all getting ready and he got some great shots of them all dressed up on their balcony. Once they had been seen leaving for the beach he then took photos of me on our balcony by myself. Then of course the wedding ceremony and a few group shots of all our guests afterwards before he took just me and my hubby off for an hour photo session of just the two of us. We got most of our pictures taken on the beach (our preference) and then a few in the gardens on the way back to our cocktail hr. Our cocktail hr started at 5:30pm and Fran took pictures of guests etc, then he got the speeches, the dances and the cake cutting at the reception and before we knew it, it was 8:30pm and he had to leave. We got to pick what time our TTD session was the next day and we opted for 9am as Fran said this was optimum time for the positioning of the sun. It worked out great as we woke up to our complimentary breakfast brought to our balcony, I enjoyed some champagne while my make-up artist / friend redid my make-up and luckily my hair hadn’t shifted and inch. Voila…nothing more exciting than putting the dress back on!! Fran was so friendly and nice and not intrusive at all. He made us laugh the whole time and I didn’t once feel self conscious. To top it all of our wedding was on a Monday, TTD on the Tuesday and then we were leaving for our honeymoon on the Wednesday and Fran met us at noon in the lobby with our DVD of ALL of our photos!! We had over 600. It’s amazing to me that they give you the originals. The photo’s absolutely astounded both my husband and I. They were truly amazing. Very artistic, very beautiful and captured the essence of our wedding to a tea. When we got back from our honeymoon we picked our favorite 60 photos and Photosouvenir have made them into an album for us which we are expecting in the mail any day now. I can‘t wait! After your special day is over, the memories and the photo’s are the only things you have. And I would 100 times over choose Photosouvenir to capture every moment of our day again and again! Punta Cana Destination wedding photography
  7. cristinimartini - we arrived on a Wed and our meeting with the WC was on Fri morning for our Mon wedding. She didn't ask any questions about details etc until that meeting 3 days before the wedding. I did however just email her stuff when i made up my mind about it...like reserving which terrace i wanted and all that kind of stuff and she had it all nicely organized in her little file!
  8. cristinimartini - the WC organized the cigar roller. We just told her in our meeting a few days before the wedding that we wanted one there and it was $200 for 1hr. A word of advice about the cigar roller. It's basically a guy who sits at a table with DR cigars that he hands out and cuban cigars that he trys to sell. We weren't to impressed that he was trying to sell anything at our wedding!! And i think the general consensus was the DR cigars were just OK....the Cubans were excellent. So my advice would be to buy Cubans in advance and give them to the men as favors. They have people selling them on the resort on Wed / Sat evenings i believe. I just thought the cigar roller meant he would roll them fresh...they were already rolled. Does that make sense? That being said, our guests loved it and said they'd never seen that before which is always a nice compliment! But totally up to you - of course, it's your wedding!! HTH, x
  9. AngMarie113 - we chose the Silver Dinner Package..see post #25 for which options we chose.
  10. elifrigo - the flowers on top of the cake were actually material. I think they were silk taffeta...i got them from etsy. "Fascinating Creations".
  11. Cristiniemartini - we went with the free wedding package since we stayed in the honeymoon suite for 7 nights and we just added on all the extra stuff. It was $300 to have the ceremony on the beach with that wedding package. Our dreams bill came to just over $3K for all the wedding stuff (rehearsal dinner, day passes, flowers, food, champagne, cake, extending the reception by 1hr etc.) Keep in mind that does not include our photographer or the DJ. HTH!
  12. cristinimartini - food wise we had the Dominican appetizers, chicken tortilla soup, chicken and cannoli. The chicken was pretty decent...everything else was just ok, ) Edible for sure, enjoyable even but not the memorable part of the wedding! AngMarie - we only had one child in our group, my niece who is 3. She's was too shy to leave her Mum so i'm afraid i can't really offer much advice on what the children's activities were like, sorry.
  13. Jenise - forgot to say that yes our centerpieces were $90. Worth every penny in my opinion. They were stunning and i didn't need to do a thing!! )
  14. I would 100% recommend photosouvenir!! The photographer was amazing, not pushy at all just lovely, i have had so many compliments on our photos as well. He gave us over 600 photos on a CD just 2 days after the wedding. I need to write a proper review but i honestly can't recommend them enough! Good Luck choosing!
  15. Thank you all for such lovely comments, ) Jenise - Yes we did have to pay for day passes for our outside vendors. The photographer required a day pass for the day of the wedding and a half day pass for the TTD shoot. And the DJ needed a day pass for the day of the wedding. They let him come and meet with me for 30mins prior to the wedding with no day pass. heidilynn28 - i think we paid $3000 for the honeymoon suite for 7 nights for 2 people. The price will obviously vary depending on which travel agent you book and what month you are there. Not sure what you mean by did it equal up to the wedding package price but we'd always planned on getting the most basic and adding on what we wanted. HTH. Sprattjn - sorry i had to pull the link to the pics down as my hubby REALLY didn't like them being on the internet. I'm sorry.