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  1. My FI and I had to get married because we are moving a few weeks after our Cabo wedding to Hong Kong (I needed to have my name change for my passport and visa), so we chose to have a civil ceremony in May. No family members were there. Just a few friends and 30 of my students (I'm a 6th grade teacher) and some parents. It was a great party, but it didn't feel real. My husband's father is marrying us in our symbolic ceremony in 7 days. I can't wait to have my family there, and his father doing it makes it that much more special. Something we couldn't have if we had a legal ceremony in Mexico.
  2. Ooh! Some great ideas! I will be checking into most of these to check on price. I think right now, we have to keep it to about 100 a person for about 10 people. Thanks!
  3. I teach 34 6th graders! And I coach, and I tutor. Some days, I'm a superhero too.
  4. Did 40 minutes of the hill setting on the elliptical then weights last night. But today... Thanks everyone! I was just complaining about having to go to the gym (which is 3 minutes away). Now, I am a little more motivated to go. Going to do the leg-only elliptical at high incline to get the glutes! Trainer tomorrow!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Angela~ Marlin fishing is a pretty big thing in Cabo - I know it can get kinda pricey, but it might be worth looking into. Oooh. That could be good, and I wouldn't have thought of that. Thanks!
  6. I feel kind of "zen" about the whole thing. It will all hit me at the end of May when we only have a month to get all of the requests to the WC.
  7. So for the women, I am planning a mani/pedi/massage "party." Now I need to plan something for the men. My FI is not a golf guy, so I am looking for some ideas? Anyone? I should say that we are moving to Hong Kong a week after the wedding and FI is planning that while I plan the wedding. When we have ideas - we bring them to the table.
  8. We are (well, I am) more "fun" than "sexy," so in place of the TTD, we are going to do photos around Cabo. My BD pics are going to take all of me because of that "fun" part of myself. I already know that some poses just aren't going to work personality wise.
  9. It's always nice to see bags finished! Great job! They look fantastic!
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