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  1. My husband and his friends chartered some fishing boats and caught fish all day. Dreams arranged everything. 5 guys (my fiance at the time, our fathers, and the groomsmen) $600/6 hours. They even caught a blue marlin, that they ate. Another day they chartered a sail boat and some of the girls went a along 8 total. They took them around to lovers arches. I heard great things but I was at the hotel the whole time arranging wedding things Don´t worry There is plenty to do.
  2. Wow thank you so much for your review. You did a fabulous job! I love all your photos. Everything looks so perfect and everyone looks like they are having a blast. Congrats
  3. Wow! I just finished my boarding pass invitations and were about to post pictures and stumbled on this thread. Everything came out soo beautifully!!! Well done! Sophie
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Chanti I included both Canadian/UK and US spelling to make sure everyone picks up this thread with a search :-) This website was suggested by my wedding coordinator and I must say I LOVE it!!! We got the beach-themed wine charms and place card holders (that can serve as photo holder back home!) as our favours. Wedding Favors, Bridal Shower Favors, Party Favors by Beau-coup Chantal I bought those same place card holders. they are so great!. I´m trying to figure out how to put them out ro have guests pick them up. I have almost 80 plus guests so maybe 10 tables... I don´t think they will want to walk around the tables looking for their name. I was thinking of maybe having a seating chart but that´s so weird.... maybe I can have the cards filled out with the names and the table number and have the shells already on the table so they put their name in the shell... Gosh I think I need some help. Sophie
  5. Thanks so much!!! I tried to do the brochure today and by the end I was so frustrated!!!
  6. I did boarding pass invitations and I ordered my envelopeS from Card Stock, Vellum Paper, Envelopes, Metallic Cardstock, Invitation Cards Specialty Wedding Stationery - Paperandmore.com I used the size 10 policy envelopes with matching 4 bar envelope for the RSVP cards. I went with these because I wanted my guests to pull the boarding passes out with their envelope. I was really happy with the quality of all the paper I ordered from them. Sophie
  7. Since I am having a religious ceremony in July here in Dallas and a destination wedding in Cabo in August. I couldn't justify buying 2 sets of flowers for the 2 ceremonies. Beyond that I was worried that I wouldn't be able to bring back my real bouquet from Mexico due to customs. After I read a lot of reviews on this forum I decided to use Plumeria. Roberta is really easy to work with and my flowers are supposed to be coming in today. I hope that when I get home from work they will be waiting for me. I'll post a review
  8. Wow I'm glad you had a good experience with Light in the Box. I was so set on ordering my bridesmaids dresses. They were totally original and I thought I hit the jackpot. So I posted a thread on here and I got so much bad feedback and a link to a website that had some of the worst reviews for this company. Here is one that I found just after googling "light in the box, complaints" Light In The Box - lightinthebox.com - Reviews, Ratings and Prices at ResellerRatings I'm glad you had good service. However, I want to warn other brides out there that there has been many, many, many complaints against this company, it's customer service, quality of goods, and how they will essentially try to take your money and not send you what your ordered. I made the decision to not order from this company based on how many complaints I read - I decided it just was not worth it in the end. Sophie ps. if other brides have success storied using this company let me know (I still have time to order from them haha)
  9. Thanks for the review. Very helpful. I can't wait to go home and look at your pictures!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Erika J Dreams Brides 09’ Claudia 3.13.09 Ana 4.1.09 Loni 4.3.09 Kara 4.11.09 Salomeh 5.16.09 Soon to be Mrs Gomez 5.17.09 Missybee 5.28.09 Natashee 6.6.09 Joyanna 6.11.09 Olga 6.18.09 Gaby 6.24.09 Akilah 7.4.09 Megaen 7.10.09 Tralalalala21 7.18.09 Deanna 7.24.09 Hayley 8.1.09 Glamourina 8.8.09 Kristy 9.9.09 TClement 10.3.09 Krazy K 10.10.09 Cynthia 10.16.09 Erika 11.6.09 JGammaGirl 11.14.09 Dana 11.19.09 Don't forget me! August 29th 2009
  11. I can't wait to try the miami vice! sounds soo good
  12. Hi becky congradulations and happy planning!
  13. The 4th works for me. I am not familiar with the frisco area so I don't have any suggestions on where to go
  14. I found this really cute idea from Martha Stewart. I am having small pieces of paper for the guests to write advice etc and matching envelopes to put in the big vase. I'm going to collect all of them and place them in an album. But Im going to keep them in the envelopes so you can pull the little cards out and read them. All the paper is going to be in my wedding colors too. I love the dry erase board idea so unique!
  15. I love bare essentials make up!!!!! I have been trying to get all my friends and family to convert.
  16. I couldn't afford to fly my rabbi down for the Cabo wedding and when I made all the reservations etc it never really occurred to me that there wouldn't be any rabbis in cabo to do my wedding. So my fiance and I are having a very small religious ceremony in Dallas with our Rabbi (just immidiate family and bridal party) with champagne and cake after. In cabo we decided to do a symbolic ceremony that I will be writing. I thought it would be so much more personal to have close friends and family actively participate and have the officiant really just be a "master of ceremony" calling people up and saying as little as possible haha.
  17. OK THANK GOD for all your responses. I was under the impression that the climate was too dry to harbour mostquitos too but I HATE being bitten so of course I was begining to get upset...I'm going to put this non issue out of my head now. Thanks again for another day with a peaceful mind!
  18. That sounds so fun! I missed out on the last one so I'm deffinately down. I'll keep checking back to see if what date you all want to meet up. I'm very flexible Can't wait to meet you all
  19. Does anyone know if there is a major mosquito problem in Cabo during the month of August? I have never been so I have no idea if they have problems with insects but my FGMIL has instilled this fear that all my guests will be eaten by mosquitos during our reception. If they do, are does Dreams spray for mosquitos or is the outdoors basically at your own risk to be devoured? Maybe I should start looking into mosquito repellants....
  20. I was quoted $250 for the reception time. I'm going to take a stap in the dark (please correct me if somenoe knows for sure)- but I would bet that if you wanted music during the ceremony (at one location) and music at the reception (a different location) they would charge you twice but that is something I need to claify with Yesica.
  21. I am using Yesica as my WC, she has been pretty helpful. I'm expecting btw 50-75 people and I just couldn't see paying the extra money for an oustide WC, when 1. there is one (3) available at Dreams who plan wedding all day long and 2. I am able to ask questions get answers. If your guest list isn't huge I personally wouldn't spend the money on the outside help. Sophie
  22. My fiance and I are having our religious ceremony in May (only close family) and our big Cabo wedding in August. Since we're Jewish and will be signing our ketubah at our religious ceremony we'll be celebrating our anniversary on that day.
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