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  1. that is so very detailed which takes a lot of time and effort. Good for you. I hope is goes well for you all. Just remember things don't always go as planned and they are usually the best times and memories (natural).
  2. WOW I just read the first line adn I am already stressing. You are getting your hair done 8HRS BEFORE HOLY CRAP I have TTD 3hr before my wedding. We are doing it quickly though for like 45min which leaves me MYSELF to get ready for 2hr 15min!!!!!!!!!! I am a little stressed but I hope I can pull it off.
  3. Oh awesome it just opened for me, I will read it and then let you know what I think!!
  4. I'm scared to even open this, too think that i missed something YIKES. I can't open it so would someone kindly email it as I am scared and courious at the same time angelic3024@rogers.com FYI I am on a time crunch!!!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Jennyco116 I don't know if you have purchased your towels yet but you might also want to try towelsworld.com. Thel allow you to purchase in smaller quantities of 3,12,24, and 36 pieces, therefore you can mix and match colors if you wish. I also purchased towels with the CHICAGO BEARS logo from there because my fiancee rivals with his friends from Detroit. Once at this website click on "shop online" on the left side. LOL. Hope this helps. P.S. - If there are any Florida brides out there, this place is located in Ft.Lauderdale so they have a retail store that you can visit and save on shipping. I am flying in to Miami and driving to Key West from there so I will be stopping in Ft. Lauderdale to purchase my towels as well. Towel World Inc. Manufacturers of quality designed Towels & Beach Accessories I will def check this out as I only need approx 15!!!! I haven't placed an oreder yet with cotton fruit. Thank you for your suggestion
  6. Hey Thanks ladies. Ya I am dealing with towels 4 less whcih I later found out is the same as cotton fruit. I just don't know why I couldn't get through/they don't answer at cotton fruit? I only need around 15 towels, but I will likely just keep the extra as we need towels now anyways lol. I am just waiting on a price back incl shipping as I am in Canada. I like the treey velour ones. The look sooo soft. I just can't wait to get them.
  7. Hello I have been trying to find velour beach towels to embroider and I am having no luck. I have tried Cotton fruit which another bride on here used and they are terrible at answering calls or returning emails!!!! Anyone know where to get good terry velour towels at a decent price Thanks
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by bahiabride2010 Okay...so I found this site and they are Canadian! It came to $37.00 with shipping but that's okay for such a beautiful piece! Urbane Online Store-StoreFront Product Detail Page I will post pictures and info on how quickly it arrived when it comes! Thank you so much for this. I have been looking everywhere. How do you plan on getting this back though Will you pack it in your carry on or checked luggage
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