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  1. hiya bridal buddies, so my wedding date is literally around the corner and i have so much 2 do in so little time, i was wondering if any of ladies know where i can get chair covers online for these chairs attached? thanks
  2. @riunegrilbride2010, u have me so xcited about getting married at the RTB our date is july 23, 2010 and i feel as if i have so little time left w/ sooooo much 2 do....your review was wonderful and your pics were even better (luv the dress), i can tell you and your guests had a wonderful time.....thanks so much for your detailed review, it really gave me insight as to what to xpect :0)
  3. IMO....i think it is totally ok not to have a planned intenerary, since our guests have already paid to come to our wedding we aren't going to plan every part of their vacation (while they r there for our wedding, it is ultimately their vacation) so we are going to give them a list of other activities and its would b left up to them if they wanted to do so
  4. Hiya bridal buddies, my day is steadily approaching, its only 45 days until i say "I DO" and I am so excited, we will be getting married at the Riu Tropical Bay Resort in Negril, Jamaica.....;0)
  5. yayyyyy, so xciting, u have 2 let us know how it goes!!!!!!!
  6. thanks so much for the info...i am going to check them out today
  7. no, i would like to send in our logo, and have the company print it
  8. hey bridal buddies, i am putting together my OOT bags and i want to include plastic travel mugs with our logo embroidered on it.....any tips on where to go, i need at least 60 mugs and a great price... ps..budgets are no FUN!!!
  9. i luvvvvv your dress, it is so chic, different, yet timeless and classic....go for it!!!!!
  10. it looks great on u, once u put your accessories and make up on and see it "all come together" u will b a stunning bride!!!!!!!!
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