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    Welcome !!! Good choice with the area Happy Planning !! Check out the majestic resorts they are pretty reasonable !
  2. December 4, 2010 Majestic Colonial Punta Cana ! Cant wait !!!!!!!
  3. So when does everyone suggest sending out the formal invitation? We sent out save the date magnets the beginning of february. Our wedding is in december, and our AHR will be in january. How many months in advance is good for a destination wedding? Thankssss
  4. Kate where did you get your monogram made?? Or did you DIY ?? I love it !!!!!! We're getting married in punta cana as well ! Love the palm tree and the colors !
  5. Im in LOVE with these !!! What website did you order them from? Not sure what OTC is...lol I love mini stuff and these are adorable !!!!!! GREAT JOB !!!!
  6. Where did everyone get their cute monograms made I really want one to use on some stuff !!!!! Thanks !!!!!
  7. Welcome to the forum !!! We are getting married in punta cana ! We chose The Majestic Colonial Punta Cana resort for a couple of reasons. It is VERY reasonable price wise for all of our guests and they also allow kids which we needed as well. The resort is beautiful ! Ive read many great reviews about this resort ! Definately worth checking out in my biased opinion
  8. Congrats ! Welcome to the forum !!!! Youll find TONS of info on here !!! Happy Planning !!!!!!
  9. Happy Planning !!!! You'll find TONS of info on here !!!! Pretty soon you'll find your self addicted like the rest of us Have Fun !!!!
  10. Congrats and happy planning !!!
  11. Look into Majestic Colonial Punta Cana ! Im biased as thats where we're getting married 12/4/10 !!! But all the pictures are beautiful and I've heard great things about this resort !!!!! Happy Planning !!!!
  12. I would have the hardest time picking !! They are all absolutly gorgeous ! They make me even more excited to have phil for my December 4th wedding !!! I cant wait , and i will prolly have a whole wedding shrine of pictures cause theres no way in hell id be able to choose just 1 ! hahaha Good luck ! they are beautiful !
  13. We are getting married at the Majestic Colonial December 4, 2010 because we have some children coming to our wedding. Im pretty sure elegance is no kids colonial allows them. Ive heard they are quite similiar. The pictures are beautiful ! If you have a facebook page there is a page for The majestic colonial with a ton of info on there about both of them !!!! Happy Planning !!!!!!
  14. Thanks so much !! I just contacted him from his website !! Do you happen to have an around about price for his packages? Thanks again so much. Feel free to email me... Nicolem82580@aol.com
  15. We're getting married December 4, 2010 at The Majestic Colonial Punta Cana resort !!!!! Im trying to find a photographer....and reccomendations would be fabulous !!!!! Thanks so much !!!!!!!!!!!
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